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CODEPINK Women for Peace

August 10, 2005

Dear CODEPINK Supporter,

Many thanks to everyone who has so actively supported Cindy Sheehan's call to meet with President Bush in Crawford, Texas. We have been overwhelmed by the great response from CODEPINK Women from all over the country, many have traveled to Camp Casey a few miles from the Bush ranch.

Thank you for your generous donations of miles, food and supplies arriving daily at the Crawford Peace House ( and for spreading the call that "George W SHOULD "MEET WITH CINDY!" Cindy's story has captured mainstream media attention throughout the country and the world, and the story is spreading far and wide. (CNN and Washington Post stories and dyn/content/article/2005/08/07/AR200508070 0134.html?sub=new)

Cindy is putting her body on the line to demand answers to questions all of us are asking about the war in Iraq. Cindy is a tragic victim of this war but at the moment also it's most valiant opponent. She is the grieving mother in all of us who wants to know why her son needed to die. And she is the voice that is finally making our leaders hear the call that the troops need to come back from Iraq now.

We urge you to continue to support Cindy and continue to make the call as loud as possible that Bush meet with her, for all of us.

Here are ways you can help.

Join Diane in her hunger strike as she stands with Cindy at Camp Casey (

Find out if and when BUSH is coming to your town or nearby and make sure he hears our collective demand that he MEET WITH CINDY AND BRING THE TROOPS HOME NOW! Organize a protest outside Bush's event and alert the local news media. Also email us at so we can tell others about your plans.(

Gather some friends and go to your busiest intersection with a banner that reads, "GEORGE MEET WITH CINDY!". Brainstorm creative ways to pressure Bush to come out of his coward's lair and talk with her. Tell us your ideas.

Cindy's voice is ramping up the call for us to get out of Iraq -- and catapulting the issue into our national consciousness. We are calling for everyone to join her in Crawford and stand with her as she continues to turn the eyes of the nation to Texas and to bear witness to the deep loss of a mother who is demanding answers from the Nation's President.

In Solidarity from Casey's Camp and around the nation,

Alicia, Andrea, Dana, Farida, Gael, Grace, Jodie, Medea, Rae, Tiffany and Whitney

P.S. Check out our new campaign One Million Reasons ( and sign up and give us YOUR REASON to end the war now! We will deliver your reason to the White House on September 26th. You can also join us( in DC and help us deliver the reasons during 3 days of rallying, marches and outrageous CODEPINK actions with tens of thousands of activists from around the country.

To help sustain our work and actions, please consider making a donation to CODEPINK today (

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I have tried calling the White House Comment line but cannot get through.

So I have faxed GEORGE MEET WITH CINDY to 1-202-456-2461, White House Fax line signed with "one of 'we the people'" and my name.


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