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To Cindy from Ray McGovern

August 10, 2005

Dear Cindy,

You are, in biblical terms, salt that has not lost its flavor or...its ability to catalyze! You certainly have catalyzed me.

Oddly, two things have kept rumbling through my mind this past week.

~ A poem by a Russian poet Nekrasov, “the poet of Russian pain.

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the beginning? Is it happennng? Is this the defining moment in history?

I hope so.

Mr. McGovern, as I have stated on this website on several occasions before, you are an outstanding American patriot. Your contributions to this site and to reclaiming our American democracy are an inspiration. I am looking forward to Saturday when you get to Crawford. I wish you could also get Joe Wilson and Joh Bonafaz there along with john Conyers so there could be a reprise of the June 16, 2005 Downing Street Memo hearings.

God bless you and Cindy and the rest of the patriots building the foundation for the reconstruction of our democracy.

The beginning of the end for the administration of the lying,coward GWB and his cohorts. He said that god wanted him to be elected, so I think now he has usurped god and he thinks he is god almighty, you think?

George Bush and Osama bin Laden are the moral equivalent of each other, they both use god, religion and lies to justify killing people!

Body count to date:

George Bush 100,000 killed.

Osama bin Laden 3,000 killed.

Tell me again who is the terrorist, tell me again who is the threat to world peace?

I was watching Democracy Now today and I am very concerned with the investigation Sibel Edmonds is trying to open for the public. She is in need of back up too. America is her adoptive country and she defends it bravely. I am proud to be an American with her and Cindy Sheehan representing me.

This is not ment to take away from what Cindy is doing whatsoever. If you want to learn more about what Sibel Edmonds has been going through, you can go to to get the info. Sibel is another woman that is trying to get the truth out about what the government is trying so hard to coverup about what truely happened on 911.

Yes! If we can end the censure of Sibel Edmonds, who knows way too much from this administration's comfort, having worked from within this insane bunch, then the entire country will have to face some ugly realities -- and change its ways. "It is a mistake to believe that a form of government can protect citizens from despotism." Well, here we are. We're with you Sibel!

I have posted an article on American Chronicle, "Cindy Sheehan -- Speaking Truth IS Power" I can't help but applaud Ray McGovern for cutting through the fog (and rain) on this issue.

"Mrs. Sheehan cannot be smeared -- and her message cannot be distorted -- in that she represents a far greater portion of the American public than those who have lost children in the war on Iraq... she represents all Americans who have been lied to and who have sacrificed, all of them, security at home and integrity in government. Finally, Mrs. Sheehan has what George Bush lacks, and what he is desparately seeking to advance his cause of "staying the course" in Iraq. Mrs. Sheehan has the moral authority to speak for her son, and to object to Bush using the death of her son to advance an illegal war."

I can't help but think that the extent of Bush's resistance to meeting with Cindy Sheehan is a measure of the power of the truth that she bears. He did not meet with her straight away and treat her cordially, as a good politician would have. I am beginning to think that Bush is afraid to meet with Mrs. Sheehan.

I am proud to support Cindy Sheehan, Gold Star Families for Peace, Military Families Speak Out, and Veteran Intelligence Professionals for Sanity, and all the other groups and individuals who are reaching out to keep vigil with and support Cindy in Crawford, Texas.

And I am proud, also, to belong to the Coalition.

How about doing a mock trial of bush this week end at Camp Casey!

Could be the one of impeachment or on trial for war crimes.

Ray, with you there I hope the Downing Street memoes will start getting out there front and center. Too many people have not heard of them. (Lack of MSM reporting.) Cindy is known to millions already throughout the world.

Please, please bring up the Downing Street memoes. We must get these memoes in the public eye.

Thank you too, Ray, for the salt you have added to this dish.

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