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BURN America! & All Nations! .

BURN America! & All Nations! .
[A Do the Least You Can Do, Gladly; Action Alert]

A new threat from our fascist governments? A violent revolution? Nope! A Patriotic People Project! Non-violent activism to jump-start the return of rights, freedom and liberty in the US and the world. A method which can make the average citizen a Freedom Fighter and activist. US, UK, EU, EAU, USSR, etc., et al, must be BURNED over and over until the truth is known. The true number of patriotic Freedom Fighters can not be known until the truth is known/exposed to every citizen of each nation.

The collusions of government and corporate media have removed vital factual information from The People. The information is known. It's just been hidden, spun, classified, denounced, 'traitorized' and scammed by the governments and media.

Extinguish those torches and molotov cocktails for they are not needed, nor desired. The fire must be lit in the hearts and minds of The People. The sham, planned government events of US 9/11, UK 7/7, etc., were what galvanized The People to mistakenly accept tyranny as patriotism. Use the truth in DVD form to galvanize real patriotism against these traitors in these main areas of exposure.

Let Mardi Gras Rule and DVDs Become Beads. BURN DVDs of (9/11 or 7/7) facts and distribute.

Methods of Mardi Gras style activism are vast enough to include every citizen in each way they are able to contribute. Do not blame one for not being able to do everything - Praise them for doing something. Buy premade DVDs at cost. Burn free media in DVD format. Get DVDs for free. Distribution can range from: It's a Rights Carnival and 'Throw me something.', to: selective distribution to those that may be willing to look at facts.

Buying 9/11 DVDs at cost: (Labeled with protective envelope), 80 cents each per lots of 100. One dollar each under 100. Contact Jeremy for latest bulk pricing, believe it is 70 cents, but please confirm.

BURN free media in DVD format:

Get DVDs for FREE (Limited Production - 60 per day)

Will these murderous governments simply roll over after the facts are known? Highly doubtful, but there will be fewer tyrants to spill our patriotic blood in the streets and more patriots willing to shed it. The Burning of America is merely the first step in taking back control of this government of elitists gone wild with power. Impeach them all and put them on trial for treason.

My Best to All My Patriotic Brothers, Sisters and Their's,

Ed Ward, MD;
Independent writer/Media Liaison for The Price of Liberty;
Editor of The Daily DrEd;

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August 2-6: Peace and Democracy Conference at Democracy Convention in Minneapolis, Minn.


September 22-24: No War 2017 at American University in Washington, D.C.


October 28: Peace and Justice Studies Association Conference

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