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My Terrible Common Bond With Cindy Sheehan

By Jodie Evans
Huffington Post

I came to Crawford with Cindy Sheehan because we have a terrible common bond: I, too, have lost a child. I feel Cindy's pain as my personal pain, and George Bush has absolutely no understanding of what that pain is like. If he did, he would never send other peopleĀ¹s children off to die in an unnecessary war. If he did, he would understand that Cindy has sparked this nation's conscience and must be listened to. It is time for us, the mothers of this great nation, to show our fierce love for our children by joining Cindy's call to stop the killing and bring our troops home.

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I bet your son would be ashamed of you. Bush shouldn't waste his time with a selfish, bitter, whiner when there are so many out there who make the sacrifice willingly and with class.

We already know that Bushco only worships money and power

Obviously, you aren't one of the ones who is willing to make the ultimate sacrifice for lies...or you wouldn't point to others who are willing to do so.

You have not earned the right to enter the debate until you are willing...not just offering others to do the job for you. You from you perch do not have any right to state Casey's opinion under any circumstance...It is your assumption not his.

I do find it interesting that so many do not realize the cost of this war in blood and treasure. All Americans are going to suffer this adventure. We are all going to pay a price...

you are a waste to even say something like that to a mother that lost her son take a good look at youself

Have you lost a child to this war? Have you stepped foot in Iraq? Have you sacrificed your comfort for the illegal occupation going on now in another country? My son has served 2 tours of duty in Iraq and he supports my anti-war efforts. He would dare you to say he should be ashamed of me--I have been his biggest supporter both spiritually and FINANCIALLY because our government isn't willing to go the extra mile and help these guys out. You would be one sorry man if you said anything like that to MY son. If it is selfish, and bitter, and whining to want your children, borne of your pain, to be out of harm's way then so be it. But until you have agonized every day for months and years for the safety of your child, until you have smelled the pungent, dusty smell oozing from his pores, until you look into his eyes and see a part of him missing--don't DARE waste your right-wing bitter, whining, selfish words on me.

Show this shameful attack on a grieving mother to your own mother and ask her if she's proud of you.

Apparently you do not understand the reasons for this great vigil that Cindy has started. One must first figure out why we went to war in Iraq to begin with. The reasons that were given to Congress and the American people by the present Administration was that Iraq possessed weapons of mass destruction and they had ties to Al Queada. Well as we have found out in resent months that these accusations of this Administration are false. Of all of the mounting evidence that has come out one needs to read the Downing Street Memo's. After looking into all of the evidence I am sure one will figure out that everything that was told to Congress and the American people were all lies. I implore everyone in doubt to really do some reading and do some soul searching and tell me if you still feel the way you did before you looked into the evidence. I was EXTREMELLY skeptical about all of it until I started looking into it. But now it has me so outraged that our government has lied to us that some times I do not know what to do with myself. And if you want to do some real investigating you will also find out how Bush KILLED nearly 3,000 on September 11, 2001. Here are just a couple of websites to get you started into 911.

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