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Join AFSC Youth and Militarism Program in Supporting Cindy Sheehan

Dear friends:

You may be aware that Cindy Sheehan, co-founder of Gold Star Families for Peace - an organization made up of families who have lost family members to the Iraq war, is staging a one-woman protest outside President Bush's ranch while he vacations in Crawford, Texas. Cindy, whose 24 year-old son Casey died in Iraq, plans to camp outside until the President agrees to meet with her to discuss his reasons for the war.

Secretaries Rice and Rumsfeld will be in Crawford on Thursday to meet with the President. There has been speculation that the Administration may try to have Cindy and her growing number of supporters removed to avoid further embarrassment. Please take a moment to contact your local media in support of Cindy's witness.

The American Friends Service Committee has drafted two model letters to the editor that you may utilize in expressing your support. Please find them below with two links - one to a CNN story about Cindy's protest and one to Cindy's own words in support of AFSC's Eyes Wide Open (boots) exhibit which memorializes those who have died in Iraq.

Thank you for your attention,

Staff of the National Youth and Militarism Program American Friends Service Committee 1501 Cherry Street Philadelphia, PA 19102 215-241-7176

Model Letter 1

I would like to add my voice of support for Cindy Sheehan, who is demanding that President Bush explain his reasons for sending our troops to war with Iraq.

One by one the stated reasons we rushed to war have been debunked, refuted or proven to be false. Yet, each day more and more people are dying in Iraq.

When young men and women join the armed forces, they promise to put their lives on the line to defend our country. We, in turn, have an obligation to be sure that when we put our troops in harm's way, the threat is real.

No more lives should be given to the Iraq war.

Model Letter 2

Hats off to Cindy Sheehan for calling attention to the growing number of lives lost unnecessarily as a result of our decision to invade Iraq.

We need more people, like Cindy, to speak out. The American people must be made aware of the devastating toll and loss of life that this war is taking on both sides.

The Administration likes to say our soldiers "gave the ultimate sacrifice." But the reality is that the lives lost are irreplaceable. Each soldier who dies is much more than a mere statistic. They are someone's husband or wife, son or daughter.

CNN Story on Cindy's Protest

Cindy's Article on Eyes Wide Open


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