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Bush to dead soldier's mom: "How do you know his life would have been good?"

By Jeff Norman
August 11, 2005

Cindy Sheehan is not the only Gold Star mom who felt disrespected after a visit with George W. Bush. Dolores Kesterson, whose son Erik was killed in Iraq in November of 2003, was among several military families who last year were invited to meet with Bush as a group. Each family was allotted ten minutes with the president, but because she is divorced from her husband, Dolores asked to speak with Bush one-on-one.

Dolores reports exclusively for U.S. Tour of Duty that she waited alone in a small partitioned area, wondering if her request would be granted, before a Bush aide suddenly announced, "The president will now see you." As the commander in chief strode briskly toward her, it seemed to Dolores that he was trying to intimidate her. "He came marching in and got right in my face...eyeball to eyeball, and said, 'I'm George Bush, the president of the United States, and I understand you have something to say to me in private.'"

Dolores tried to give Bush a sense of what type of person Erik had been. She described her son as a "comedian" whose favorite saying was, "Life is good." The president replied, "How do you know his life would have been good?"

Dolores was shocked by Bush's eagerness to question the value of her son's life. She told the president, "Nobody wants to die."

Before he concluded their meeting, Bush proclaimed to Dolores, "We won't know in our lifetime whether or not Iraq was a success."

[See a video clip of Dolores Kesterson describing her meeting with President Bush at]

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Doesn't that give us all a lot of confidence?

"How do you know his life would have been good?"

There is something seriously wrong with our president. More wrong than we already knew. Who makes that sort of statement?

... somebody on drugs who has a disconnected sense of reality.

Chicken Hawk bush is lotally unfit to run our country, there must be a screw loose in that thing that keeps his ears apart! IMPEACH NOW!

Who in God's name would say "how do you know his life would be good" to a grieving mother?How callous can one man be.He needs to send the twins over to Iraq, for it is such a NOBEL CAUSE.Lead with your own children "W".With all there drinking and drug abuse,it seems thier lives are not going that well anyway.Time to send the twins Georgeie
Boy.You don't know if there life would be good anyway!

That's the Christian in the man speaking.

W "tops" himself again. He nauseates me.

This sounds like something Hitler would say to excuse his slaughtering of millions of jewish lives. We need to reclaim our country from this derailed leadership.

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