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The Daily DrEd July 15, 2006

The Daily DrEd July 15, 2006

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U.S. accused of kidnappings in Iraq
Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld has until 5 p.m. Friday to hand over a raft of documents to Congress that might shed new light on detainee abuse in Iraq. It now appears that kidnapping, scarcely covered by the media, and absent in the major military investigations of detainee abuse, may have been systematically employed by U.S. troops. Salon has obtained Army documents that show several cases where U.S. forces abducted terror suspects’ families.
First Half of 2006 Is Warmest on Record 14 Jul 2006 The first half of the year was the warmest on record for the United States. The government reported Friday that the average temperature for the 48 contiguous United States from January through June was 51.8 degrees Fahrenheit, or 3.4 degrees above average for the 20th century. (20 feet ocean rise coming soon - google "Coast is Toast")
High Impact Uranium Weapons Video - See effects of DU - Warning: It's not pretty
A republic, if we can keep it:
The War of Independence isn't over by a long shot. In fact, the latest edition of U.S. fascism has slipped into the mainstream of the United States largely undetected.
FIRST RFK JR. VOTING MACHINE WHISTLEBLOWER LAWSUIT NOW FILED IN FEDERAL COURT! NEW DETAILS! The first of several federal whistleblower qui tam (fraud) suits have now been filed against one of America's major electronic voting machine companies, The BRAD BLOG can now report.
Attorney Papantonio on Mike Malloy Show: 'We're gonna shut down some of these companies'! Excoriates 'Indolent Democrats' and 'Lazy Media' for Not Taking Action; Lauds BRAD BLOG for Putting Issue on 'Radar Screen'…
Journalists Challenge New Press Law Many journalists and opposition leaders are opposing a new law approved by parliament this week. They say the law fails to protect editors and reporters from imprisonment for so-called press violations.
Wilkerson: Cheney's Office Cultivated a Pro-Torture Environment Col. Lawrence Wilkerson, who served General Colin Powell in various capacities as a close aide for 16 years -- most recently as Powell's Chief of Staff at the Department of States, has written a short, matter of fact assessment of the torture proclivities during the Bush administration and the Vice President's central role in promoting a "pro-torture" national security/military environment.
Factual errors cited in cases against detainees The US military's accusations against detainees at Guantanamo Bay contain factual errors and some easily disproved assertions, according to declassified records, raising questions about whether the US military has thoroughly investigated its cases against the roughly 400 inmates.
"Out of Iraq" Caucus Joins "Troops Home Fast"
In a press conference on the steps of the Cannon House Office Building, members of the "Out of Iraq" Congressional Caucus expressed their support for the "Troops Home Fast."
The 72-member "Out of Iraq" Caucus was established on June 16, 2005, to bring to the House of Representatives an ongoing debate about the war in Iraq and the administration's justification for the decision to go to war, to urge the return of US service members to their families as soon as possible, and to provide a voice in Congress for the individuals and groups who support these efforts.
What will Democrats do in the wake of the Specter cave-in?
Yesterday's post regarding Arlen Specter's complete (and hardly unexpected) cave-in to the administration on the NSA scandal, it is now clear that the bill does not have an express amnesty provision in it (see Update II). But every other possible bad thing can and should be said about this bill. Marty Lederman has an excellent and very thorough statutory analysis of the whole travesty, explaining that Specter "introduces a bill, with Administration blessing, that gives the Administration everything it ever wanted, and much, much more."
Operation House Call
On June 15th, Congress voted to "stay the course" in Iraq -- the same day the 2,500th U.S. troop death occurred. With the health of our troops, the Iraqi people and this nation in jeopardy, Military Families Speak Out decided to make a House Call. On June 22nd, MFSO launched Operation House Call in Washington, D.C.
Wayne Madsen on Leak of CIA's Valerie Plame Wilson Status
After Mrs. Wilson's name and identity of her cover company were revealed by the White House to the media, at least one CIA non-official cover agent monitoring Iran's nuclear weapons program was tortured and executed, according to our intelligence sources. In addition, WMR has learned that covert Iranian backchannels employed by a current member of the U.S. House of Representatives in support of Plame's Brewster Jennings & Associates network were thoroughly compromised by the White House leak. The member of Congress, who, like Plame, had been an earlier CIA "non-official cover (NOC) energy consultant" in the Middle East during the late 1970s and early 80s, and who was familiar with the early weapons of mass destruction proliferation involving the A. Q. Khan network of Pakistan, Libya, Iraq, and Saudi Arabia, was compromised and he and his connections to the Brewster Jennings & Associates intelligence network and Iranian government contacts were made known to adversarial intelligence agencies. The staff of the member whose covert Iranian contact network was compromised was targeted and tainted with Jack Abramoff money, putting the U.S. Representative in extreme political jeopardy.
Dubya Dubya Three
In his work, "The Art of War", Sun Tzu observed that all wars are based on deception.
Simply put, this means that those leaders who wish to start a war must lie to convince their people that war is necessary, as the vast majority of people do not want war, do not wish to risk their life and limb in war, and in general avoid the unpleasantness that war is. Throughout history, wars have usually been started by a ruler playing a dirty trick on his people; a dirty trick that fools them into thinking that they themselves have been, or are about to be attacked.
WACO: The Rules of Engagement:
he first full-length documentary film to present the complete picture of the series of events outside Waco, Texas during 1993 that resulted in the shooting of 4 federal agents and the deaths of 86 men, women, and children of the Branch Davidian religious sect.
the beginning of the end for Israel - mad dog style
'We possess several hundred atomic warheads and rockets and can launch them at targets in all directions, perhaps even at Rome. Most European capitals are targets for our air force. Let me quote General Moshe Dayan: "Israel must be like a mad dog, too dangerous to bother." I consider it all hopeless at this point. We shall have to try to prevent things from coming to that, if at all possible. Our armed forces, however, are not the thirtieth strongest in the world, but rather the second or third. We have the capability to take the world down with us. And I can assure you that that will happen before Israel goes under.'
Ex-teacher goes to jail for nude photos
When Pamela Rogers, 29, was released after serving 198 days in jail, she was under orders not to contact the student or his family or use the Internet. But authorities say that even after appearing in court on a charge of violating her probation in April, she continued talking with the boy and sending him text messages and sexually explicit photos and video of herself. (This article was chosen to show the dramatic gender genocide in the current government unConstitutional court system. A female rapist gets extraordinarly different imprisonment terms and legal treatment by the current system than a male rapist. The same is true in almost all areas of sentencing and treatment of criminals. Especially those laws that affect the family unit. This gender genocide was the start of debasing resistance to the current government tyranny that is upon this and every westernized government. Destroy the male and destroy resistance to the government as the caring parent. In New Zealand, female pedophile capital of the world, it is not a crime for a female to rape any aged child. Also note the inclusion in the article of ex-husband being the cause of her pedophilia.)
US Treasury mulls own stamp on tax code overhaul
The panel recommended eliminating deductions for many taxpayer costs, including mortgage interest and state and local taxes. The panel also proposed requiring workers to pay taxes on health care benefits provided by their employers.
Court Says Recording Calls Violates Rights 14 Jul 2006 The state Supreme Court unanimously ruled Thursday that Californians' privacy rights are violated when their telephone conversations are secretly recorded by out-of-state callers.
Treatment of US suspects at home mirrors that of terror suspects in military custody :
Human Rights advocates see discrepancies between the official US Government account and a non-government organization (NGO) "shadow report," and cite disturbing examples of human rights abuses that have gone unchecked within the US and unreported by the official government report to the UN Human Rights Committee.
Global outcry at bombing
World powers fear Israel's clashes with Middle Eastern rivals are escalating with breathtaking speed into a region-wide conflict with global security implications.
U.S. vetoes U.N. condemnation of Israel 13 Jul 2006 The United States blocked an Arab-backed resolution Thursday that would have demanded Israel halt its military offensive in the Gaza Strip, the first U.N. Security Council veto in nearly two years.
Statements of support for Israel issued this week by Democrat leaders: ('ic' removed from democrat although they are 'ic'. They are not democratic. If they were, we would not be under the present totalitarian government. Dims and Repugs are both responsible.)
Baghdad starts to collapse as its people flee a life of death
"A local journalist told me bitterly this week that Iraqis find it ironic that Saddam Hussein is on trial for killing 148 people 24 years ago, while militias loyal to political parties now in government kill that many people every few days. But it is not an irony that anyone here has time to laugh about. They are too busy packing their bags and wondering how they can get out alive. My driver and his extended family are now refugees living in The Times offices in central Baghdad. ",,3-2268585_1,00.html
From my home, I saw what the 'war on terror' meant
An Israeli plane dropped a bomb on to the home of a Shia Muslim cleric. He was killed. So was his wife. So were eight of his children. One was decapitated. All they could find of a baby was its head and torso which a young villager brandished in fury in front of the cameras. Then the planes visited another home in Dweir and disposed of a family of seven.
Uncensored News Reports From Across The Middle East
This video contains images depicting the reality and horror of war and should only be viewed by a mature audience. Click here to view. QuickTime
Lebanon pays for Hezbollah's sins. A report from Lebanon's south, ravaged by retaliatory Israeli strikes.
Why do they involve children? She was not attacking Tel Aviv," he says of Akkash's 6-month-old daughter, killed in the strike. "She was sleeping with her family. I hope the American people think of a 6-month-old-girl killed with an American fighter, flown by an Israeli pilot. If she was with a soldier at the front, then these things happen. But she was asleep with her family."
Noam Chomsky: U.S.-Backed Israeli Policies Pursuing "End of Palestine";
Democracy Now! MIT professor Noam Chomsky says the US and Israel are punishing Palestinians for electing Hamas, and says Hezbollah's capture of Israeli soldiers subjects Lebanese "to terror and possible extreme disaster" from Israeli strikes. We also get comments from Middle East analyst Mouin Rabbani in Jerusalem.
Real Audio and transcript
Explosives-laden drone damages Israeli ship :
An explosives-laden drone hit an Israel Navy warship off the coast of Beirut on Friday night, causing serious damage to its steering capability, Israel Defense Forces confirmed on Friday night.
Hezbollah leader vows 'open war':
Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah has promised "open war" against Israel, in an address broadcast shortly after his Beirut offices were bombed by Israel.
Israel says Lebanon will hide WMDs for Iran :
In remarks made before the UN Security Council today, Ambassador Dan Gillerman claimed that Lebanon was willing to work with Iran to hide weapons of mass destruction.
Author of Iran insignia lie invited to White House:
Canada's National Post has apologized for running a fabricated story that Iran passed a new law requiring Jews to wear a yellow insignia. Oddly enough, or maybe not so odd at that, the author of this deceit, Iranian exile journalist Amir Taheri, was invited to the White House on May 30 as one of a group of "Iraq experts" to consult with US President George W. Bush.
Israel Crosses the Line : The Israeli offensive against Iran - until now, purely polemical - morphed into military action the moment the IDF crossed the border into Lebanon and took on Hezbollah. As our regular readers know, this turn of events was predicted in this space three months ago:
Chris Floyd: Fresh Hell in the Holy Land :
To say that the "government of Lebanon" - and thus, by extension, the ordinary people of Lebanon who, as usual, are bearing the deadly brunt of the Israel's assault - is responsible for Hezbollah's attack is an outright lie, and the Israeli leaders know this
Jewish Extremist Group: We kidnapped 2 Palestinians :
Gilad Shalhevet Brigades' organization claims it kidnapped two Palestinians, residents of the Jerusalem area. Group says hostages will be released only in exchange for Israeli soldiers abducted in Gaza, Lebanon,7340,L-3275195,00.html
Abbas 'held secret Israel talks' :
Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas has secretly met Israel's domestic spy chief to try to broker an end to the crisis in Gaza, reports say.
Iraqi parliament speaker: Jews finance acts of violence in Iraq Iraq's parliament speaker Thursday accused "Jews" of financing acts of violence in Iraq in order to discredit Islamists who control the parliament and government so they can install their "agents" in power.
Poll: Americans want Democrats in power Republicans are in jeopardy of losing their grip on Congress in November. With less than four months to the midterm elections, the latest Associated Press-Ipsos poll found that Americans by an almost 3-to-1 margin hold the GOP-controlled Congress in low regard and profess a desire to see Democrats wrest control after a dozen years of Republican rule. (Dims no better. Polls don't matter when you control the machines that count the vote.)
GOP OK'd wrong number for Republican primary; off by 30,000 votes
Howe said the error occurred when party officials added one provisional vote to Thomas' vote total in Tuscaloosa County. Provisional votes are those in which the person's identity had to be verified before it was counted.
Thomas' vote total should have changed from 3,324 to 3,325. But when the numbers were entered, a typo caused her votes to swell to 33,256 in a county where only 16,521 total votes were cast.
"It was a clerical error where a six got added to the number," Howe said. "That's why it got inflated."
The error wasn't immediately noticed because "it doesn't make a difference on who's in the runoff," Howe said. (What? Howe BS needs to go. Looks like a setup for more election fraud. Big difference between 3,3256 and 33,256. It's more than just adding an inadvertant 6. It's promoting/informing a front leader candidate that was not.)
Greece condemns Israeli operations in Lebanon:
"The out-of-bounds military activity in Lebanon over the last few days has escalated dangerously and may make the already critical situation in the Middle East out of control," Bakoyannis said in a statement.
Iraqi Militia Leader Lashes Out at U.S. and Israel :
Shiite cleric Moktada al-Sadr said on today that Iraqis would not "sit by with folded hands" while Israel struck at Lebanon, signaling a possible increase in attacks from his mercurial militia, the Mahdi Army.
Mahdi Army gaining followers amid talks of crackdown:
Al-Sadr's militia, the Mahdi Army, keeps a sharp eye out for strangers in the teeming Baghdad district, home to 2.5 million people, as well as other Shiite areas across the country.
India: PM's veiled hint at Pak's involvement in Mumbai blasts : (War going to spread?)
In a thinly veiled hint at Pakistan's involvement, Prime Minister Manmohan Singh today said the serial blasts here were carried out by terror modules "instigated, inspired and supported by elements across the border".
Washington Plots Regime Change: (More War?)
Is Venezuela the Real Target of Bush's New Cuba Plan?
Washington Threatening Cuba and Venezuela, Says Hugo Chavez :

Venezuela's President Hugo Chavez said that his country will keep boosting bilateral cooperation with Cuba, as he responded to the latest anti-Cuba report approved by George Bush and promoted by the so-called "Commission for Assistance to Free Cuba".
The US Military Descends on Paraguay:
In July 2005 hundreds of US soldiers arrived with planes, weapons and ammunition. Washington's funding for counterterrorism efforts in Paraguay soon doubled, and protests against the military presence hit the streets.
US 'could be going bankrupt': (Deficit already higher than legal limit)

The United States is heading for bankruptcy, according to an extraordinary paper published by one of the key members of the country's central bank
Left Behind Economics :
It's a great economy if you're a high-level corporate executive or someone who owns a lot of stock. For most other Americans, economic growth is a spectator sport.
Plight Deepens for Black Men, Studies Warn (The PC Devastating Duo: Black & Male)
"Over the last two decades, the economy did great," Mr. Mincy said, "and low-skilled women, helped by public policy, latched onto it. But young black men were falling farther back."
Reed, Abramoff Discussed "Mortgaging Old Black People":

GQ has released a big piece on Ralph Reed today, with one gem in particular: a plan hatched by Reed and Jack Abramoff which sounds suspiciously like "mortgaging old black people," as a former Reed associate told the magazine.
Video: Torture Inc. Americas Brutal Prisons:
Savaged by dogs, Electrocuted With Cattle Prods, Burned By Toxic Chemicals, Does such barbaric abuse inside U.S. jails explain the horrors that were committed in Iraq?
Brad Pitt hopes to build "green" in New Orleans (A little home-town info)
Flanked by prize-winning architect Thom Mayne and Pam Dashiell, president of the neighborhood association in the Holy Cross area where the first project is slated to be built, Pitt said construction and housing were major sources of pollution.
Sites with uncensored information\ At least recently, The New York Times has been releasing usable articles, if you sift through the BS in some This is where I write, updated weekly.
Between these sites, you will know just about everything relevant to factual information. May miss something here or there. But, not much.
The content of this newsletter is entirely mine, however, my thanks to Milo, Ranger, Shanti and others at: , the sites listed above and assorted other sites. Start with the Repugs and end with the Dims.
The Tactics of Disinformers/The Disinformer's Gambit:
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