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Bush Crime Will Cause Collapse

But remember those videos of Bush with the bullhorn at ground zero saying those who did this would hear from us soon?
I think many, if not most, Americans and other citizens of the world have come to realize this 9/11 incident is not only phony, but has been used to straight jacket freedom in much of the free world. By scaring other nations into fearing bomb attacks with the phony, so called anti terrorism program, other countries have become somewhat compromised, too. You cannot even do banking in the so called free United States unless Bush's brother Marv's banking software, or a similar software can data-mine your transactions. The total amount of interference into the lives of millions by the Bush family, now referred to by some authors as the "Bush Crime Family" could probably not be measured. The level of joblessness, waste, fraud, murder & corruption stemming from this same family of high government criminals warrants an actual criminal prosecution after impeachment, on the order of penalties of treason and Bush & every member and affiliate of Bush's who is guilty of treason should be executed as an example to the criminal courts who keep reversing just court decisions against him & his phony lawbreaking and wiretapping.
The Leo Wanta U.S. Economic Recovery Plan is still on hold, possibly, as I read in a review, because the current government thugs have been using the money and cannot produce these funds and still extricate themselves from proof of illegal mishandling, etc.. Meanwhile other major countries have issued ultimatims, threats, etc. for U.S. non-payment on certain instruments. The Brady Bonds held in the WTC were to have matured on Sept. 12, or so, 2001, just after 9/11 occurred and their destruction guaranteed a stall, at least, or non-payment due certain investors. If there is a world monetary collapse as financial markets begin to fold under, you could without a doubt blame the Bush Crime Family, directly, for such a horrendous world conflagration of apocalyptic proportions. The unmitigated greed of a con like George W. Bush who called the U.S. Constitution "just a G.D----- piece of paper" cannot be comprehended by benevolent persons. Doesn't it actually appear the Bush Klan is deliberately plunging the U.S. into bankruptcy ACTUALLY ON PURPOSE? This would give them control through chaos and an escape from prosecution, and it is you, your family, and I who will pay if he remains in office.
As the astute Stephen Grossman pointed out, a president cannot be arrested before impeachment, but Bush, not being a duly elected president, may not fall under that jurisdictional protection!. He was not duly elected, and Albert Gore was the winner of the election 2000.
I leave that comment relative to my article "Bush Arrest Vs. PROMIS Software" at We are in a war in Iraq because,
as I said, by not bringing the murderers who murdered JFK to justice the murder continues. It's the same clicque. You either stop the murderers or they continue to murder.A huge world collapse may already be in steady motion. The softening blow to the U.S. and its markets and finances and spirit was the John F. Kennedy assassination, and the same criminal thugs of the military industrial complex have their best quarterback delivering the final coup de gras to us right now. Thank You, joe martin,

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I've been listening to Sacramento's left-leaning AM radio station as of late. (And I've just recently found this after listening to NPR, whose signal is a bit weak...) And I've been comparing the talk on there to the talk on many other radio stations that lean to the far right. The Rush Limbo wannabees, we'll call 'em.

Our president's coming off as imbecilic; he didn't need any help from the left. This guy had the nerve to go to the G8 Summit, talk about pig, and be a jerk amongst other leaders of countries. He doesn't understand (unlike Mr. Clinton before him) that you don't make a phone call to make a phone call to make a phone call to stop whatever's going on. You have to actually, higher power forbid, go to these people on a face-to-face basis.

My LiveJournal is here: If anybody can lead me to the direction of a left-leaning LJ blog, please don't hesitate. I like to find out what more I can do to impeach this clown.

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