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San Francisco Puts Impeachment on the November Ballot

With Help From Constitution Summer, San Francisco Approves Ballot Initiative to Call for Impeachment
Announcement Comes on Anniversary of Nixon Resignation

SAN FRANCISCO, CA – Four City San Francisco Supervisors have put their pens to a document that will allow the city's 421,000 registered voters an up or down vote on the merits of impeaching both President George W. Bush and Vice President Richard B. Cheney this November 7th. The San Francisco Impeachment Ballot Initiative, like the Berkeley Impeachment Ballot Initiative approved on June 27th, 2006, was drafted in close coordination with Constitution Summer, a nonpartisan, national coalition of students at the nation's law schools and universities. Champaign-Urbana, Illinois quietly approved the first municipal presidential impeachment initiative in American history on April 11th, 2006.

News of the San Francisco decision was withheld until today because Supervisor Chris Daly, who drafted the measure, was on vacation. In addition to Supervisor Daly, Supervisors Ross Mirkarimi, Tom Ammiano, and Jake McGoldrick signed the measure. Constitution Summer helped Supervisor Daly's office select constitutionally grounded language based on the Articles of Impeachment Against George W. Bush, which was drawn up by the attorneys at the Center for Constitutional Rights. These articles include: the Bush Administration's felonious disregard for the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act of 1978, which governs electronic surveillance in the United States; the initiation of an illegal war of aggression based on fraudulent claims; extraordinary rendition, indefinite detention, and torture; and an unconstitutional arrogation of power to the executive branch. In addition to these Articles, Supervisor Daly added the Bush Administration's failure to adequately respond to the Hurricane Katrina disaster as a failure to faithfully execute the laws of the United States.

The Articles of Impeachment included in the San Francisco initiative, and with exception of the Katrina response issue, the rationale behind them, are available in a book entitled The Articles of Impeachment Against George W. Bush, published by Melville House Publishing. Melville House recently organized a series of national impeachment teach-ins based on the book, the largest of which was co-sponsored and organized by Constitution Summer. Constitution Summer's teach-in was attended by hundreds of people, and the speakers included Center for Constitutional Rights Legal Director Bill Goodman, Constitution Summer Advisory Board Member Daniel Ellsberg, and Constitution Summer President Geoffrey King.

Of the San Francisco Impeachment Initiative, King says, "The President and Vice President claim that they are protecting American freedom by surveilling and disappearing anyone they please, including American citizens, by tricking the people and Congress of the United States into an unnecessary war, and by creating a massive torture bureaucracy. They claim that this behavior is lawful and constitutional, and that no other branch of government should be able to check their power. A chorus of millions of Americans is saying that the President and Vice President are wrong, and today, the City of San Francisco has complimented that chorus with an instrument of democracy, the direct referendum."

Coincidentally, Supervisor Daly's announcement of the San Francisco Impeachment Initiative coincides with the 32nd anniversary of the resignation of Richard M. Nixon. Dr. Daniel Ellsberg, a member of the Constitution Summer Advisory Board, leaked the now famous Pentagon Papers that the press ultimately used to reveal the impossibility of winning the war in Vietnam. President Nixon's retaliation against Dr. Ellsberg led directly to Nixon's resignation. Dr. Ellsberg said of Constitution Summer's work:

"The young men and women of Constitution Summer are like the people under General Washington in Valley Forge. And General Washington's ragtag group did win, incidentally."

In addition to the San Francisco initiative, lobbyists Susie Shannon of Poverty Matters and Sophie de Vries of After Downing Street met with staff from Assemblymember Paul Koretz's office in Sacramento, where Shannon and de Vries presented a petition with the names of thousands of Californians who support impeachment. Assemblymember Koretz is the author of the AJR39, a California-wide impeachment resolution that, if passed, would be transmitted to the House of Representatives via Rule 603 of Thomas Jefferson's Rules of Parliamentary Procedure, which allows state legislatures to transmit articles of impeachment directly to the House of Representatives. Rule 603 has been invoked successfully before: in 1903, Florida District Judge Charles Swayne was impeached in a process that started in the Florida State Legislature. In addition to California, resolutions to impeach President Bush are pending in the state legislatures of Illinois and Vermont.


* For articles of impeachment endorsed by Constitution Summer please visit

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how stupid lets waste more money. maybe we should ask michael moore to make a new movie so he can piss more people off and make them vote for the stupid republicans like last election i think if he wouldnt have done that the dems would have won

How is impeachment a waste of money? The removal of irresponsible leadership is and will always be a most worthy investment, for which people have historically given their lives for. If all it costs us is a few dollars, I consider it a bargain.

As for your post, ever hear of grammar? You know, capitals and punctuation? For that matter, do you read what you write or just mash your face on the keyboard to form words?

I'm not even going to comment on the matter at hand, rather point out that making fun of someone's grammar doesn't make you win the argument. If you read his reply and understood what he meant then that was all he needed to get his point across. Go pick on commas and apostrophes somewhere else.

The fact of the matter is this. An impeachment is a great idea. As was stated in an earlier post, and millions of times before that, the president and vice-president have succeeded in creating a right-wing, conservative, terror-inflicting machine within the United States government. As for Michael Moore... at least he had the balls to do what he thought was right, and what he believed needed to be done. He should at least be admired for that.

In order to save Moore money I suggest you have all your dental and vision care performed at Walter Reed Medical Center, and be required to buy all your clothes from the bargain rack at Salvation Army. You will be getting a small taste of what life is like for so many of the Vets that made it home alive from the unimpeachable Mr.Cheney and Mr.Bush.

If you are lucky and I bet you are, Michael will make a very short film about the thrifty man in funny clothes with the quirky smile who can't seem to find his way.

Let's put democracy to death now. Why waste another second on the subject of impeachment, be the patriot you always new you were, go directly to the mall and buy something, your country needs you!

Nathan in SF

I agree, impeach that fucker. Both of them have done nothing but ruin this country.

leberalism is what ruins countries not two men sitting in texas ,wake the fuck up.

You should learn how to spell liberalism.

OK local Democratic committees need to show they are in touch with the voters' thinking.

But nationally or on the state is not in the Democratic Party's interest to impeach Bush. In fact I expect a heavy investment in preventing his assassination. In 2008 we are guaranteed to get the rest of the offices needed to stamp out all sign of twisted Repulican values and past programs nationwide. Who were the Whigs? Who were the Republicans?

If it looks like Democratic candidates will have to molest and murder an entire girl scout troop in order NOT to be elected over a Republican this election...what do you think it will be like after 2008?

If we don't hold 95% of national elected offices and 80-85% of state level offices across the nation in 2009, we will have really had to search for bad candidates. For all intents and purposes the Democratic platform will be unopposed for decades. It will take at least 40-60 years of the worst luck before we have to even consider Republican votes on an issue.

I'm serious, san francisco should be it's own little counrty ,so when they come crying to us after terrorists stick bombs up there asses( oops i'm sorry )we'll just say sorry we need our military in more important places.

Good luck paying for that military on red state revenue.

The People's Socialist Democratic Republic of San Francisco strikes again!!!

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