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Cindy Sheehan Has a Friend

By Thomas de Zengotita
Huffington Post

I haven't seen Bill O'Reilly so flummoxed since Al Franken took him down at that LA book fair last year, though this was much subtler. He had to grin and swallow it all because he was interviewing the mother of a dead soldier. I can only assume he was misled by his booker, or maybe his booker was misled by Dolores Kesterson herself -- who knows? But Bill obviously thought he was going to get this woman to acknowledge that her son died "in a noble cause" in Iraq on tonight’s O'Reilly Factor,around 8:30, NYC time it was.

Dolores was slated to be the anti-Cindy Sheehan.

Oooops. O'Reilly was obliged to blend his most unctuous pretense-of-fairness manner ("I'll give you the last word") with his most over-bearing bullyboy style as he tried to manipulate and finally bludgeon this poor woman into conceding his point with questions like—(rough quote) "You know Michael Moore, you know he hates our country. If you had to choose between him and President Bush, who would you choose?" Answer, a bit fumbled, delivered under huge pressure by a woman with no media experience: (rough quote) "Well, I don't really know everything that Michael Moore stands for, but I know he hasn't caused anybody to be killed for no good reason..."

And so on...

Some of you bloggers out there with all the software need to circulate this interview...
(UPDATE: And someone did:


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America needs a mother for president. I promise you, Laura Bush, Barbara Bush, or Hillary Clinton would listen to Ms. Sheenan. The problem is the men who are running this country, along with Rice, do not know what it means to give birth, raise a child and love with all your heart. Let us woman join together and elect a mother to the highest office of the land. I promise you will see fewer people die due to neglect and igonorance. A real leader would have gotten the facts before this war. Bush is the saddest excuse for a leader I have seen in my 50 yaers of life. His administration should be ashamed. His legacy is not what his father's was. Bush and his band of friends are almost unhuman in their actions. This lady just wants to vent, if Bush can't take the heat he should resign.

bush got the facts............He just didn't like them, so he rewrote history.

Why not Cindy Sheehan as president? Her heart bleeds, she has character, she has strength, she has courage. She is not afraid to stand up for her fallen son, for herself or for what's in her bleeding heart. She deserves all the support that she can get from those of us who are mothers, even those of us who have not been torn asunder by grief as she has been. We should send Bill O'Reilly to fight in the war in Iraq if he believes in it so much.

Bill O'Reilly is a coal man on the neo con propaganda train. He doesn't think for himself. He follows a script. Steer the conversation. Keep it going in the right direction. I really don't think he cares what he says. If he was paid good money to be working for the left, he'd be working for the left. The problem is, the left doesn't want a carnival act.

Let me remind you that a woman Prime Minister named Margaret Thatcher was Ronald Reagan's Tony Blair....women can are do act as carelessly as men...what we need is someone with a good true or woman.

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