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Measuring the Cindy Web Phenomenon

By David Swanson

Cindy Sheehan is the most searched for term on

Measured by, yesterday was ranked 16,800 and was reaching over 100 per million users. This created a graph shooting almost straight up, because the site was created Sunday night. In fact, the site has been reduced to one page to try to handle the traffic surge, and we've been unable for the past 24 hours to update it with a page with better info, because of the load on the servers. The update, when we manage it, will include a link to Cindy Sheehan information on, which will then be hit hard.

Largely thanks to Cindy, is ranked 69,984, reaching 15 per million users. And, the site for Gold Star Families for Peace, is ranked 97,006, reaching 30 per million users.

The largest liberal website,, generally has traffic at about the level that www.meetwithcindy hit in three days. But MoveOn has also surged during the Cindy phenomenon. Of three huge surges for MoveOn in the past three months, one came when they finally got involved with the Downing Street Memos, and the most recent came when they focused on Cindy Sheehan. Their three month average is now a rank of 14,483 and their rank today is an amazing 2,987.

Now, let's try to get the same level of interest from the people who have even bigger websites (not to mention their much bigger reach through other means) than these: the corporate media! Contact them here:

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The Cowardly lion...he can run, but he can't hide!

Just as Bush weaseled his way out of his National Guard duties, he is also afraid to meet on a non-staged basis with mothers who have lost sons and daughters in Iraq. To slither by these mothers while on his way to a fundraiser is proof of the dim-witted cowardice of this supposed commander-in-chief. How would you like to be in a foxhole with this buffoon and his cronies? After all, Bush and Cheney must have been war heroes during the Vietnam war, if one were to view their current bluster.

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