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Reasons to Say Minutes, Not Memo

By Grace Reid

Reasons Why DSM should be called DSMinutes

Ray McGovern said they were "Downing Street Minutes," after 27 years with the CIA wouldn't he know when looking at documents what they are?

They are in fact, minutes of a meeting where Rycroft was acting sec'y.

The MSM, White House, McCain, McClellan, Rice, Straw and others have used "a memo" to minimize importance.

Downing Street Minutes is a way to track effectiveness in breaking through US media blackout.

The public has the false impression that they are a memo, a matter of one person's take, or opinion. The MSM and "blogworld" have judged the public to be too stupid to know the difference.

Secretaries and record keepers know the difference.

Using the correct term strengthens the case to bring about a Resolution of Inquiry, emphasizing EVIDENCE OF A CRIME WE HAVE LONG KNOWN WAS COMMITTED.

I have been tracking this since the first of May when it broke.
The last few days:

June 3,
DsMin News: 20
DSMin Web 8040

DSMem News: 317; include mention "minutes" 125
MSMem Web: 220,400

June 4,
DSMin News: 22
DSMin Web: 18500

DSMem News: 327; include mention"minutes" 125
DSMem Web: 232,000

June 5,
DSMin News: 26
DSMIN Web 31,700

DSMem News: 345: mention minutes: 132
DSmemWeb: 277,000 mention minutes 58,700

June 6
DSMin News: 27
DSMIn Web: 35,000

DSMem News: 350; mention minutes 135
DSMem Web: 301,000 mention minutes 63,000

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Currently to date, June 9, 2005, the Accuracy Rating in the Main Stream News is 33%, down six points from the day before the B & B news conference.

The Web world is even bleaker, with an 18.4% Accuracy Rating today.

When you call it "Downing Street Memo" without referring to the documents being minutes, that's not accurate.

On this score, Bush and Blair are way out in front. They were actually talking about minutes. Good boy George, Good boy Tony!

It may be known colloquially as a memo, but that's about as descriptive as a post-it note, and in most offices has about the same shelf life.

Today's Tracking:

DSMin News: 51
DSMin Web: 51,700

DSMem News: 616; mention minutes 205; Accuracy Rating 33%
DSMem Web: 451,000; mention minutes: 83,400 Accuracy Rating 18.4% News: 59 Web: 15,500

More fun with tracking coming soon.

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