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It's the Denial, Stupid!!

The mainstream media has conveniently omitted telling the public that the Bush Crime Family, in league with J.P. Morgan and a few others were caught trying to overthrow America’s FDR government and install a Hitler type regime years ago. The Marine general who pretended to go along with the plot long enough to alert FBI & other officials saved the U.S., but you don’t see much anymore except gutless wonders who want to save themselves. This same crime family has royally kicked America and Americans in our butts by killing JFK, escalating the Viet Nam war, perpetrating the 911 disaster, then using it to send thousands more troops and others to their deaths. It seems no one in any position of power or wealth dare challenge them, and all the little people-regular joes must keep scrapping for a living, so as the next martial law event approaches I hold out little hope and no answers as long as the Bush Crime Family rages & roars about like an unrestrained lion.
Destroying those countries which support terrorism will not confront the problem of the infiltration of U.S. intelligence and media by foreign sources and spies.
U.S. must clean our own house even if it means, as Tom Heneghan and Lenny Bloom say, get out the duct tape and handcuffs, etc..The criminal cabal which continues to literally suck the life out of the American people will lie, cheat, misrepresent, steal, invade, murder & murder either on an individual basis or wholesale slaughter. The most corrupt despicable so-called persons are in control of the United States of America and have thusfar remained too slick to grab hold of. They bribe and buy off enough influence, and murder those who need “convincing” or murder their relatives and loved ones, so they continue perpetuating their “CON”. Read “Candidates For The Con” at and link past U.S. crime to the present debacle of the United States of America, the best thing ever invented by man.
I just heard more Bush doublespeak as Bush gave address to nation without a hint of accountability on the false Iraq war documents, just more gibberish on how Saddam-Iraq was threat, etc.. I wonder if all those Billions in oil revenues owed to Saddam Hussein by American Crime family had anything at all to do with the decision to invade Iraq and thus cancel the debt!!! Also, Christina Onassis, the head of Onassis shipping (inherited from Aristotle) was owed a fortune for shipping that oil, was found dead, I think in Argentina and it was blamed on drugs, and WHAT HAPPENS TO THE SHIPPING DEBT???!!!
Mainstream media isn't saying. Crime families don't pay, they destroy. See "Candidates For The Con" at and link past crime to current U.S. murderous, treacherous situation. Thank You, Joe Martin P.S. The earthquake which just happened in the Gulf of Mexico was somewhere in the vicinity of the newly discovered mega-oilfield several hundred miles south of New Orleans and occurred (yet again) while the space shuttle(a super-weapon) is up in orbit aiming its pulsed laser back down at the earth."Oh Babylon, thy sins have reached unto the heavens".


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