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"You can fool some of the people all of the time...and those are the ones you want to concentrate on." George W. Bush, Washington DC, March 31, 2001

Young people who enlist in the military do so with the thought they will be giving service to their country, no question about that; after all it is a free country and people are free to choose. The military was sent there with a dire threat looming called WMD's. They were sent to land in a sovereign nation to attack the country and it's people. "Shock and awe" ensued. The country was devastated. What has happened since then? Not much in the way of rebuilding but too much is happening to our troops. The President said there isn't really any WMD's and he made a mistake! This is a crazy world now. Everyday on the news I hear about the Iraq people. Are they our new 51st State? Are they trying to help themselves? Do I want to give my tax dollars to them? Our country is in a deficit for Iraq? How crazy is this? Am I hearing right when the mother of a fallen soldier quoted the President as saying to her that we will never know if democracy will exist in Iraq in our lifetime? Yes, Cindy Sheehan's son was free to choose what he did and he entered the military with a noble cause only to have his mother learn later that the "cause" was a mistake. As a mother myself, I would find that devastating and confusing. Hooray for Cindy Sheehan who wants to know what cause her son died for while doing his duty in the military, after all he entered it with noble ideas; I am just sure of it.

She is an American>>> she can speak the TRUTH. But Bush is not allowed to LIE and MURDER.

The President is on vacation. VACATION!!!! He can't step away from his vacation of 5 weeks to talk to this woman!!! Please.

Regardless of whether you support this adminstration or not, The President's dismissal of Ms. Sheehan can only be viewed as cowardly.

Put yourself in her shoes. Who is braver: Cindy Sheehan or Bush???

You people are good at slandering people, first John McCAin, then Max Cleland and John Kerry and now a mother who lost her son in Iraq for the arrogant liar in the White HOuse.
I hope all the people demand answers, we deserve the truth.

Hey Trolls you got skin in this game...if not....

Why aren't you in Iraq right now?

--Wednesday, March 23, 2005; Page A13
The Army is tapping into a new pool of potential recruits for the National Guard and the Army Reserve by raising the maximum enlistment age from 34 to 39 (and 364 days), officials said yesterday.--

And don’t forget that the regular Army and Navy, via the Pentagon, have already asked to up their age limit to 42. Regular Marines and Air Force will stay at their regular max of 35. But don't let that stop you little Yellow Elephant. You still have the Army Reserve and National Guard who need you now and soon that "I'm too old to go, but I sure would if I could", will soon die with the age limit of 42. Don't worry about being too fat or lazy. They are already cooking the paperwork to accept recruits without GEDs, diplomas and some who have had a little trouble with the law and just a bit of a problem with drugs.


Get your obviously "patriotic" ass down to the recruiting office pronto. **AND** if you can't go because your ass gets a cyst on it, use your fine language skills and war support talk on your kid, your wife, your sister, your brother, and/or your dad and get one of them, or all of them to go in your cowardly place and let someone who has been there for years come home.

Like Cindy says... you all are despicable the way you play on the dead soldiers, sailors, marines, and airmen and have no real stake in what you are screaming in support of, just a yellow magnet on the ass of your SUV.

If you aren't just making it through every day praying you won't hear a knock on your door then SHUT THE FUCK UP OR SIGN YOUR ASS UP AND PUT IT ON THE LINE.

I am sick and tired of you whiny right-wingnuts dropping your drawers and shitting on people who talk it and walk it in a way you never can and WILL NEVER TRY TO DO.

Hey Anonymous (can't even make a cool name!?!) who wrote:

No he didn't make him volunteer, but he did abuse Casey's trust by lying Casey Sheehan into a situation that caused Casey Sheehan's death. But he did lie them into a war that is killing them at an incredible rate. He sent them in without proper armor. He sent them without an exit strategy. He sent them in without listening to his military commanders regarding how much personnel it would take to secure the peace post-war. He declared Mission Accomplished and since that date, 5-1-03, 1707 and counting have died. Right after Chimpy was sworn in, he and his neo-con cronies were waiting for any chance to invade Iraq (read PNAC for those not in the know) to get revenge for his Daddy's face being made into a rug in a popular hotel (huge huge insult in the Muslim world). yes that is such a good reason to invade...oops yes I forgot.. The oil. The oil prices going up. Oil and gas companies making more in one quarter than in some entire years in total. Oh that couldn't be a good reason either. Yes that is some leadership from the office holder of the greatest nation on the planet. Lie into war. No WMD. Fix the facts to get the votes. Lie to Congress. Lie to America. Lie to the World. He's your Liar in Chief. Too bad we have to all live and die with the consequences of your voting for this shithead pResident of the White House.

Again. Get your "patriotic" ass down to your local Army recruiter's office, or National Guard or Army Reserve if you are older. If you can't go, then get someone in your family to go. If you can't get someone in your family to go, then talk one of your fellow mouth breathers into going and let someone who understands what this is all about come home. Time's awasting. They need the bodies on the front line, like yesterday. Please write from Iraq and let us all know how it's going from the front. Buh Bye.

PS Remind me again how many US military were killed when Clinton used force in Bosnia? What!?! Zero!!!!!!

PPS Remind me about how many people died when Clinton lied about an extra-marital affair. What!?!?!? Zero!!!! You and any other troll that lets Chimpy Simpleton lie and get away with it are nothing more than feeble hypocrites and liars of the highest order. You lie to yourselves and make yourself believe you are right. Hey whatever. The Germans living in Auschwitz had to hold their noses daily but still smiled and went about their day as if nothing was wrong.

Since I doubt any of you trolls study history unless it supports your feebleminded views, know this and remember our Patriot Act is very very similar to Hitler's Hitler's Ermächtigungsgesetz (Enabling Act)
[March 23, 1933]....


"Never forget that everything Hitler did in Germany was legal." - Martin Luther King Jr.

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