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Record a Voice Message for Cindy

RadioLeft is recording your messages to Cindy Sheehan and will play them on the radio.

Please call (214) 764.6668 and leave your message for Cindy. RadioLeft will deliver them to Cindy in Crawford and give them to her on CD later.

We will broadcast your message on, so don't say anything that you don't want to hear on the radio!

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How about some peace? What's wrong with that? I can't believe the hatred spewed on this board. Cindy is protesting not only for answers, but also to try and stop/prevent future soldiers from dying. Why is that such a hard idea to grasp? Why is this Mother being attacked for this? Please lighten up people, there's no need to get so nasty.

moms 4 peace is mobilizing a massive impeachment contingent at the huge September 24, 2005 anti-war March on Washington. Assemble at 12 noon at the White House. Sign up at the webpage below to learn about the plans of the impeachment movement in the next month

Dear Cindy (Sheehan),
Here is the answer you have been searching for in regard to WHY the United States of America had to invade IRAQ. Please confirm that you read this by E-mailing us.
Thank you.
Ariel & Don
Founders of New Israel (sm)
"New Israel" is a Nationally Registered Service Mark. All Rights Reserved.
(NOTE for Cindy Sheehan - you have New Israel's permission to copy this.)

Working Title of this Poem is:
“From The Anti-Christ To The Messianic Era

HELP WANTED: President of USA
Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on Sun, 2005-08-28 15:08.

Tittle: President of USA

Position Available: ASAP

Education Qualitites Needed: Educated in FOREIGN Policy; Educated in USA and WORLD ECONOMICS; Educated in being a Negotiator; Educated in FOREIGN RELIGIONS; Educated on Relationships; Educated in Military Manpower planning; Strong GRAMMAR skills required.

Personal Attributes: ability to hear the people you represent, truthful, sincere, hardworking, dedicated to the people you serve, high morals, strong ethics of an individuals life, willing to get along with other foreign countries, willing to place YOUR LIFE on the line before the people you represent as a NOBLE cause!

A "proven track record" of the abilities and personal attributes for all the above!

Vacation Time: 3 weeks per year in total

Please forward your resumes to the CONGRESS! You may send via FED _EX.

Pinocchio Puppets need NOT APLLY!

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HA HA HA!!! Well, maybe not, it would have been funny if we were all 10 year olds. The fact is that I do not believe that you would be a better president than George Bush. My opinion though is simply one of 300 million, so why don't you run for election and see what the rest of America thinks? Don't push the task off to someone else, unless you don't even meet your own standards.

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