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An Open Wound

by Rep. Jim McDermott
The Huffington Post

If we weren't watching this tragedy unfold in Texas with our own eyes, who would believe that a sitting President who had ordered soldiers off to war would not meet with the grieving mother of a fallen hero. Who could imagine that America could turn so cold and callous in a searing hot and dusty place?

Yet, in the heart of Texas sits a President and an Administration who show themselves to be compassionless conservatives. They remain heavily guarded behind a security fence, but so insecure in their position that they see a national security risk in the face of Cindy Sheehan, the mother of Army Spc. Casey Austin Sheehan, who was killed in action in Iraq.

Instead of respect, the Administration threatens arrest. Instead of a kind word spoken in person, subordinates are dispatched to deliver a stern ultimatum. If it is grief you have, it is silence we prefer. These are the trappings of heartless power, when the grief of a mother is trampled by the indifference of a President who will not see, or hear, or console.

If only we had a leader. If only he had a heart. The wounds that have killed, maimed and injured thousands of American soldiers in Iraq have been ripped open again deep in a heartless part of Texas. We grieve with Cindy Sheehan. We grieve over all the fallen heroes. As a medical doctor, I know that the process of grieving must reach closure. I can only hope that someone in this Administration comes to their senses and welcomes Cindy Sheehan in with open arms.


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Jim, if only you were my congressman, I wouldn't feel so lost! As the Education Director for America in Solidarity ( it's my job to educate working people about their elected officials and what they can do to pressure them into doing the right thing. You never seem to need any pressure to do what's right, and for that, Washington State lefties adore you!

Which brings me to my next point: Norm Dicks is a tool. Just like Resident Bush, he marches to the beat of the multinational corporations' drum. Sadly, the travesty that is CAFTA has passed thanks to Norm and 14 other spineless cowards. For this reason, America in Solidarity is forced to turn on Norm Dicks and withdraw our support for his next campaign. Which puts us in a very dicey situation: how do we fight Dicks without getting a Republican elected in his place?

Our solution can only be to find a challenger that can beat him in a Democratic primary, or beat both candidates in the general. For that we need your help. We need someone from the Tacoma/Bremerton area who would oppose this war, who would call for Bush/Cheney's resignations, who would expose the corruption in Washington, and who would stand steadfast with the protestors against tyranny like Cindy Sheehan.

For you Jim, and any interested parties reading this post, I hope you will help us at America in Solidarity find a challenger for this seat so that we can send a message to the centrists and corporacrats in Washington, namely that the workers of America deserve honest, principled representatives who will fight for the peoples' interest and not the interest of a few corporations and industry lobbyists. Working People deserve no less.

We invite anyone within driving distance of Seattle to attend our star-studded October 9th event, "Wake Up, America! Why the War is Bad for Workers" Come with your suggestions on how to save this party and this nation from those who would sell it off to the highest bidder. The nation needs a healer - will you be the one to heal it?

America in Solidarity is a grassroots, all-volunteer force of working people committed to improving the lives of working families. Join us as we fight the powers that keep us sick and tired and gasping for air. Join the movement of rank-and-file workers that started in 1775 and continues to this day. The resistance is here - so where are you?

America in Solidarity - the Voice of the American Worker.

Jeff Richardson
Education Director
America in Solidarity
Tacoma, WA 98405

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