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Clear Channel Plans Anti-Cindy Protest

By Mike Hersh

ClearChannel loves to pick on people, especially women. Remember they attacked the Dixie Chicks? They even tried to get me to remove an article from my website about their efforts to backlist the Dixie Chicks by sending me an email threatening a lawsuit. Anyway, this is the latest I have on it:

On 8/10/2005 3:52:38 PM, wrote:
Clear Channel will be hosting a "Pro Bush/Anti-Sheehan barbecue this
weekend, they have invited the soldiers from Ft. Hood show up and tell
Cindy how she should be ashamed:

There is a diary on this whole thing on DailyKos:

Update [2005-8-10 15:56:44 by patrioticliberal]: READ VERY CAREFULLY
BELOW: The protest will be held *NEXT* to the Security Bank of
AIR. He also said that the Ft. Hood military ARE being allowed to show
at this thing.

Update [2005-8-10 15:10:17 by patrioticliberal]:JUST CONFIRMED: KLFX
("KLFX 107.3 The Fox Rocks") and their group stations, KWTX 1230 AM
(Waco) - 1-254-776-3900, 102.5 FM (NOTE KWTX IS FOX NEWS RADIO, and
one more that is forgotten at this time, will be at the
PRO-BUSH/ANTI-SHEEHAN rally. They are owned by Clear Channel. A host
named "JACK
HAMMER" will be there.

The Anti-Sheehan BBQ will be in the lot NEXT TO THE Crawford Bank,
free burgers, soft drinks ("Coca Cola"), and everything Saturday at
noon. They are
inviting soldiers from the Fort Hood area to come down and say that
they would be ashamed of their mother


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I find it appalling that Clear Channel is recruiting soldiers, from Ft. Hood of all places, to come to Crawford and tell the world they would be ashamed of their mothers for speaking their opinions and exercising their first amendment right to freedom of speech. I find it equally appalling that this Media outlet, which enjoys the same freedoms Cindy Sheehan enjoys, would promote such a disgusting display of Anti-American garbage. My son, the U.S. Sgt., loves me and would defend my right to speak my mind, to question our EMPLOYEE the President, to protest against something I feel so strongly about and would beat the daylights out of anyone who dared to say he should be ashamed of me. Shame on any young man or woman who shows up and has the gall to say that about their mothers in this land of the supposed Free and Brave. It is disturbing that a Media outlet which should be bi-partisan is exploiting this situation for their own REPUBLICAN agenda!

This is blatantly pathetic.

Wonder if they will be ordered to attend?

Where is freedom of speech?

Pathetic, pathetic, pathetic.

bush tactic, bush tactic, bush tactic.

We should all sent thank-you notes to Clear Channel for helping to spread the word. This kind of "adverse publicity" is priceless.

Now if Dubya will just proceed with his overnight arrest plans, Cindy can be the first "national security risk" to be elected by acclaimation to replace a deposed U.S. president.

I do not understand why people are so irate with President Bush.
He clearly is not a president of the people. He is a president of
big business. Those of you who voted for him and gladly sent your sons and daughters to war should not complain. Yes, your kids might be killed. Shot by folks who have never taken the time to understand or implement democracy in their own country. Do not tell me they are a stupid people with a backward culture. These folks in the Middleeast get things done when they want to. They are able to come to the U.S and fill many I.T. jobs without a big problem. So why is it that the U.S. needs to play policeman to the world and sacrifice our kids? If you voted for President Bush and thought he would make life better you are living with a paper bag on your head and probably do not read anything more than the Sunday paper. If you have not noticed, the media is scarred shitless of this presidency. Why?
Competition for news is at a dead heat with readership down for every major newspaper in the country. No one wants to loose their guy in the press corp...bad for business. So don't expect Mr. Bush to come out and talk to Cindy. He does not care. Nor does he care about social security. Remember the days of the surplus? Those damned democrats always trying to do good things, even for Republicans.
Those damned Republicans always doing good things for corporations.
I just do not understand America anymore. Nor does America understand itself. We kick out a President after years of investigation because of a indescretion with an intern. Sure it was hard to explain to a kid that human beings like sex and might do just about anything for it to happen. But isn't it just as hard to tell them why people are dying especially when you really do not have an answer that makes sense? We got rid of Clinton. The President that created a great economy after Reagan & Bush #1 glutted the economy and forced massive layoffs. Oh yeah for those of you who are 50+ the surplus is gone.
You got yours, a $600 check that did not help spur the economy. After five years it is a natural event. People got over the shock & awe of Bush now we remain just shocked.

America remember your motto, "Don't tread on me" goes for every branch of government as well as foreign nations. I don't see Halliburton buiding schools or sponsoring community driven events in the U.S.
I don't see Cheney telling us what happend in the energy meeting.
Of course in a free an open government the ticket the Team Bush ran on is not very open.

Good luck to us America and please please don't complain about the guy you voted for or sent your kids to fight for.

Clear Channel should be investigated by the FCC. Does anyone remember the days of the FCC regs which required the airing of opposing points of view.

The Clear Channel stations behind this tasteless display of partisanship clearly are taking a position and not just one of their employees exercising an individual's right to take a position. After all, the stations are licensed by the FCC and still, last I checked, had certain responsibilities to operate in the public interest. So the stations sponsoring this BBQ may very well be in violation of their licenses.

However, I choose to view this development as a positive for the following reasons:
1. Look how long it has taken for the right wingnut media to come up with a response to the growing support for Cindy;
2. Look at the weakness of the response and the absurdity of it;
3. Look at how foolish these neo cons are acting in denigrating the mother of a fallen American soldier. On top of that, inviting his commrades-in-arms to come out and spew venom at his mother. Wow, that sure is something to be proud of, isn't it?

The right wingnuts are certainly showing their stripes for the entire world to see. Hopefully, soon all the neo con administration members will be wearing very fashionable prison stripes.

I would like to donate to a Pro-Cindy BBQ, and let's invite soldiers from Fort Brag. I'm sure they're not all thrilled to be serving in a war based on lies.

Can someone from please work to set something up?

Hey, my son is stationed at Ft. Bragg. I'm sure he would come to an Anti-war BBQ.

We need you to come to Cindy's aid -you and Willie Nelson, Shawn Penn, Susan Sarandon, all the progressives who talk the talk. Lets see you walk the walk!

I'd suggest adding Steve Earle to this list, but he's probably busy making another commercial for Chevrolet.

When my mother turned 21 (which was the legal age to vote at the time,) she hadn't paid much attention to politics and registered as a Republican because her father was one. The depression was raging at the time and my mother heard a radio report about how Republican President Hoover had ordered troops to fire on the homeless people in NYC who had built shacks from whatever they could find and had dubbed their community "Hooverville." My mother was so appalled that she went to the courthouse the next day and changed her party registration to Democrat and never looked back! She went on to raise five committed Democrats, was a strong progressive force in our community and her three daughters all married Rs who became Ds! What Clear Channel is doing will turn stomachs and will especially offend mothers. Lynn has it absolutely right about first amendment rights.

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