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Bwahhahahahahahaha!! How angry you are!! Hahahahahahah!!

Such little children who have a LOT of free time their hands.

Little boys and girls who think that if they whine and cry and complain and slander and libel someone or something enough...they will get their way.

Aaaawww! Sorry kids. That's not how it works. Now,you can be big boys and girls for us,can't you?? The adults have things to take care running OUR FUCKIN' COUNTRY!!!

Thank God that you nitwits,half-wits,dipshits,hippies and the total and complete pussies you are,aren't in control!!
Man,I hate pacifists! No fuckin' backbone to take ANY action that will result in "hurting someone's feelings". God forbid that happens!
You people have ruined our country. Really,MY country. You guys hate it here so much. Why don't you channel all of this hate into FIGHTING the evils fucks who hate YOU and ME???? NO! That would actually make sense! Can't do that!

I wish we COULD draft YOU fucks and ship all of you off! This country would be soooo much better.
That should be the next "Survivor" locale. Round up all of the pussies in this country and drop 'em off in Iraq and see if the make it. Who wouldn't watch that?!? You'd be dead in a week. And we'd all be laughing at you.

I am sooo glad that GW won last November. That's what W. stands for. Winner. As in Won. My stomach still hurts from laughing at you since then. Uh-oh, it comes.....bwahahahahahahahah!!!

For the record,the REAL record,you assholes,man YOU talk about "liars"....Cindy Sheehan ALREADY MET with the Prez LAST YEAR.
Stupid. Except NOW,she's hooked-up with Michael Moore the fuckin' socialist. Way to get yourself exploited there Cindy. Dumbass.

Have fun with your little site here guys. Just remember something.

You are achieving absolutely NOTHING. Not one thing.

Now,doesn't that make you feel good??




you are a moron

My first reaction to your post was anger.
But I realize your just a victim of the Bush BS.
I wonder what you would call the many Republicans that have woke up to Bush being a fraud,con and a LYER!

As far as children,this adminstration is treating the entire US populas as children, he may not have an IQ but Americans do,he's talking down to us,he's ignoring the people(I have a mandate to do what ever I want) and walking over anybody that gets in his way(Like a spoiled child would).

There are alot of Democrats fighting in Iraq right now,what's your excuse for not being there!

Cindy's son was brave enough to follow duty to country and the very man that asked him to put his life on the line won't even meet with her!
Now you tell me who't the coward.
Not to forget he wen't AWOL,I guess something's never change.
He's got a yellow streak down his back.

Bush didn't win Ohio,read up on DIEBOLD.

Don't you dare say people like Cindy have ruined our country,
I do believe she's earned the right to speak as loud as she wants.I do believe her son DIED for America.
To bad it was on a LIE.

I'm not angry at your immaturity becasue I realize you have blinders on and aren't seeing what's happening to America!


Cindy ignore the blind and ignorant,in part brought to us by the MSM not doing there job.

Cindy I hope millions join you,whether they are with you there or in some other form.
You are a brave woman for standing up and questioning rich,powerful politicians.
And Bush is showing his true colors, A YELLOW STREAK,AGAIN!

I wish I wasn't sick, so I could join you!

This president started a war on a LIE and he must be brought to justice...................
I think the GOP Congress and Senate that is blocking investigations can be brought up on Obstructing Justice and violating there duty to the Constitution and the American people!


There are many things i could say to you in response to your above comments and accusation's. i could call you out even, but we both know that it's impossible to follow through. so i will say but just one simple thing bact to ya. STEVE, BITE ME.**IM HUMPHREY**


Yes, President Bush is a WINNER, - I will totally
agree with you. Your perception is 100% correct. I can tell that you are an intelligent and thoughtful person who is a good judge of character.

And why is President Bush such a WINNER ? In a very twisted sense, because he can send your stupid LOSER ass off on a hopeless mission and you can come back home with a few pieces missing or in a coffin the size of a snuff container – and he just does his 9-5 routine every day with a good meal at the end of it and a clean, dry bed to crawl into each night.

From the mouth of one of your good buddy’s friends: Mr. Henry Kissinger - “Military men are just dumb stupid animals to be used as pawns in foreign policy.

"Why don't you channel all of this hate into FIGHTING the evils fucks who hate YOU and ME????"

The only hate I am hearing on this site is coming from your rant.

And Steve, they hate you not us. And for good reason, you are a vile piece of excrement.

Is'nt it sad when cousins marry?

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