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Refuting Bush's Lies About Terrorism

So here is what concerns me. All this past week, Bush and his minions have worked the media relentlessly, stressing their phony message that they are the only ones who can protect us. As Dana Milbank noted in the Washington Post, Bush has basically divested himself of the Washington press corps and is back to holding staged events where no media are allowed. We now can see that his approval rating on terrorism is going up-- how many times can the Republicans get away with fearmongering? My concern is that opposing points of view are NOT being presented. Where are the credible voices to get on TV or on talk radio and present the facts about terrorism? Why can't we get through the media's conservative bias and refute his and Cheney's slanderous statements against Democrats?

See, as much as I wanna see him impeached, if we can't win back the congress, the Republican majority won't impeach the guy, no matter what he does. We *must* find a way to counteract the Bush spin, before we lose our chance to win back congress. That's my concern. As long as the mainstream media continue to ignore us, how can we get our message out before the average American becomes convinced (again) that Republicans are the only ones who can keep America safe?

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Need to consider that Bush being in power is bad, but do we want a President Cheney? I'd go after that guy first so we don't face that possibility. Now the problem with THIS plan is that Bush will likely find a Gerald Ford type (as Nixon did) who will promise to pardon W as soon as the trials/impeachment proceedings get serious. So, we have basically a criminal who is off scott free...and a new president appointed by that criminal who (we must assume) is at least sympathetic to the crook. I agree with the Devorah in that wihtout Congressional backing, NONE of this will happen and we're stuck until 2008 with the incompetence of this administration.

This is a false argument against immediate efforts to impeach Bush, because Cheney would clearly be implicated in any debate of Bush's High Crimes.

Don't have the sources handy, but it is out there that this argument holds no water.


I agree, sadly. With GOP control of congress, impeachment day needs to take place day after November elections, when hopefully, GOP and other do-nothing congressmen get their behinds kicked out of Washington. Holding it september 1 will do very little other than feed GOP media bashing of our efforts.
FD-Chapel Hill, NC

Is there any way to get an order to have both Bush and Cheney to get a mental examination done on them, this would be one way to prove their mental problems and their unjust decisions, I think that they have some problems with their eye rolling and denial of actions they took and continue to take when they are questioned. This would hopefully include the appointments of this administration unjust.

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