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Cindy Still Needs Your Help; ClearChannel Stations "Cancel" Anti-Sheehan BBQ

by patrioticliberal
Wed Aug 10th, 2005 at 07:47:39 PDT
Thanks to your efforts, Update [2005-8-10 20:42:48 by patrioticliberal]:

Latest Email from Evan Armstrong via DUer wrote - Please be advised that due to lack of local interest, the pro-troop rally tentatively scheduled by KWTX-AM, KLFX-FM for this coming Saturday will not be taking place. Please tune into KWTX-AM, KLFX-FM on Monday for comprehensive news coverage and commentary on developments related to the Iraq war protest organized by Mrs. Cindy Sheehan, scheduled to be held in Crawford this Saturday.

Keep your eyes open. I wouldn't be surprised if they just moved the date/location. These are sick, sick people. KWTX is a Fox News Radio station. Evan is a right-winger.


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I agree, they should not be trusted. It is heartening to see that there was a "lack of local interest" in the "pro troop rally.BBQ.

I still think Clear Channel should be investigated for possible license violations by the FCC.

I do believe that Cindy has become a major obstacle to the neo cons. They can't win by ignoring her and they can't win by smearing her. Earlier this week I made an analogy in a comment to a chess game and I remarked that the pawns have check-mated the king. I stand behind that comment even more strongly than before.

Cindy has done what the Downing Street Memos, No WMDs, Plamegate, torture-gate, and all the other more powerful chess pieces haven't been able to do.

Check, mR. pRESIDENT. Your move.


I find it appalling that Clear Channel is recruiting soldiers, from Ft. Hood of all places, to come to Crawford and tell the world they would be ashamed of their mothers for speaking their opinions and exercising their first amendment right to freedom of speech. I find it equally appalling that this Media outlet, which enjoys the same freedoms Cindy Sheehan enjoys, would promote such a disgusting display of Anti-family, Anti-American garbage. My son, a Sgt. in the U.S. Army who has served 2 tours of duty in Iraq already, loves me and would defend my right to speak my mind, to question our EMPLOYEE the President, to protest against something I feel so strongly about and would beat the daylights out of anyone who dared to say he should be ashamed of me. Shame on any young man or woman who shows up and has the gall to say they are ashamed of their mothers who are some of the biggest supporters, both emotionally and FINANCIALLY, of our troops. It is disturbing that a Media outlet which should be bi-partisan is turning this very dedicated mother’s protest into some kind of side-show. Until you have lost a child for a “noble cause

I'm glad Cindy could muster more courage than many in Congress, I hope she shames more of them into action. Isn't it great how heroes pop up when you seem to need them most! I'm a MFSO member and am glad to stand with Cindy and all who support her.

Read it @

Scroll Down till U C Yellow ( Re-Written ) Declaration of Independence

Thank, U Roger D. EC

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