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Video of Cindy Sheehan at Camp Casey

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Excellent interview Mr. Pitt. The reason the protest is going so well in my opinion is that God has his hand there. I love the way Cindy continues to hammer the issue that this war was based on lies, not giving an inch to the idea that a mistake was made or the intelligence was wrong. To those who still think Geroge Bush is a Christian, you need to look at the "fruits of his labor". Lying and the policy of torture aren't Christian values. I'm not saying that W doesn't serve a God; I think his does, Lucifer.

Hey! Clear Channel! Fox News! Bill O'Reilly! You out there?
The noble thing would be to air this report. Cindy Sheehan laid out very specifically why she is doing what she's doing. She was very clear about who her son was and the respect she has for him. You want fair and balenced air this piece.

My heart absolutely bleeds for you.You are making your son and so many Americans so so proud.I am lucky enough to have two wonderful adult children.My daughter is the same age as Casey. Kate just got married in May,I am so sorry you will never get to experience that with your beloved son.I am sending my heartfelt sympathies to you and your extended family. I have no idea how hard it has been on you all.Every time I hear you speak I can't help but well up with tears.Girl you keep up the fight,we are with you and we need you as our spokes person.I'm glad to hear you won't be intimidated.I hear your not feeling well,get yourself some Zinc and Vitamin C it will help.If you need me to I can send it out let me know .You all take care and if there is any way to,I will try my damndest to get there to support you in person.Thank you to you and all your supporters.You inpire us all! Thanks Laura

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