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Bound for Texas to ask questions

The Springfield News-Leader (Missouri)
August 11, 2005

I am the mother of an active-duty Marine who will shortly be deployed to Iraq. I'm packing my bags to head down to Crawford, Texas, to join Cindy Sheehan, a Gold Star mother who lost her son in Iraq. She is sitting outside our president's home, waiting to meet with him so he can explain to her what the "noble cause" is that her son died for.
I have a few simple questions I would like to ask him myself.

Our troops are for the defense of this country. There are no WMDs. Why are we still in Iraq?

Has he read the Downing Street memo yet? I have. I would like to know why, if they knew there were no WMDs there, they didn't bother to inform the American people of that at the time.

My father was occupying the seats of one of those airplanes in Vietnam that our president didn't have the time to fill. He didn't make it back. I refuse to watch my son go off for a very bad replay of Vietnam without a fight.

This president has wrapped himself in the honor of our armed forces to advance his agendas and deflect legitimate questioning of his policies. I think it's way past time he was held to account for this. So I'm headed to Texas to join Cindy.

Valarie Fletcher, Seymour


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God Speed to you and your son. Be strong! People of GOOD WILL all over this world are with you, Cindy and the other brave, courageous patriots enlightening the rest of the Bush flock with the truth.

Kudos to you and others like you who are headed to Crawford! I think we may be arriving at the turning point, and who would ever have thought it would begin so simply? My emotions have been on a roller coaster, jubilation that this may signal the end or if not may at least force King George into a position of accountability, sorrow for Cindy, you and all mothers who have faced or may face the loss of a child for no good reason, and anger at the mainstream media who by all appearances are soft-pedaling this. Thank heavens for the Internet -- I think the government will find asserting control here much more difficult! Valerie, my heart is with you.

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