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The Daily DrEd July 12, 2006

The Daily DrEd July 12, 2006

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In Big Shift, U.S. to Follow Geneva Treaty for Detainees (BS headline)
The White House spokesman, Tony Snow, said today that the Pentagon memo was “not really a reversal of policy’’ because detainees were already being treated humanely. A top Pentagon lawyer also insisted, in testimony before the Senate Judiciary Committee today, that the memo “doesn’t indicate a shift in policy.”
Pentagon officials also told reporters that the memo represented an affirmation of a duty that was already being met voluntarily.
Could Bush Be Prosecuted for War Crimes?:
A Nuremberg chief prosecutor says there is a case for trying Bush for the 'supreme crime against humanity, an illegal war of aggression against a sovereign nation.'
Newsweek's Man in Baghdad: Iraq Is 'Doomed,' Bush 'Manages the News'
Rod Nordland, the chief foreign correspondent for Newsweek magazine and their Baghdad bureau chief from 2003 to 2005, gave an interview to Foreign Policy magazine in which he declared that "It's a lot worse over here [in Iraq] than is reported. The administration does a great job of managing the news." He claimed individual reporters have been "blacklisted" because the military wasn't happy with their stories while they were embedded. He also suggested many in the military don't want to see how awful it is in Iraq because they're wishful thinkers, they don't want to see a "doomed enterprise," and are "victims of their own propaganda."
Former ambassador posts censored passages from memoir on website :
Mr Murray has posted full texts of all passages the Foreign Office ordered deleted from the book version of Murder in Samarkand, the former Tashkent ambassador's account of alleged British complicity in torture by the despotic Uzbekistan regime.,,1817625,00.html
Gordon Prather: Condi vs. the Truth:
Condi strong-armed the IAEA Board into improperly and illegally seeking to involve the U.N. Security Council in the Iran-Board confrontation.
Death by Video: Mexico’s Election Fraud Is Coming Undone
Video and Audio Evidence, an Outraged Citizenry, and Panic from the White House Are Converging to Make López Obrador the Next Mexican President
US judge to rule on legality of warrantless wiretaps:

A federal judge heard arguments in a suit arguing that US President George W. Bush overstepped his authority when he authorized the use of warrantless wiretaps on Americans.
The cyber security spy ring:
If the suspicions being expressed by Indian intelligence agents are true, the US may now be in possession of information on India's war plans for the army, navy and air force.,0008.htm
Israeli Occupation Forces readies 'massive' Gaza incursion:
Israeli Occupation Forces were gearing up Tuesday afternoon for a planned massive incursion into the Gaza Strip.
50 Killed in Baghdad as Iraqi Violence Worsens (Operation Iraqi Civil War)
Tuesday’s killings, many of them apparently executed with sectarian vengeance, raised the three-day death toll in the capital alone to well over 100, magnified the daunting challenges facing the new government and deepened a sense of dread among Iraqis.
No Sign of Progress in Standoff With Iran
Iranian officials have said that Iran has the right to enrich uranium and will not give it up, saying its efforts are intended for civilian purposes. But President Bush said last month that Iran must suspend its uranium enrichment program or face sanctions. (Nuclear energy, not nuclear weapons)
State Department Suffers Computer Break-Ins
The State Department is recovering from large-scale computer break-ins worldwide over the past several weeks that appeared to target its headquarters and offices dealing with China and North Korea, The Associated Press has learned.
Aggression Under False Pretenses
The current Gaza invasion is only the latest effort to destroy the results of fair and free elections held early this year. It is the explosive follow-up to a five-month campaign of economic and diplomatic warfare directed by the United States and Israel.
Israeli Blood-sport in Gaza
Another 50 civilians have been bumped-off in gangland-style hits authorized by the Knesset's newest Mafia Don, Ehud Olmert. Olmert has put the carnage and destruction into high-gear eliciting criticism from his very own daughter who protested in front of her father's home with signs that said, "Stop the Killing"
Justin Raimondo: Closing In on the Niger Uranium Hoax :
Who lied us into war? The answer may be forthcoming
Rape revenge video: (We are safer, We are safer....)
THE Iraqi branch of al-Qaeda has put a video on the internet showing the mutilated bodies of two US soldiers executed to "avenge" the rape of a young Iraqi woman.,20281,19756147-5001027,00....
60 Afghan civilians dead in US air strikes:
"The aircraft pounded three villages namely Deh Jauze, Sarosah and Kakrak, 12 km away from Trinkot, the provincial capital of Uruzgan, early on Monday. The strikes lasted from 1:00 am to 4:00 am," said Abdul Khaliq, a provincial official.
Diplomatic Deception: The Calm Before the Firestorm
While the well-wadded poltroons at Time and the Times serve up Karl Rove's comfort food about a more "mature" and sensible Bush foreign policy, the world is actually drawing closer and closer to a even deeper level of darkness.
Militarism and the Corporate Welfare State
One need only examine the history of this nation to recognize the familiar patterns of conquest and oppression. The occupation of Iraq is the continuation of the policies that created the institution of slavery, following the genocide of the Indians. The military, far from being a defender of peace and freedom, has evolved into an extension of the corporate welfare state.
Mamas, Don't Let Your Babies Grow Up to Be Soldiers (Fasting peace activist)
War is a racket. It always has been. It is possibly the oldest, easily the most profitable, surely the most vicious. It is the only one international in scope. It is the only one in which the profits are reckoned in dollars and the losses in lives.
Israeli MP: Meshal is a Dead Man :
During a Monday evening Channel 1 TV interview, MK (Labor) Danny Yatom stated that Hamas politburo leader Khaled Meshal is marked for death, and the "long arm of Israel" will eventually reach him as well
'Gaza is starving in the darkness':
At least 51 Palestinians have been killed and over 150 wounded, the overwhelming majority of them civilians and mostly children, since Israel launched its incursions into the Gaza Strip.
Israel's aggression destroys any semblance of civic order:
I cannot think of anything in recent times to compare with the Israeli terror tactics against the people of Gaza where the mightiest military nation in the region picks on the poorest, weakest and most vulnerable of peoples and pounds them and their infrastructure by night and day with bombs, artillery and tank shells.
Six Human Rights Groups Petitioned Israeli High Court:
Six human rights groups petitioned the Israeli High Court demanding that the crossings in Gaza be opened to allow for the steady and regular supply of fuel, food, medicine, and equipment, including spare parts needed to operate generators.
Video: Peak Oil?:
The world is at the beginning of the end of the age of oil, according to a growing body of analysts. It stands at a precipice of "peak oil" - the point at which oil producing countries can no longer keep up with growing demand, where production climaxes and then plunges into irrevocable decline.
Global oil output at peak, set to fall 32% by 2020:
The world oil production is at its peak and is set to fall 32% by 2020 as discoveries wane, said Ali Samsam Bakhtiari, a former executive of Iran's state oil company
PanAfrica: Aid for the Poor, Not for the Consultants:
"Money is being spent on consultants who are earning up to 1,000 dollars a day," Caroline Sande Mukulira, South Africa country director for ActionAid International, told IPS Wednesday.
Congressman's PACs spent lavishly on gifts, wife's firm:
In the past two years, campaign and political action committees controlled by Rep. John Doolittle, R-Granite Bay, paid ever-larger commissions to his wife's one-person company and spent tens of thousands of dollars on gifts at Saks Fifth Avenue, Tiffany and Co., and a Ritz-Carlton day spa.
Robert Novak Acknowledges Confidential Administration Sources 11 Jul 2006 Syndicated columnist Robert Novak acknowledged for the first time today that he identified three confidential administration sources during testimony in the CIA leak investigation... In a column to be published on Wednesday, Novak said he told Fitzgerald in early 2004 that White House senior adviser Karl Rove and then-CIA spokesman Bill Harlow had confirmed for him, at his request, information about CIA operative Valerie Plame. Novak said he also told Fitzgerald about another senior administration official who originally provided him with the information about Plame, and whose identity he says he cannot reveal even now.
900 more UK troops to Afghanistan 11 Jul 2006 Britain plans to send almost 900 more troops and additional helicopters to support its soldiers in southern Afghanistan, Defence Minister Des Browne said today.,20867,19752164-23109,00.html
Top 25 Censored Stories of 2006
#1 Bush Administration Moves to Eliminate Open Government
#2 Media Coverage Fails on Iraq: Fallujah and the Civilian Death
#3 Another Year of Distorted Election Coverage
#4 Surveillance Society Quietly Moves In
#5 U.S. Uses Tsunami to Military Advantage in Southeast Asia
#6 The Real Oil for Food Scam
#7 Journalists Face Unprecedented Dangers to Life and Livelihood
#8 Iraqi Farmers Threatened By Bremer’s Mandates
#9 Iran’s New Oil Trade System Challenges U.S. Currency
#10 Mountaintop Removal Threatens Ecosystem and Economy
#11 Universal Mental Screening Program Usurps Parental Rights
#12 Military in Iraq Contracts Human Rights Violators
#13 Rich Countries Fail to Live up to Global Pledges
#14 Corporations Win Big on Tort Reform, Justice Suffers
#15 Conservative Plan to Override Academic Freedom in the Classroom
#16 U.S. Plans for Hemispheric Integration Include Canada
#17 U.S. Uses South American Military Bases to Expand Control of the Region
#18 Little Known Stock Fraud Could Weaken U.S. Economy
#19 Child Wards of the State Used in AIDS Experiments
#20 American Indians Sue for Resources; Compensation Provided to Others
#21 New Immigration Plan Favors Business Over People
#22 Nanotechnology Offers Exciting Possibilities But Health Effects Need Scrutiny
#23 Plight of Palestinian Child Detainees Highlights Global Problem
#24 Ethiopian Indigenous Victims of Corporate and Government Resource Aspirations
#25 Homeland Security Was Designed to Fail
Article continues with each story at:
Wayne Madsen on the Long Island TWA 800 flight destruction.
The tenth anniversary of the TWA 800 crash off of Long Island, July 17, 2006, is approaching and the mainstream media, as expected, will be spinning the "official" conclusion that the Boeing 747 crashed as the result of center fuel tank spontaneous combustion. WMR has learned from FBI sources that TWA 800 was shot down on July 17, 1996, by a Stinger missile fired from a leased speedboat by individuals associated with white supremacists and neo-Nazis. The late ABC News correspondent and President Kennedy Press Secretary Pierre Salinger reported that TWA 800 was brought down by a missile fired from a Navy ship. Salinger had the story only partially incorrect. TWA 800 was brought down by a Stinger missile stolen in 1993 in a major weapons heist by right-wing militia members from Navy ships anchored off the coast of the U.S. Coastal Systems Base in Panama City, Florida, according to Navy and FBI investigators who investigated the theft.
Fox News Spin Attack Ends With Red-Faced Anchors
9/11 truth scholar Fetzer anticipated slant of Hannity and Colmes spot
Fox News' tactic of mapping out a spin and attack policy for guests whose stance they disagree with was spotlighted and deflated recently by 9/11 truth scholar Jim Fetzer - who left Alan Colmes and Oliver North red-faced after he exposed them and Fox producers for not having done their homework.
Hit Movie Director Slams Bush Administration
Acclaimed writer-director Richard Linklater, currently riding high on the generous reception of A Scanner Darkly and best known for his 2003 production School of Rock, has publicly slammed George W. Bush as a "Yalely frat boy" who is in over his head and more corrupt than Richard Nixon.
Linklater agreed that Bush had dwarfed the crimes of Nixon commenting, "Nixon's a liberal compared to Bush - at least he cared about air quality, drinking water, things like that."
Bayer Knowingly Sold Aids Virus in Medicine
This clip from Scarborough Country highlights how Bayer knowingly dumped medicine that was known to be contaminated with AIDS virus on the European market after it killed people in America.
Bush Drinking Again?
4 Minute Video: LA Police Brutality :
Police using unnecessary force against anti-MinuteMan demonstrators
Sites with uncensored information At least recently, The New York Times has been releasing usable articles, if you sift through the BS in some This is where I write, updated weekly.
Between these sites, you will know just about everything relevant to factual information. May miss something here or there. But, not much.
The content of this newsletter is entirely mine, however, my thanks to Milo, Ranger, Shanti and others at: , the sites listed above and assorted other sites. Start with the Repugs and end with the Dims.
The Tactics of Disinformers/The Disinformer's Gambit:
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