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Report from Camp Casey

11:30 p.m. CT, Wednesday, August 10
By David Swanson

I just spoke by phone from DC with Cindy Sheehan and Ann Wright in Crawford, Texas. Cindy has been doing interviews non-stop for the past few days. Ann and Diane Wilson and others have been doing most of the speaking with the police.

Cindy had hoped to spend the night tonight in the Crawford Peace House, but is heading out to the ditch along the road instead. "If anybody's going to be arrested, I need to be out there," she said.

Ann could not confirm any specific threat of arrest, but she said that she took the rumors seriously. The rumors are that the Sheriff's men will come arrest everyone after midnight.

Cindy said that Will Pitt from Progressive Democrats of America and Scott Galindez from Truthout will be filming anything that happens. Ann said the media have been alerted.

Supporters around the country have been independently arriving at identical proposals, namely that if Cindy is arrested, we should go en masse to our local police stations, inviting the media, and asking to be arrested. I think this makes sense, and that it should happen the day after Cindy is arrested, meaning Friday if she's arrested tonight. Noon. Friday. Everyone.

There are 70 – 80 people on the site at Camp Casey at the moment, Ann said. If they are asked to leave or be arrested, many if not all of them will likely opt for arrest.

Another rumor has it that someone has already purchased the URL or

I've been managing two sites related to this: and

Having been unable to find a server capable of handling a database-driven site with the traffic being received by (and I've tried some of the best), I've put a simple static page there that will be updated as soon as the server recovers to include a link to this section on the afterdowningstreet site, which contains all the latest news about Camp Casey:

I spoke with Ann Wright for quite a while, and she gave the following report.

It's raining for the third night. There are 70-80 people on site and another 80 out in hotels or houses. Another 50 or 60 stopped by during the day to spend some hours.

The rain let up around noon and they had a very pleasant afternoon. A crew came and filmed an ad to air on local TV in Crawford (I'm trying to get a digital copy).

"There's been an incredible outpouring of donations," Ann said. People are driving for hours and staying a while and driving home, and they're bringing cases of water and other supplies. "We've got people here from Georgia, Montana, California, Alabama, New York, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Pennsylvania….The enthusiasm is amazing. People have driven 12 hours to be here.

Tomorrow, Ann said, they will be putting up 500 crosses "to symbolize the unnecessary deaths of Americans and the unnecessary deaths of Iraqis."

Where will they put them?

They will have to put them in the two slivers of roadside ditch permitted them, each about 12 by 300 feet according to Ann, and the two making up sides of a triangle. The center of the triangle would be better for a demonstration, but the local owner had the police kick everyone off.

"Now," said Ann, "the cops are always coming through to clear out cars with an inch of tread on the road or people with chairs with one leg on the road. It's not the best place if we had planned – but this wasn't planned, and that is why it's so successful."

Ann enthusiastically recounted the power of Cindy's speech on Friday night at the Veterans for Peace Convention in Dallas.

The speech:

"Cindy announced she was going and said 'Who can drive me?' and people looked around and then all the hands in the room went up….We had a caravan of 15 cars and a bus at 8:30 the next morning. And it had spread like wildfire on the internet, so 40 or 50 activists from Dallas and Austin came out."

Slowly the assemblage has acquired tents and chairs, through purchase or donation. Someone supplies everyone with sub sandwiches every lunchtime. About 50 flower arrangements have arrived and been arranged in a "beautiful flower memorial," Ann said.

Ann expressed ongoing amazement at the energy coming to the site. "People are diverting vacation trips to come here instead. People on business trips in Austin and Houston are staying an extra day to come here. Texans who have never been to Crawford and never wanted to come to Crawford are here. And the military families that are here find it so heartening to be supported by all these people."

Ann described a wife of a soldier preparing to ship out to Iraq, the mother of another who died, and an active-duty Sergeant from Fort Hood who's been to Iraq once and is going back again, but who has been speaking in uniform at Camp Casey about "the need for mothers to speak out to save their sons and daughters."

Ann was interrupted while we were talking, but came back and said, "Yeah, it really is powerful. The rain is letting up, and people are coming out of their tents. People all came here to be together and share ideas. And all because one woman came and said 'I'll sit here until the President of the United States talks to me.'"

Last night in a horrible thunderstorm, Ann said, she shouted over to Cindy's tent and asked "Are you awake?" The answer: "Are you kidding?" Cindy had a fever, a sore throat, and general exhaustion – at least that's what everyone says. She sounds anything but exhausted on the phone and through the media.

All the latest news about Cindy:

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She dishonors her son and all of America.

She's the one who outed Valerie Plume's identity?! Man, what is this world coming to?

The people who "dishonor" Cindy's son are people like you: have eyes but cannot see, have brain but cannot think, and have arms but are too coward to fight in Iraq.

Get a life! Read. Don't just echo what your masters tell you to say.

Go someplace else to spew your lies. In fact I suggest Iraq. Cindy is a heroine. bush is a coward and you are wrong.

Strsanbars, how can you say that this woman is a traitor? She hasn't outed any CIA agents, she hasn't lied to congress and the American people in order to start a war, where almost 2000 young Americans have died. Some one did , but it wasn't this woman.

Get your red neck out of your sorry ass, Johnny Reb. The real Civil War ended over a century and a half ago. As I have implored others such as yourself to act, go to your local recruiting station and sign up to fight for Bush's "noble cause" and if your are too old, then sned your kin to do your fighting for you and your godless Bush & Co.

You're in the wrong waters, bud. Go back to the web site where Intelligent Design makes sense.

Pfff. I dare you to go over there and say that to her face. Say it to the dozens of others who are standing with her. With any luck, they'll give you some Gitmo Treatment in return.

Pfff. I dare you to go over there and say that to her face. Say it to the dozens of others who are standing with her. With any luck, they'll give you some Gitmo Treatment in return.

Good God, people like you piss me off! What the hell is wrong with you? Why are you so stupid???? Did you get hit in the head with a blunt object or what?

"Blessed are the peacemakers, for they shall be called the children of God" Matthew 5:9

I urge all Christian leaders to go to Crawford and stand with Cindy!

While Governor of Texas, "W" committed some terrible crimes. We tried our best for years to get people in this country to listen before they seized the Oval Office.

While Governor of Texas, "W" and Daniel James falsified TNG personnel readiness reports to the Pentagon, carrying 1700 "ghost" soldiers on the payrolls and defrauding the DOD out of over $23 million every year. "W" sent our TNG military units into battle knowing they were placed in more danger because the units were ill equipped, ill prepared, and short on the numbers "W" and Daniel James reported to the Clinton Administration. More TNG personnel have died as a direct result of "W's" and Daniel James criminal actions, and many could have been prevented. Those military families from the TNG who lost loved ones should sue them for criminally sending your loved ones into harm when the problems should have been fixed before sending them to their deaths. Many died because "W" falsified documents. The Downing STreet memos are merely the tip of the iceberg. Their sole defense will be under the Feres Doctrine, not any claim of innocence. They've done this before to other military personnel who refused to obey their orders to cover up crimes.

"W's" faith is as bogus as his compassion. The only pardon "W" issued to anyone on Death Row was a serial murdering rapist & pedophile. "W" is the most bloodthirsty bastard in the history of this nation! "W" earned the infamous nickname "Governor Death."

"W" is also a serial adulterer, with a stripper named Tammy Phillips in 1999 to mention just one. Ask "W" how many of his own babies he insisted be aborted, years before the passage of Roe vs. Wade. I am given to believe at least 4, with 3 performed on girls under age 17.

On March 31, 1995, "W" obtained a new TX drivers license number to hide something in his past, and it wasn't the illegal killing of a protected species of wildlife in September 1994, because that was in the news. That article appears at this URL:
His henchwomen claimed it was for National Security, but his parents didn't get new DL numbers, nor any previous Governors of Texas or elected reps as they also claimed. Notice "W" didn't feel any need to protect his wife and daughters by getting them new dl numbers.

We have been speaking out about this lying fraud for years and no one would listen to us. "W" sends other young people off to die for home and country, draped in the fake flag of his own brand of patriotism, while he was AWOL from even serving his full term in the TNG. No one would report it while we had a chance to keep him out of office. We begged people to listen to us, we knew from his time as Governor of Texas what he was and still is today - a fraudulent Christian who lies, cheats, steals, even maims and kills for his own agendas to get richer and shower wealth on those who support his crime family.

"W" thrives on death, but doesn't want us to know he lusts for blood as much as power and money. Expose them as war criminals who can and will do anything!

Cindy Sheehan is a hero for standing up to these war criminals. Too bad more military families won't stand up to this bullying tyrant and prevent more deaths. Let's bestow honor on those who courageously stand up and speak out. History will list them among our nation's true patriots. "W" and his "gang" will be listed as exactly what they are, war criminals and lying thieves.

Message for George W Bush:

Please, please, please arrest Cindy Sheehan! And maybe you should also call in some troops to protect your sorry ass from this "national security risk".

C'mon you Yellow Coward of Texas. Surely you aren't gonna let this woman and her supporters get away with encroaching on your vacation time. Be a man and prove your manhood to your daddy and the world. Or is this not quite what you expected when you issued your macho "bring 'em on" challenge.

Stars you go and fight in Iraq - please.

Good on you Cindy!

But there is a lesson to be learned.

Starve the beast - dont let your sons and daughters join the military!!

You've gotten more press and more support than the entire peace movement PUT TOGETHER!! You are a Goddess, a pillar of strength, and an inspiration.


And as for you Stars and Stripes. I'm sorry to learn that you have been so completely brainwashed, but what am I saying - you are obviously a shill but may the lord bless you with clarity and release your anger.

Let me just state the obvious here because I can't resist:

George Bush is showing his idiocy again... Here he has this magnificent opportunity to show himself to be a decent and kind man and he can't do it. Just can't.

If he just got in his pick up or whatthehellever he drives, go on out there, talk to her for even 15 minutes, it would mean a lot to the families of loved ones, it would show that he cares. But obviously he does not care and will never care. This is the President of the United States!!! The people are calling to him to answer just 2 simple questions - he may not be the best "liguist" but clearly he's not a very good listener either.

Peace to you Cindy! I wish you all the best in your venture

It amazes me how the clown we are told is the most powerful man in the world lives in fear of a womam named Cindy Sheehan. The wealthy kleptocracy who rule us are even further enriching themselves as the price of oil climbs, are in truth a fearful and timid bunch of spineless worms. Their great achievment was convincing the American People their fears and loathings were ours.

Hello Cindy
Your in our thoughts and prayers.
I am proud of you for what your doing. And i also know that your son plus many militarys and families and God is proud of you as well.You Go Girl.
I cant believe that there are some people that wrote to you and was very disrespectful tou what they said to you , But we should pray for them as well. I knew all along that the president will monkey lied to us about the war and the 9/11. If he knew he was right in what he is doing he then should not be afraid to meet you in person. plus the 9/11 reports why is he still not releasing the important documents about it.? And to those saying we should be proud of the soldiers it is not that we are not but when this war was on a lie plus you say it is protecting America it's not we are helping to protect Israel .If you think this war is worth killing children and other innocents then you go to war and send Bushes twins along with the other Administrations families with them. You do not know what or how it is fighting in the war.
My son just joined and i tried to talk him not to join because this all lies and more lies from Bush... Next they will blame that Iran is attacking USA but that is a lie to so he can have our soldiers go to war again so many soldiers wil die on a lie... And what gets me the Media lies as well. People say they are Christians would really God or Jesus bomb people ? I thought it says not to kill and to do unto others as we do unto them... I guess people misread that part. But hey Blessed are the peace makers .... God Bless you and dont let the media or who ever put you down and keep up the good job ...

Citizens of the United States of America, the rest of the world is watching. Watching George Bush, watching Cindy Sheehan, and watching YOU. Like many of you, we know what's wrong with your country and what has to be done to heal it. We want the USA to come back out of the dark ages it's slipping into, but we can't make you do it. The change has to come from within, and you have to want it more than George Bush wants to stop it.

The Bush regime must be brought down and their disastrous policies reversed. The United States must once again respect international law, the sovereignty of other countries, and must live up to treaty obligations that George Bush has so callously scrapped. Only then will your country start to be viewed again as a responsible member of the international community.

For those who disagree with the above comments, you may now return to your favourite "reality" tv show.

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