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How to Get to Crawford

To: Texas PDA'ers!

From: Sherry Bohlen, PDA National Field Director

Date: August 8, 2005

I just spoke with Cindy Sheehan and she asked me to thank everyone for your support and encouragement. She looks forward to seeing many of you join her in Crawford but asked that I tell you that anyone coming on Thursday might be risking arrest.

The local authorities have informed her that as of Thursday she and anyone standing with her will be considered a national security risk and will be arrested. We're asking as many people as possible to arrive at the camp outside Bush's ranch on Wednesday evening and plan to spend the night camping with Cindy. In case the powers-that-be decide to arrest Cindy at 12:01 Thursday morning, we want to have a strong contingent of support for her!

I'll be there. I hope you'll join me.

Following are directions to Crawford from Austin:

Take IH-35 North towards Waco. As you enter the Waco area exit Hwy 6 to FM
185 which will take you directly into Crawford.

Go straight through the light at FM 317. Take a right at the Lutheran Church
(Prairie Chapel Rd). Travel approx. 3 miles (the road will wind around a
bunch). The camp is on the left where Prairie Chapel Rd. intersects Morgan

Another route to Crawford:

Take IH-35 North. In Beltan take the Killeen exit (Hwy 190) in Belton.
Turn left as if you are going to Killeen. As the road curves, go straight
on FM 317. You will pass through several small towns and will end up in
Crawford. Turn left at the first light.

Take a right at the Lutheran Church (Prairie Chapel Rd). Travel approx. 3
miles (the road will wind around a bunch). The camp is on the left where
Prairie Chapel Rd and Morgan Rd. intersect.

Following are supplies needed:

Donated supplies can be left at the Crawford Peace House

Food and Water
First aid kit
Wet wipes
Banner supplies
Rope (& other things to hang banners and signs)
nails & hammer
Bug spray
Ice chests/ Ice

Need to borrow:
Car lighter adapter for electric appliances

Many Texas PDA'ers have responded to say that they called the White House and will be traveling to Crawford! Supporters from many other states are making their way to Crawford as we speak! The anti-war movement is alive and well!

As a CodePink friend of mine says..... Power to the Peaceful!

in peace and solidarity
Sherry Bohlen

Sherry Bohlen
National Field Director
Progressive Democrats of America (PDA)

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I have to admit that I've looked upon this crusade for a personal meeting with Bush to be mostly a sideshow until now. But if Bush is actually stupid enough to have her arrested as a "national security risk", he might as well just cut his own throat now and save himself from far less pleasant consequences.

However, now that he's put it out there, he dare not back down for fear of appearing weak. He's already backed himself into a corner from which there's no escape. The rest is predictable, and delightful.

The thousands of illegal aliens pouring over the border, maybe even by Crawford!!! Or, thousands of illegal aliens living in the USA, or the unguarded ports or the unguarded chemical plants....He is worried about the Mother of a slain soldier who misses her lost son due to a phony war that Bush caused by manipulating the facts and hiding evidence and lying? Maybe he should cut his vacation short & run back to protect us all!!!! See the paranoia caused by the after effects of years of drug and alcohol abuse cause?

RE: Bush's National Security Risk....Couldn't have said it better and encourage you to share it with EVERYONE!!! Especially the "right wing" media!

hello cindy.
i have a son in iraq. we both oppose the war. kevin is honoring his committment to his fellow soldiers and his country, but not to g w bush. this war is about oir and zionism.
i will come to crawford in support of our cause. the american people
must know the truth.
respectfully yours,
lou vallee
cape coral, fl

hello cindy.
i have a son in iraq. we both oppose the war. kevin is honoring his committment to his fellow soldiers and his country, but not to g w bush. this war is about oil and zionism.
i will come to crawford in support of our cause. the american people
must know the truth.
respectfully yours,
lou vallee
cape coral, fl

the sad thing is that those evel bastards are enjoying holidays, big houses, fancy cars, big screen TVs... They arent going to send their children over there, they are making fools of youre children by sending them to die, last war in iraq was about "liberation" and oil, this one is about killing. Staying there will not help to his comerades or US security, they will stay instrument in zionist hands, and the one that sent them there are only one profiting from the same. I hope youre son gets alive+ Bush is just a puppet, he is idiot, i wouldnt let him fix my clima, he only say what he is said to say, he doesnt make any decisions,

there are ppl behind bush that are making decisions, the zionists you speak about, the ones that made him and his father presidents, I wonder when ppl will realize that Bush and Rumsfeld are only spokes persons of some crazy idiology of grabing everything. YOu dnt have to smart to realize who has the most profit from this war: oil companies, and big corporations, price of oil has already almost tripled, corporations are taking bigger and bigger profit, the same ones that financed his campaigne. WAKE UP AMERICAN PPL

The reason for your work is so terrible for you. But thank you for transforming your grief into something so positive. Thank you for being the catalyst who gives us a better way to act on our lesser pain in these times.

I'm not a vet, have no kids in the war, know nobody there. But I feel a need to join you. I bought my air ticket last night, fly tomorrow, Saturday, from Albuquerque.

I'm a bit of a fraud, though, because I also made a reservation in a Waco motel in which I'll rest my 67-year old bones during the nights. Yet, I need to be there.

Peace. Shalom.


I admire your courage and wish I could stand with you. The dead warrior's mother deserves a truthful explanation from the Commander and Chief about the war's validity, as does the rest of America.

Help is on the way. We heard the cry but it was fixed again by the powwerful and rich so we now have to use our good common sense to make this idiot we call President of the US understand that all he touches turns to sh-t and we as a nation no longer will allow a idiot to take us to the end of the worlkd and use us to whereby he stay rich andwe the poor will continue to suffer . We had it wrong, Reagan was not the devil Bush is and to thik hehis father wants the other son JEB to tun for president what is this a dictatorship they are trying to develope?? If so they need to leave this country and find another hole to crawl into.

August 12, 2005....Most Americans cannot travel to be with Mrs. Sheehan but she is standing proudly and with dignity for millions of Americans who want our troops home and an end to this illegal, ill advised, unjustified war of agression on innocent children and civilians. This war has been about oil and profits, Middle East dominance and hegemony for U.S. military and corporate interests. Cindy has turned her personal and rightful anquish into a bold demand for respecting our troops by bringing them home safely and immediately. Mr. Bush and his military advisors and right wing neo cons have created more terrorist chaos and isolated our country from the world community. They have squandered billions of precious dollars denying the needs of our own people and communities. Congress should initiate formal Impeachment proceedings on the merits of the Downing Street Memo alone. I have spoken out and demonstrated opposition to this War from its early beginnings, and hope all will travel to Washington for a National anti-war march in September. I will also travel to Crawford and stand witness with Mrs. Sheehan as she represents the views of the majority of Americans and deserves our support and solidarity. Thank you Mrs. Sheehan and God Bless You. State Senator Jim Ferlo (D-38th District, PA) 412-621-3006

My mom was lucky enough to see me back, after non-stoping hours of pray and support from the neighbors, she prayed I dont know if enough or not, though she saw me coming back, I cant really never recall any other time huging me so tight, so lovely, so aggresive to me as I was steping out the airport, I'm not a mother, I never could be, as I never could feel the pain of having a son fighting for a reason beyond his own comprehension, I dont think I was lucky, lucky the people who never went there as I saw many people dying just like my fellow soldiers, many people that not even most powerful pray covers them because they are subject to the policies of Mr. Bush & Co.

Now I everyday feel the love of my mom, I want to apologize for those who I couldnt help, for those I left alone in the war zone, I want to apologize for those moms that saw me coming alone, I want to apologize for even being there where now I know wasnt even worth it, and above all, I want to apologize for the great people who forged the foundations of our Great Nation that nothing have to do with these new leaders that unscrupulously hold the power and lie to us, I want everybody to analize that Democracy itself comes from the Latin: Demos and Cracia, which Demos, means the people of a region, and cracia, comes from Power, therefore Democracy is the power of the peoples, our leaders, the ones that represents us now somehow lying and with very shamaful tactics, made us believe something, whereas we gave them the power to get elected and re-elected, now is time for us to use this Democracy to impeach those who betrayed us, those who steped on the Constitution of our Great Nation, those who probably miss class at school when the class of Mr George Washington was thaught.

Now our image abroad is shameful, how can I lead by example, how can we sleep safe when we invaded the peace of some elses house, these are the answers Mr. President owe to us, these are the answers those mothers alone will never get from somebody who at the end is being manipulated from a group who only believes in power and that by no mean will never risk their sons and daugthers for not even a human noble cause. I apologize and please know that I'm not proud of what I did.

Former US Sailor, G. Preciado.

I certainly hope that G. Bush is man enough to go outside and grant you that meeting. Bush has always appeared rather cowardly in my mind regarding every aspect of his life and I will truly be shocked if he shows any courage this time, but I am still hopeful. If he had courage, we wouldn't have the war, 9/11, the gas prices, toxic mold, or those spoiled first daughters with the beaver teeth, but we are stuck with all of it, thanks to a weak little man who still looks to daddy for moral support. Cindy, you are doing the right thing. Best of luck. Let's hope you prove me wrong on at least one thing I said.

toxic mold, no 911? what the crap are you talking about? Quit doing drugs.

i am leaving san antonio in 3 hrs, which is roughly how long it takes to get to crawford, from what i hear. never, ever had a desire to go there, especially after junior built the mansion in 2001. when i heard about the supplies you need there, however, i was elated. maybe i don't have the power & influence to help change the course of this cause. but who would have thought that i could help (in a very small way) with my boxes of wet wipes, batteries, coffee & bug spray? and who knew that it would turn out to be a privledge and an honor to drive to crawford? I'm thrilled to have an opportunity to help cindy and all those donating their time, sweat and perserverance so that our kids might soon be safe from this hideous war and hatefest.

Cindy ... You are a Godsend ! George W. Bush is responsible for more deaths than Saddam. He should be held accountable.
At least he should be IMPEACHED for deceiving Congress concerning Weapons of Mass Destruction. Chuck Brucks WW2 Veteran USNavy

Chuck, where did you learn your math? How can you even compare Bush to Sadaam? You are sick.

Dear Cindy,
As follows below you will find a letter that I have sent to the White House and Congressmen also. It is a sad statement of what is happening in our country when you can't get an audience with the man that sadly to say others put into office. I wish I could be in Crawford to stand with you.I will try to do my part for Peace here where I am. Thank you so much for what you are doing. Sometimes it only takes the actions of 1 to make others see the wrong in the actions of millions.

Mr Bush,
I think that trading a son or daughter for a folded flag, given to you on behalf of the President of the United States makes you accountable to each and everyone of those that fight in your name!! I realize that you can't personally be physically responsible for every soldier. BUT, as President you have, not only the responsibility, but DUTY as Commander in Chief to make sure that each and every military person returns home safely. I don't believe that returning home in a box covered by a flag is upholding the duty that you have been given. You have lied, been dishonest, and covered the truth under so many lies that it will never see the light of day.
You should be made to face the families and people that you have injured by doing this. Being President is the highest honor that can be given to a person, but with great honor comes GREAT responsibility. I don't believe that engaging in a war that was not endorsed by the people you represent or the people that
we have voted for, to represent us, is wrong!!

And so to that end, Mr Bush you OWE each and every family member answers. We have lost over 1,800 men & women, if that was your child or a Congressmens child you would be given answers to whatever questions they had. The fact that these people are not special or rich or in politic's doesn't make the child that has been sacrificed on this alter of lies any less important or loved to them......

Mr Bush, give this woman what she deserves, ANSWERS, that's the least you can do.... Remember HER child died on YOUR behalf, think of that the next time you talk to your kids and they answer back.... All she has to talk to now is a flag........
Give Ms Sheehan what she wants, answer her questions...
Becky S.

Bush says we'll get out of Iraq as soon as the Iraqis are ready police their own why did he disband the Iraqi army?

Cindy, Thank you soo much for being a Patriot. You stay there and by hook or crook I too will be there or in DC or both. We need to stand up and take back our Nation before this small coward does more damage to it and the World. This murdering coward belongs in the BIG HOUSE... not in our White House... Stand as a Proud American Cindy... I will be there ASAP... Power to the Peacefull

Hello Cindy,
Before the war my family and I protested against the U.S. invading Iraq, and since the war began all of our worst fears have been realized. We are so sorry for your loss, for the loss of all of our soldiers and for the untold innocent Iraqis who have lost their lives, homes and security. My friend and I are embarking from L.A. to Crawford on Friday to join your cause. Thank you for giving the protest against the war in Iraq a fresh voice. There is no doubt that we will pull out eventually, the question is how many Americans and Iraquis will be killed or maimed before then. I feel so sad and angry about what we have done to their country and if i believed this administration could make things better over there i would not want for us to leave. But everything until this point has been a morass of lies and mismanagement. Why should we believe the future will be anything different?

Back when I started in the military, I was taught that I'm suppossed to be in the front line, that I'm responsible for everything in my surroundings, that I was on watch and on duty on behalf of my Commander in Chief, and in fact I was subject to the Uniform Code of Military Justice, and that every violation of it, it would be in detriment of my fellow soldiers, of my Nation, of my Constitution, on my beliefs and against my Commander in Chief of the United States Armed Forces "The President of The United States of America", I owe him respect by stand my duty, I will honor my duty with the 3 precepts that I were injected to me: Honor, Courage and Commitment and that with those I will defend My Country, My Constitution, My People against anything that will treath us, so I did all they told me to do, next thing I knew I was already recruited to protect My Commander in Chief of the United States of America, My Nation, -The United States of America and above all The Constitution of The United States of America.

My Rank was E1, my salary was barely enough to pay off a monthly rent of my mother that I left back in California while I was putting my life on the line of duty all on behalf of My Commander in Chief of the United States of America, My Nation, -The United States of America and above all The Constitution of The United States of America. My education back then was up to 1 semester of university all in Mexico that is were I grew up even that I was born in the United States of America, I came back on my early 20's and decided to join...

I put my life in the line of duty like many other did and many other are doing and will do, and one thing is for sure: all of us were, are and will be subject to UCMJ while at duty and as far as my four years of Active Duty, I learned that we are on Duty 24/7, is where and why we put our life in the line of duty to Protect My Commander in Chief of the United States of America, My Nation, -The United States of America and above all The Constitution of The United States of America.

Nowdays when I'm already a civilian, I learned that with my taxes, I support the salary of those who are in charge in Protecting the Integrity of The United States of America and The Constitution of The United States of America, nowdays I entitle My President to be in Charge on protecting me and my family -as we all do, by assertively directing The United States Armed Forces and thats why we have a Democratic Nation in which we unanimously select who Promess us to give Absolut Respect to The Supreme Constitution of The United States of America, our great Nation.

As The Most Powerful Nation around the World, we have the means to actually prevent many things what would treath the integrity of our Great Nation, we all know this, now my Questions are:

-Where The Commander in Chief was when one of our States was threatened by a powerful Hurricane about to hit?

-What are the Accurate means of preventive meausres our President of The United States of America and Commander in Chief of the United States of America use to protect our Integrity?

-Is Rhetoric one the means by any chance? Now is there any need to create any new Bureau to Protect against Natural Disasters while he voted against the Kyoto Protocol.

- Is worth for our Great Families to contribuite and sacrifice 1 daughter or 1 son to The United States Commander in Chief of The U.S.Armed Forces?

- Why the Commander in Chief took so long to take measures when our people was starving to death and suffering from this situation with Hurrican Katrina? I knew that when you sign, you are on duty 24/7 even if you are on Authorized Leave.

My last question:

- Am I suppossed to be surprised when low rank military personnel behave in supposedly isolated cases when they mis-treat priosioners of war, I guess not, after all, one very Important thing I learned from the Military: To lead by Example.

GP. U.S.N.War Veteran.

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