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The Peaceful Occupation of Crawford Day 5

by CindySheehan [Subscribe]
Wed Aug 10th, 2005 at 22:37:45 PDT

Today started at 4am when the rain started blowing into my tent and my head and my feet started getting soaked and the thunder and lightening came over my tent. I was really frightened for my life, so I abandoned ship and went into Crawford.

CindySheehan's diary :: ::
By the time we made our way through the floods and got into Crawford, I had a fever, sore throat, and bad headache. So I was made to rest and not have any interviews until noon.

We had a little bit of trouble with locals today. We are beginning to feel a little unwelcome here. One lady almost ran over a film crew that was filming a commercial today. She screamed at us that the neighbors are really mad at we moved down the road to our closest neighbor who is very sweet. Her husband is a medic who just got home from Iraq.

Again, I did tons of interviews. It looks like I will be on the cover of People Magazine. Time Magazine, Vanity Fair and Oprah's magazine will be interviewing me also.

It was great having the other GSFP and MFSO there to help me with interviews and greeting all of the hundreds of people who came out from all over the country to be with us today. We were hassled by the Sheriff because there were too many cars out there. Our little Bush Town has grown to full capacity. The town Sheriff said we can put up tents and RV's in the town stadium. There are wall to wall sleeping bags here at the Peace House.

Due to the generosity of you all, the Crawford Peace House has gotten over 30,000 dollars and GSFP has gotten a lot of donations too. I got about 2 and a half dozen bouquets of flowers from all over everywhere. I am so amazed and overwhelmed by the support and love we are getting from everywhere.

As for Bill O'Reilly, Sean Hannity, Michelle Malkin, Matt Drudge, etc...nothing you can say can hurt me or make me stop what we are doing. We are working for peace with justice. We are using peaceful means and the truth to do it. I guess the truth frightens people. It frightens them so much, they have to resort to telling lies to rebut my arguments. They are despicable human beings and not even worth our concern. Bill O'Reilly had the nerve to invite me on his show again today. But, Dolores Kesterson, another Gold Star Families for Peace member who also had a terrible experience with meeting George and she kicked his butt.

Tonight we are still on arrest we shall see.

Peace soon.


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I have been reading stories and comments about your mission for the last 3 hours and tears of hope keep falling down my face. I am so happy to read of all the main stream t.v. stations reporting on what you and your friends are doing. My only regret is that I can't be there with you. God Bless You All

Wishing You ALL the Best!!!!!!!!!!!
Your courage and stamina is appreciated beyond words.
Wish I could be there too.
Blessings Always!!!!!!!!!

Dear Cindy:
Remember the other peacemakers who have come before you...Gandhi...Martin Luther King...focus any anger or frustration you have and funnel it to love. Ask God to help those who are misguided. When you feel anger...ask God for help. Pray for those who have resorted to calling you names. When somone curses at you... just say "I pray for you."
Let the Light guide your way.
"Blessed are the peacemakers, for they shall be called the children of God." Matthew 5:9
God is with YOU.
God Bless You Cindy.

Cindy, I think you are doing a wonderful thing and i HOPE that what you are doing out there in Crawford makes some kind of impact on the bush Administration. I'm sorry about your son and the thousands of other ameriKan soldiers. Let's not forget the thousands of Iraqi civilians who have been killed by this thoughtless administration.

I don't think georgie boy is going to change his mind about the killing. I truely believe he and his cronies are fear and war mongers. They are evil people with no thought about justice/god or goodness. It's all about power and money. This war has nothing "noble' about it.

I also think Cheney is Bushes free ride. If bush was impeached...then we'd have cheney as front person. The whole lot of them need to be brought to trial for war crimes and crimes against humanity.

This war is a travesty and i hope i live long enough to see what the history books say about this time in ameriKan history.

Keep up the good work Cindy. Maybe bush will hear you from his happy, comfortable ranch where he is spending his vacation while our soldiers are being shot at.

Send Laura and Jenna....then maybe we'd see some real change.

It is great to see and feel the support you are getting Cindy. People of good will all over the world are starting to focus on the entire picture because of you.

As for the main stream media coverage, I read the ABC piece on this website last evening and commented by ripping into Charles Gibson's questions to you, especially the reference to the father who lost his son in Iraq. Gibson's leap into referring to other military families feeling as that father really upset me since Gibson did not mention anything about the other military family members and veterans there with you supporting you. Gibson completely ignored that fact staring him square in the face.

As for Bill O'Reilly, really nothing need be said about that worthless crumb of an inhuman lifeform. Someone should just plain cut the string which triggers his voice mechanism like a "Chatty Cathy Doll". Actually, it would be better to cut the power to Fox News (Propaganda) Network instead as that would rid the world of great deal of pollution.

God bless.

Richard J. Schaedler, Esquire

Well this Chatty Cathy thinks the traitors to America are the men who authorized and support a war on a LIE!
And that includes the MSM that is working for Bush!
These are the true traitors to America and it's people.

I hope some of our many thousands of wounded soldiers join Cindy.
They need to start wearing sings that say."I lost this arm in Bush's war on a LIE"," I have scars from the burns from Bush's war on a LIE"

Maybe the children of our dead soldiers should speak,they have the right,they have no Father all because Bush started a war on a LIE!

The suffering and pain of the worlds people is starting to be heard.
And the MSM will not be able to stop it.

I hear the man screaming in a hospital because his body is burned from Bush's war on a LIE

I hear the MOM sobbing herself to sleep because her son died from Bush's war on a LIE

I hear the child crying because her dad is gone and she doesn't understand WHY from Bush's war on a LIE

I hear the pain and suffering of thousands threw out the world from Bush's war on a LIE

I don't hear anything from the GOP Congress or Senate(there on VACATION) having fun.
I don't hear any outrage from the MSM

And now intelligence has leaked that Bush and Cheney have plans for IRAN and I still don't hear the MSM.
They have plans to start WW3 and the MSM are silent!

They are as guilty as Bush!
Maybe not in a court of law,but the men that watch a woman being raped as far as I'm concerned are as guilty as the rapest!
And maybe there guilty,as there's espinage and treason coming out of the whitehouse,pentagon,Norad,state dept,etc,maybe some of the men at the top of the MSM will be connected.

The same MSM that butchered Clinton for sex(I think that's legal),is turning a blind eye to corruption,treason,espinage,etc............
It is evident that all the MSM is controlled by men that are working for BUSH!

We quite possibly have killers,the 9/11 coverup, working in the Whitehouse.
There is mounting evidence they let 3000 Americans DIE and for the life of me I can't understand how so many men stand back and accept this.
Not to forget that there's SOLID evidence of this war being started on a LIE.

My poll says over 80% of America wants BUSH impeached!
And that includes Republicans that see grave wrongs/
America is one step away from charging the Whitehouse,and that will include Dem and Reps.
The beautiful part is this will unite the people again!
Because we have Dems and Reps that are DYING on a war started on a LIE.
This survey brought to you by an individual that has talked to life long Republicans!
I keep hearing a word,Bush is a LIE!

To sum it up,the MSM and many of the talking pimps support treason,men dying on a LIE,espinage,corruption,mass murder,etc........
But Clintons sexual behavior is the gravest wrong.
Maybe I should list the names of the Republicans that are under investigation or indicted for haveing sex with 12 years olds!

Now let'S watch how they butcher the family of the fallen and call them traitors.
I do believe these people should be allowed to speak and have the loudest voice.
Now we can stand back and see how the Bush gang has taken FREEDOM out of AMERICA!


Be our eyes as well as our heart today: glare at Rummy and Rice as they pass Camp Casey. I want them to feel that special burning sensation in their pitiful souls.

God is good !!!


Cindy, First off I think you're doing a great thing by your confrontation of Bush. His inaction in meeting with you speaks volumes to his "moral values" he so brazenly touts.
But, while I am in agreement with your actions, please don't let these actions upstage the advances that have been made making Americans aware of the implications of the Rovegate scandels, and the DSM. I am fearful that these stories may now become "last weeks news" in the media and the minds of many Americans as they focus on your protest. The momentum could be lost by distracting people away from the issues that will impeach Bush and his administration. Again I applaud your actions, I'm just a little concerned.


I think you should take Bill O'Reilly up on his offer. You would nail him to the floor. He would not have a chance because of your directness and honesty. Can we say Downing Street Memos on national TV? Say it loud and say it often...people are listening. Good luck and God bless you.


I have nothing but admiration and respect for what you are doing and how you are handling yourself and the media. You walk a fine line of voicing true opposition to an unjust war without resorting to the low-ball tactics so often employed by politicians and pundits supporting the invasion.

It is my sincerest wish that your actions snowball into "the" movement that finally brings down this house-of-cards that the Bush crazies have built.

Ray Carpenter

Let's see. The person who allows you on her land is the woman whose husband just got back from Iraq as a medic. All the other brave souls are mad at you. Hmmm. Perhaps they should think about buying a ticket to the Middle East and taking a taxi into Baghdad, just to get a feel for the hell those military people are going through every day. Maybe they should stay in the home of a resident with children and see what it's like to live without electricity and water because our "private reconstruction" can't seem to get the job done. Cindy, if you stay there long enough, the neighbors will start getting mad at George. In fact, I think they already are. After all, who can get mad at a woman on People magazine.
I'm with you Cindy. You can do this.

Cindy - thank you so much. You are wonderful. But please - try to mention the evidence that has brought you to your conclusions about this war. The Plame case and the DSM need to be household words just as your name has become a household word.

Again - I am so thrilled that you are helping the cause. Keep it up - I wish I could be there with you.

Best Wishes from Western Colorado.

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