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Rovegate part 2 of 2

By Jim DiEugenio
Special to From the Wilderness

... The above evidence is strong enough to have persuaded former CIA officers Ray McGovern and Vince Cannistraro that Ledeen and his colleagues originally forged the Niger yellowcake uranium documents. Needless to say, if this is so, it would demonstrate that the Iraq War was a fabrication from its inception, even before 9/11. It would also explain another oddity: Pat Buchanan’s complaint that the administration has not shown enough outrage over the discovery of this forgery.

I have explained above why I think the Fitzgerald investigation poses a real danger to the White House. Which is not to predict with certainty that this Special Counsel proceeding will do to Bush what a previous one did to Nixon. The balance of power is not there yet. In fact, Senate Intelligence Chair Pat Roberts had already announced he wants to review the Special Counsel investigation “who has been investigating the Plame case for nearly two years


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Nice work on this article! It is abundantly obvious the preparation took a lot of time and careful research. This amazing story reads like a well planned spy novel. The coherent explanation of the connections between facts and indviduals in this story help a reader like myself understand the essence of what is meant by criminal conspiracy. Finally, the scary part is that this is no fictional spy novel but reality as we know it during August of 2005. Unfortunately, I wish I knew how this story finishes. Guess I will have to try to be patient, and stay tuned to this website!

Brace yourself. The scariest part is yet to come. Cheney et al are now busy working up a scenario for attacking Iraq, including the use of "tactical" nuclear weapons and with the possibility of Israeli participation. Are you ready for World War III?

That should be Iran.

It is completely obvious that, rogue government agents in Israel,Pakistan,Saudia completely fabricated intelligence and pressured the United States to destroy these countries and get their oil.

Not only that, they in PNAC have apparently bribed/blackmailed senior officials to the point we can no longer control our govt

I decline to believe in that bullshit, AMERICA IS OURS!!!!!!!!


Doug E.

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