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An Answer for Cindy Sheehan

by Ellen from the IL Tenth
Ellen's Illinois Tenth Congressional District Blog

Dear Mrs. Sheehan,

Thank you for your sacrifice. I know the U.S. government won't thank you, so I will. I know when made, when Casey signed up, it was earnest, honest and hopeful. I am sorry it ended so badly and I am also terribly sorry for your loss.

You say you are in Crawford to ask Bush a question: for what noble cause did Casey die? Bush said the dead soldiers died for a noble cause, but I agree with you that he wasn't too clear on what exactly that was. You deserve an answer.

I have an answer, but I am not sure you are going to like it.

I think ultimately, Casey died in Iraq because the world needs a truthteller who can grab the attention of the nation. The world needs a Rosa Parks or Ed Murrow and until you took your place on the world stage in a ditch in rural Texas, we haven't had one. Not John Kerry; he abandoned his "how do you expect a man to be the last man to die for a mistake?" persona years ago. Not Colin Powell who lied before the UN and knew it and knew better. Not John McCain who should know better than most, but let the lies continue and fielded concerns on behalf of the administration abandoning the American people for the sake of his political future. Not Mark Kirk. He just knew there were WMD in Iraq without knowing or caring that he did not know. Jerry Rubin and Abbey Hoffman are gone and Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young are no longer singing for folks to please come to Chicago.

Casey died because we need you. We need you to humanize the face of the war when pictures of dead soldiers in Iraq and coffins coming home are hidden from public view. We need you to symbolize the loss and sacrifice that most Americans are not feeling or even seeing. We need you to call into question the lies of the Bush administration when the press will not.

I am sorry Mrs. Sheehan, but Casey died so you could be our leader and symbol of truth, conscience and strength.

I am sorry Casey died, but I am not sorry that you have risen to the occasion.

With love and support,

Ellen from the IL Tenth

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Ellen's Illinois Tenth Congressional District Blog

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For being the face and voice of the rest of us. for anyone that would like to see more faces, got to this website:
If Bush does come out to talk to you, can you ask him for me when he's going to respond to Mr Conyers and Ms Boxer's requests? Also, can you ask him when the rest of the pictures from that prison are going to be released? Word is that they detail the rape of a little girl and the sodomizing of young boys on the video. He needs to be held accountable for it. I contribute to the Democratic Party via Democracy bonds, I jointed other people on 7/23 holding signs to remember the Downing Street Memo, and I listen to a.m. talk radio station 1530 to get the real news, but I feel like there is something else that I can do to demonstrate my beliefs. As you know there are a lot of people that can't stand by your side as much as we want to, and there's also a lot of people that don't believe that what's going on has anything to do with them personally. I've determined that I do have one power that I can exorcise from my home, that if was exorcised in large numbers, would send a real message, and that's my buying power. What I would like to propose is that the people of the world on the 23rd of every month not spend anymore money then they absolutely have to to recognize the Downing Street Memo. I know that there are probably innocent people that would be hurt by it, but they'll recover, unlike the kids that have died based on a lie. I hope you like the idea, we can call it "Not one thin dime". Again, thank you

The whole world feels your loss. We can see it etched daily on the faces of Americans every day. My stepson is serving his second year in Iraq. If we lost him I can't imagine the pain, but there are boys like my son who are re-upping every day to stay and fight for a country we believe in. We have a democracy, and unfortunately even if you don't agree, millions of people relected President Bush to office. Your son did not deserve to die, but if he could talk to you, I'm sure he would say Mom I was proud of what I did for my country. Mr. Bush is an ordinary man put in a very tough spot. The whole world watches him under a magnifying glass like an ant. He has people to help him guide this country, and I'm sure it was a collective decision to send this country to war. He is one man with faults and feelings just like every other human, so give him a break!! Go home and celebrate your son. Nothing in a free society is ever perfect, and until you can say you are, be a little humble. My heart goes out to you for your loss so deeply-- Jennifer

Jennifer -
I'm very sure that Mrs. Sheehan knows her own son's heart. Far be it from any of us to put words in his mouth or hers, just as I'm sure you wouldn't want anyone but you to speak for you or your stepson.

As far as "millions of people relected President Bush to office", I suggest you look at the facts: he won by the smallest margin EVER. And yes, you are right - he is an ordinary man put in a very tough spot -- by his doing (or at least by that of his daddy & cronies). Our country deserves better than "an ordinary man" running the greatest country in the world; we deserve an extraordinary person. And yes, he does have faults, but he will certainly never admit them; therefore, I for one will not give him a break.

Mrs. Sheehan deserves to celebrate her son's life her way. That's her right as his mother. Cindy Sheehan is trying to teach the president, and many others, that you don't stop being a mother when your child dies.

Hello - wake up.

If a leader is failing to lead -stop following. Cindy is simply pointing out obvious leadership failures.

We should never stand behind a leader simply because he is our current leader. Yes - he was reelected - but that was before the Downing Street Memo was made public. We now have proof of George Bush's true intent prior to this war.

Go Cindy go!!!

Dear Jennifer,
I know you mean well, but you appear to have not read the many documents that tell us of Bush and his administration lying to sell a war to Congress and the American people. I'm a Christian and I see lying as wrong. When lying leads to people dying because you lied, that is horrendous.

The reason we are in Iraq is because Bush and his people created a threat that did not exist. Iraq was not a threat to America. They were not involved in 9/11 and did not have weapons that endangered us or anyone else. Bush and his people took us into Iraq for reasons unknown to Americans, although most of us figure it's the oil since Bush and Cheney have strong financial ties to the oil industry.

The only tough spot Bush was put in was the one he put himself in. He did not have to lie. He did not have to send our men and women to Iraq. He had no reason to do this and knew it but did it anyway.

And it was a collective decision to go to war in Iraq. A decision based on lies. Bush's collective team cherry-picked the intelligence so what they came up with would give a reason for war. But they picked intelligence that was wrong and some of it could have been proven wrong before we went to war if they had submitted it to the scrutiny of the right government agencies. They withheld the intelligence from these agencies until after we were already in Iraq.

From everything I've read about Casey Sheehan, he was a man of integrity and fought for what he believed in. He was not one to back down from his convictions, according to the men he served with. It sounds like he got those attributes from his mother. She is also not willing to back down from what she believes in. Cindy cares so deeply for the men and women who are now in Iraq, and their families, that she is willing to put herself on the front line to bring them home alive. She is willing to submit herself to the unscrupulous rantings of people like O'Reilly, Drudge, and Malkin because she does not want another mother to go through what she went through when she lost Casey.

You're asking Cindy to be humble? There is an old Hawaiian proverb that says, "Hesitant walks the humble hearted." The truly humble person is sensitive to others and inspires respect and allegiance. Those who are not humble throw their weight around and hurt others. Eventually, when they have hurt enough people, they end up hurting themselves.

Cindy has shown complete sensitivity to others, even those who disagree with her, and she has inspired many, including myself, to speak the truth about this war. She does not throw her weight around because, in all honesty, she has no power except her own words and the testimony of a mother who has lost her son in an unjust war.

It is Bush and his people who lack sensitivity, throw their weight around to get their own way and cover their lies, and are now being faced with the reality of slipping support for their actions. It is Bush who needs to humble himself and face Cindy and all the other families who have lost loved ones in his war based on fiction. But that will happen when a blizzard hits Crawford in August.

Dear Mrs Sheehan,

I am so very very sorry. This young man, your son, whose picture you hold reminds me of my own son. Thank you for your courage especially in the face of this most awful thing that any mother could ever have to endure. I cried when I saw you speaking about Casey. So many mothers in the United States and in the World are with you. It is incredible how the simple truth rings clearly through the madness and the lies. You are exposing these cruel and vulgar people for who they are. I saw Bush with Condi standing by him talking from a podium set up on the dusty Crawford road just moments ago on the news. He looks pretty shabby not answering you. Please know that your voice is being heard. Please know that our love and support are with you. You are causing me to believe that the world can rise up and stop the madness and the killing.


Jennifer Williams -

You write that George Bush is an ordinary man with ordinary faults. That is part of the problem. These are exceptional times and we need an exceptional leader. We do not need an ordinary man who has proven that he can't listen to desent. In addition, we do not need a man who has likely lied to us during the lead up to the war. READ THE DOWNING STREET MEMOS.

Just because you likely voted for this guy - does not mean you have to blindly continue to stand behind him. People say he is a good leader - well - many of us say he is leading us right off the cliff. It's time to stop the bleeding. It's time to stop the lies.

Go Cindy Go!!!!!!

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