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Veterans for Peace: Come to Crawford or Show Your Support Locally

My name is Malcolm Chaddock and I am a member of Veterans For Peace, Chapter
72 in Portland, OR ( ).
Thank you for supporting Cindy Sheehan and through her the antiwar movement.
I have another way that PDA members can help support Cindy, if they cannot
go to Crawford. As Veterans For Peace, National is doing, please urge your
membership to attend/create rallies in front of the Federal Buildings in
their home cities in solidarity with Cindy's courageous stand in Crawford.

Attached you will find copies of both our press release and the one issued
by National VFP.


*PORTLAND: August 8, 2005*

*LOCAL CONTACT*: Grant E. Remington, President, Veterans for Peace Chapter72


*Event:* Daily, starting Tuesday, August 9 2005

*Time:* 12:00 p.m. (Noon) till 1 PM

*Place:* Portland, Terry Schrunk Plaza, SW 3rd and Madison, facing the
Federal Building

*Event Ends:* When President Bush meets with Mrs. Sheehan, or when he leaves
the Crawford ranch.
Veterans for Peace stands with Cindy Sheehan

Veterans for Peace Chapter 72 will hold a daily vigil of support for Cindy
Sheehan. Cindy has made several visits to Oregon over the last year and
every time VFP 72 has been at her side. Never afraid to call out the
President on his failed policies, she has become one of the recognized and
respected critics of the war in Iraq and the myth that this administration
"supports the troops".

As Cindy Sheehan continues her vigil at the Crawford hideout of George W.
Bush, the cowardice of this President become more evident. Veteran Eric
Bagai said, "Refusing to meet with a Gold Star Mother is another example of
Bush's failure to accept responsibility for the lies that committed Ms.
Sheehan's son to a war without cause and to a death without reason."

After attending the National Convention of Veterans for Peace in Dallas,
Cindy decided to face down the President on his failures. Riding in the
"Spirit of Garberville" one of the buses of "The Veterans For Peace
Impeachment Tour", she was joined by many of the conventioneers in her
convoy to Crawford. Veterans for Peace have been consistently supporting
Cindy in her efforts to "Bring the troops home now!"

"By standing in solidarity with Cindy here in Portland, VFP 72 hopes to
spread the message to the citizens of the Rose City that George W. Bush is a
coward and a liar and should be held accountable for his actions." said
Chapter President Grant Remington. "Even Richard Nixon had the guts to speak
with anti-war protester in 1970 when he went out at night to the Lincoln
Memorial during the Viet Nam war protests. That we should look to Nixon as
an example of courage speaks volumes about the current resident of the White
House," Remington said.

The vigil will occur each day until the President meets with Mrs. Sheehan,
or until he leaves his Crawford ranch. Participating with VFP will be
Families Speak Out, and Gold Families For Peace, along with Code Pink, the
Post Partum Pro Life League and many other groups and private citizens.


"The country we carry in our hearts is waiting." Bruce Springsteen
Wage Peace

Grant E. Remington
2503 NE Dunckley
Portland, Oregon 97212

==================================================================There is
no flag large enough to cover the shame of needless death


Dear Members

The Veterans For Peace 2005 Convention, 20 Years of Waging Peace was a great
success. It is hard for me to tell as I worked behind the scenes how
everything went, but the feedback from veterans, associate members, friends,
family and guest is overwhelmingly positive. We had over 250 attendees,
wonderful speakers and workshops. People are inspired and batteries
recharged to resist war and specifically the current conflict in Iraq. (More
on the convention to later)

Most of you know that Cindy Sheehan along with many other incredible people,
(Mike Hoffman, Camilio Mejia, Coleen Rowley, Dahr Jamail) spoke to the
convention Friday night. I'm not sure when Cindy decided to go to Crawford,
but Saturday morning a contingent of veterans, military families and other
convention attendees stood ready to accompany her. We had a small battalion
at the convention, we sent a company to support Cindy. In the photographs
and television news coverage, you see Iraq Veterans Against the War and our
members and banners.

The recent deaths of so many troops, the momentum of the convention and the
Crawford action has taken us into a new phase of resistance. Weeks before
the convention, I wrote the essay Why Dallas.

"It is time for us to make our presence felt again. The conservative
heartland must see and hear the faces and voice of dissent. It is important
to the success of our cause to gather in the unusual places where
progressives are seldom found. We must take our message to the unconverted
and be fearless in the face of those who try to intimidate us."

Cindy is leading the charge and we must back her up.

What can you do?

*1. Go To Crawford*
Many of us are heading to Crawford. David Cline, the National
President plans to arrive there by the end of the week. Elements of
Arlington West are on the road right now. At this time, VFP National is
calling for a mass convergence on Crawford. We do need members to go
and act
as an advance party to support Cindy and prepare for a mass turnout. But
right now we think the best tactical approach is to allow the
between the President and Gold Star Parents For Peace like Cindy, Sue
Neiderer, and military families with love ones in Iraq to develop. Too
other people in the mix can distort the story and the opportunity. We are
there to lend support. Soon it will be time to bring in the
So in other words if you can't make it right now, don't worry, we will
you later. Those who can make it, get there as fast as you can.

Please let us know if you plan to go just to keep us informed of who
we have on the ground. You should also visit this link from the Crawford
Peace House for more information (lodging etc.). **

*2. Tell our story (Cindy left from our convention escorted by
veterans to talk to George)* Write your newspaper, call into talk
shows and tell your friends and family. If you did not attend the
convention, Mike Ferner has written a great piece,* Cindy Sheehan in
Dallas: What One Mom has to Say to Bush* **
If you were there you have firsthand knowledge. Tell the story.
Remember to keep it focused on Cindy, a grieving mother who simply wants
answers, and the President who has refused to provide them.

*3. Send donations to support Cindy and our efforts.
*David Cline, the National President of Veterans For Peace, is
preparing to go to Crawford to take up the vigil. Veterans are
encouraged to
join him in support of Cindy Sheehan. Supporters are urged to offer
donations to cover the cost of travel and related expenses so that the
will be able to sustain their effort.

Please send tax deductible donations to:
Veterans For Peace
216 S. Meramec Av.
St. Louis, MO 63105
Enter* Crawford vigil* on the explanation line of your check

*4. From Dallas to Crawford and on to Washington
*Come to Washington on September 24th. Bush works and lives in the
Whitehouse. No matter what happens in Crawford we need to confront him in
Washington. His poll numbers are the lowest of his presidency. We need to
pressure congress to stand up to the administration. If you can't make
it to
Texas come to DC. Hopefully you can make it to both.

* 5. Show support for Cindy in your local community
*A great way to support Cindy and the other Gold Star Families is to vigil
and protest in your community. Join with other peace organizations or take
the lead as Veterans For Peace. Let us know what your doing so we can
publicize it across the nation.

The struggle continues and Veterans For Peace is out in force.

Michael T. McPhearson
Veterans For Peace
Executive Director
314 725-6005
peace: One step at a time.


Again, many many thanks for all your good work.
Carpe Diem!

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Dear Cindy Sheeham
I am so very sorry for the loss of your son.
Every time I hear Bush say that he is on a mission from God, I feel like throwing up.
God or Jesus would never agree with what this insane man is doing.
The Bush administration is using God's name to gain controle over peopl and to get anything they want.
Hang in there Cindy, YOU ARE RIGHT.
May the REAL Jesus be with you.

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