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Cindy Sheehan Responds To Right Wing Smear

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The right-wing may be on the attack, but Cindy Sheehan’s voice won’t be silenced. She appeared on the Bill Press Show (with Christy Harvey) this morning to continue speaking truth to power. Here’s Cindy Sheehan, in her own words —

One of the more underhanded smears launched by the right wing came when Michelle Malkin said she didn’t think Casey Sheehan, Cindy’s son killed in Iraq, would approve of what his mom was doing. This morning Sheehan responded:

“I didn’t know Casey knew Michelle Malkin…I’m Casey’s mother and I knew him better than anybody else in the world…I can’t bring Casey back, but I wonder how often Michelle Malkin sobbed on his grave. Did she go to his funeral? Did she sit up with him when he was sick when he was a baby?

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After breathing the stench of filthy, disgusting liers - who by the way connived their way out of service in Vietnam - such as Rush Limbaugh, Shaun Hannity, Bill O'Riley, etc. yours is the voice we have been waiting to hear. Thank you, thank you. You are the protective, brave and couragous mother of us all.

Rush Limbaugh,Shaun Hannity,Bill Dildo O'Riley.FOX NEWS and others
are actually going threw the names of the dead soldiers to find a parent to say,"I'm glad my son is dead,I'm glad my children have no father,I'm glad my husband has no arms".

O'Riley and Fox may go down in history as the most cruel,evil people on the face of the earth.
There actually sifting threw the names of dead soldiers to find a MOM to say,"I'm glad my son is DEAD"
This network has some mentally sick people working for them.

Even in a just war a MOM can't say" I'm glad my son is dead"

I need to repeat this so people visulize what FOX NEWS is doing.
There sifting threw all the names of the dead soldiers looking for a MOM to say,"I'm glad my son died in a war started on a LIE".
Brought to us by Murdock and BUSH's cousin who does the programing.

But becarful FOX, they say the Pentagon hasn't gave us an accurate count of the dead and wounded soldiers.
Make sure you don't get the wrong list!

Your courage inspires me. Thank you for your strength of character and your willingness to endure the attacks of the right wing filth that is attempting to discredit you. You are the voice of the fallen and of those who mourn them. Your son was lucky to have you for his mother. I salute you as the mother of a son who also served over there and by the grace of God made it home alive.

So....the right wing smear machine is going full out to spread lies about Cindy is well taken that those who smear the loudest avoided military service during Vietnam and now are trying to say that Cindy's son would disapprove of what she is doing it...I SERIOUSLY DOUBT IT!! These right wing nuts will stop at nothing...all they know is lies, lies, lies and smears, smears, and more smears...Maybe our side should out them for what they of the Republican/Smear Party!! Hey dumbkopfs, it WILL NOT WORK...CRAWL BACK INTO YOUR SPIDER HOLES....

Support for Cindy Sheehan grows, and grows and grows.
The ethically challenged leader of the most ethically challenged administration in the history of the United States, George W(idow-maker). Bush has an uncanny habit of saying things that come back to embarrass him and the country. We all remember "Bring 'Em On" or "Mission Accomplished" or "Fool me once shame on me, fool me twice shame on me" Well, he's done it again. While speaking to a group of mothers who have lost their children in Iraq he made another one of those statements, not realizing that one of those mothers was listening to him carefully when he said “Our men and women who’ve lost their lives in Iraq and Afghanistan and in this war on terror have died in a noble cause and a selfless cause.

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