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A way to force impeachment

The crimes for impeachment have been identified and there is a constant source of new ones every day, but most of congress is not taking action even though it is their duty. These congressmen and congresswomen are standing in the way of justice. Since Impeachment is just removal from office and does not require them to face the crimes, a civil suit is what is in order.

I propose that rather than spending the raised money on ads, use it to sue the lot of them. File suit against Bush, Cheney, Rumsfield, Rice, Wolfowitz, Bolton and the rest of the administration. Name those in the House of Representatives that are refusing to hear articles of impeachment as co-conspirators to the crimes (they are!). You will be surprised at how many decide to 'do the right thing' and start the impeachment procedings. It will also be hard to campaign while being in a law suit. If they don't uphold the law and impeach the president, we don't want them in office (Democrat or Republican).

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...but better to start at the federal level. has great page on the Talking Point Rebuttals for City Councils (, and I checked on the oath of office that commissioners take (

I asked an attorney who is handling an NSA case against the government what he thought of the idea of suing the commissioners for dereliction of duty, and he didn't take me seriously.

It would be great if this was a really active forum and we could tap into a pool of legal experts. Where else could this be explored? Craigslist has some resident legal experts on its legal forum...may run it by them.


I have asked a couple people about this and will have thier response back soon. I do know that Plame is suing Cheney in civil court over outing her as a CIA agent. That is a definate example where the Vice President is being sued for an Impeachable offense.

What is interesting to me is that the congressional leadership, both Democrat and Republican, do not see this ever expanding executive and over reaching presidential powers as less power and control for them. I feel if they began to see it through this perspective they would be more willing to act, just as being sued in civil court would be a persuasive reason to act.

Progressive Democrats of America
Impeachment Working Group National Coordinator

[Read Foreign Press]

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