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Houston moms heading to Crawford to protest war

From 11 News KHOU Staff Reports

More protesters from the Houston-area are headed to President Bush's Crawford ranch.

They loaded their cars and left from the Heights area Wednesday afternoon.

They're upset by the mounting casualties in Iraq and are opposed to the Bush administration's handling of the war.

More importantly, they say they want to support a woman who lost her son in Iraq.

That woman, Cindy Sheehan, started the protest. She says she won't leave until President Bush meets with her.

Sheehan calls the protest area "Camp Casey" after her 24-year-old son.

Officers are keeping the several dozen demonstrators some five miles away from the entrance to the ranch.


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Mrs. Sheehan will be waiting tomorrow, and the next day, and the one after that,and... until George Bush decides it's time to end his summer vacation and return to D.C. What is so important the Bush can't make time for a family member of a fallen soldier? What could be more important than speaking this grieving mother, whose son gave his life for this country? What could it be you ask?

Could it be he is so busy as Commander in Chief, making sure his war is running smooth? - Nope.

Could it be he is strategizing how to get his Supreme Court nominee through the process? - Nope.

Could it be that he is doing something remotely important regarding his office as President of the United States? - Nope.

Mr. George W. Bush, can't spare an hour out of his busy schedule to speak to Cindy Sheehan, because he is too busy cutting brush on his ranch. He's only got five weeks of vacation time to cut brush on his farm. That's clearly not enough time to do it all.

The congress could do Mr. Bush a favor and impeach him, and remove him from office. Then if W. wants to cut brush every day from here until Judgement Day he's free to do so, and he won't have to worry about Moms and their concerns.

It will cost the taxpayer more money to impeach him ...

Sent: Wednesday, August 10, 2005 10:48 PM
Subject: Cindy Sheehan Fears Arrests Imminent

Site News : Cindy Sheehan Fears Arrests Imminent
Posted by Sapphire on 2005/8/10 21:37:01 (0 reads)
I just got a call from Annie & BuddySpell (Cindy's Attorney) - here is the latest -

Cindy Sheehan told Buddy that she believes everyone at Camp Casey will be arrested at midnight tonight. (Wednesday Night) Buddy asked her to go back to Crawford Peace House to wait until he gets into town, and that they would be there by 1 AM. Cindy refused to wait for them and went back to Camp Casey saying, "If people are going to be arrested she {sic] wanted to be with them."

Their are people in the group who will avoid arrest and contact Buddy and Annie immediately in the event Cindy is taken. If that occurs, they will go directly to the jail and encourage everyone else to go there as well.

Please spread this news ASAP.

For latest update see

bush cannot meet with Cindy, he can not tell a lie. (laughing)

There's no way he can explain this noble cause. He lives in a very delusional world.

Anyone who thinks Bush might consider resigning for the good of the country instead of being forced from office for all his misdeeds is very naive. The cost to remove this man from office is worth it, just ask the families of our soldiers fighting overseas in Iraq. Would anyone be willing to put a price on saving a loved one say that impeachment just isn't worth it?

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