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The Daily DrEd July 8, 2006

The Daily DrEd July 8, 2006

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Cheney really wants U.S. dictator :

The United States is caught up in a new campaign for a military dictatorship -- rule by a military chief with absolute power. The White House, inspired by Vice President Dick Cheney, has argued that in time of great danger, the president has unlimited powers as commander in chief.
Russian foreign minister warns against threatening North Korea:

Russia's foreign minister on Thursday warned against threatening North Korea with sanctions after its missile tests, saying this would provoke a hostile response.
The Treason Card
The nature of the right-wing attack on The New York Times — an attack not on the newspaper's judgment, but on its motives — seems to have startled many people in the news media. After an editorial in The Wall Street Journal declared that The Times has what amount to treasonous intentions — that it "has as a major goal not winning the war on terror but obstructing it" — The Journal's own political editor pronounced himself "shocked," saying that "I don't know anybody on the news staff of The Wall Street Journal that believes that."
India votes against Israel at UNHRC:

Concerned over the "deteriorating humanitarian conditions" of the Palestinian people, India and 28 other countries have demanded an end to military action by Israel in the occupied areas and sought immediate release of arrested Palestinian ministers and members of Palestinian Legislative Council
Iran says Islamic world can explode:

Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, the president of Iran, has warned that continued Israeli strikes against Palestinians in the Gaza Strip can lead to an "explosion" in the Islamic world that would target Israel and its supporters in the West.
Washington rejects a German compromise on Iran:

German Defense Minister Franz Josef Jung's suggestion that Iran should be allowed to carry out a limited enrichment program - has exposed a fundamental crack in the facade of unity among the six countries that have given Iran a proposal aimed at halting all its enrichment activities.
Israeli Spying (Pre and Post 911 Classified)
Hegemonic Tyrant Courts Doom
Gentle reader, consider what it means when our government believes other countries have no right to their own interests unless they coincide with US interests. It means that we are the tyrant country. We cannot be the tyrant country without being perceived as the tyrant country. Consequently, the rest of the world unites against us.
Unrestricted Access
America’s relationship with Israel is difficult to discuss openly in the United States. In March, we published an article in the London Review of Books titled “The Israel Lobby,” based on a working paper which we posted on the faculty Web site at Harvard’s John F. Kennedy School of Government. Our goal was to break the taboo and to generate a candid discussion of U.S. support for Israel, because it has far-reaching consequences for Americans and others around the world. What followed was a barrage of responses—some constructive, some not.
Hamas calls Gaza to arms
Saeed Seyam, the interior minister, declared a state of emergency on Thursday, according to a spokesman after fighting killed 19 Palestinians and one Israeli soldier.
Khalid Abu Hilal, a Hamas minister, told a news conference: "Because of the continuation of bloodshed and Israel's crimes, the minister of interior a few hours ago declared a full state of emergency in the homeland.
Top Scientists from Government and Private Sector Unanimous in Assessment
The Task Force surveyed hundreds of election officials around the country; categorized over 120 security threats; and evaluated countermeasures for repelling attacks. The study examined each of the three most commonly purchased electronic voting systems: electronic machines (“DREs”) with – and without – a voter verified paper trail, and precinct-counted optical scan systems (“PCOS”). The report, The Machinery of Democracy: Protecting Elections in an Electronic World, is the first-ever systematic analysis of security vulnerabilities in each of these systems.
Tell Congress - Renew the Voting Rights Act Now
A small group of Southern lawmakers have successfully derailed a House vote to renew the expiring enforcement provisions of the Voting Rights Act the landmark law that has protected the right to vote for millions of Americans.
They are trying to gut the act and make it easier to discriminate against minority voters. Not surprisingly, these lawmakers represent states with the worst records of continued voting discrimination.
The Roberts court: Seeing is believing
Despite hopeful accounts that John Roberts and Samuel Alito would prove mainstream jurists, they proved every bit as ideological in major cases as predicted. Indeed, Roberts and Alito had the highest agreement rate of the justices — 90.9% — according to a Georgetown University study.
In Hudson v. Michigan, Alito joined Roberts in a 5-4 decision that effectively gutted the constitutional requirement for police to knock and announce before forcibly entering a home. The ruling — that it was not necessary to suppress evidence after such a violation — stripped the constitutional right of any meaningful protection.
US foils 'New York tunnel plot'
The alleged plot was discovered during routine monitoring of internet chatrooms used by extremist groups.
Democratic Senator Charles Schumer of New York said this was one instance "where intelligence was on top of its game and discovered the plot when it was just in the talking phase".
Venezuela gets backing for U.N. council seat
Venezuela's firebrand President Hugo Chávez took a major step toward securing a crucial bloc of votes for a seat on the U.N. Security Council Thursday after the 15-member Caribbean Community made it clear they would not support Guatemala's U.S.-backed candidacy.
Wayne Madsen on David Addington
Addington never liked congressional interference with illegal activities carried out by Republican administrations. He felt that Richard Nixon, Gerald Ford, and Ronald Reagan were hamstrung by meddlesome members of Congress, independent prosecutors, and federal judges. In this, Addington had an ideological soul mate in Dick Cheney, Ford's Chief of Staff. When George H. W. Bush became President and appointed Cheney as Secretary of Defense, Cheney hired Addington as his personal special assistant and later as General Counsel for the Defense Department. If Addington and Cheney were closer than friends and ideological doppelgangers, they would have had to go to Ikea to pick out furniture.
The lawlessness of the FDA, Big Pharma immunity, and crimes against humanity (opinion)
In one blatantly illegal act, the FDA is attempting to pull off the greatest Big Pharma coup of all: The outright elimination of any responsibility whatsoever for the suffering and death caused by deadly pharmaceuticals.
In the preamble of the FDA's new "Final Rule" to take effect on June 30, the agency asserts that FDA approval of prescription drugs -- and their implied safety -- may no longer be second-guessed by consumers or organizations of any kind. The FDA's stamp of approval, the agency claims, is an absolute declaration of safety of all such drugs, for any use whatsoever, including off-label use (the use of drugs on health conditions that were never tested in clinical trials).
New World Order Stealing Americans Blind With Illegal Overseas Giga-Fund Estimated At $55 to $300 Trillion
While the country is preoccupied with terrorism, the war in Iraq and 9/11, thugs controlling the takeover of America are stealing citizens blind to the tune of $55 to $300 trillion dollars, according to an undercover financial report by the London-based International Currency Review.
The Homeland Security (Drug) Rackets: Mexico & US Ruling Parties Ties to Blow (5.5 tons of coke) Bust
On April 10th an American-registered DC9 was caught carrying 5.5 tons of cocaine destined for the U.S., the Mexican military announced, at an airport in Ciudad del Carmen. In the more than two months since, the incident has slipped into a black hole.
The DC9, which we have dubbed “Cocaine One,” had an identical sister ship. In the most unusual detail of the case released so far, both airliners had been painted by their registered owners, SkyWay Aircraft and a partner with an interest in the company, Frederic Geffon of Royal Sons, Inc of St. Petersburg, Fl., to impersonate official U.S. Government aircraft from the Dept of Homeland Security, complete with an official-looking Seal.
College Student Tracking Assailed
The United States Student Association views the proposal "as a massive invasion of student privacy," according to the group's legislative director, Rebecca Thompson.
1040 Checkmate?
Government officials knew that if the case went to trial, it would expose the fraudulent, counterfeit 1040. They also must have known that a trial would expose the ongoing conspiracy between OMB and IRS to publish 1040 forms each year that those agencies knew were in violation of the PRA. That would raise the issue that the Form 1040, with its invalid control number, is being used by the Government to cover up the underlying constitutional tort -- that is, the enforcement of a direct, unapportioned tax on the labor of every working man, women and child in America.
The Commerce Game
"How I clobbered every bureaucratic cash-confiscatory agency known to man"
by: Mary Elizabeth: Croft
Mexico Presidential Election Ballots Found in Dump
Although official tallies indicated a victory for Calderón of 0.3%, the Mexican newspaper El Universal reported that 10 ballot boxes and a polling station report were found in a garbage dump in a poor neighbourhood in Mexico City, according to Reuters. The ballots came from three precincts in the city of Nezahuacoyotl, a López Obrador stronghold according to the website Narco News.
In another indication of electoral fraud, ballots were also found in a second garbage dump in the city of Xalapa, the capital of the Mexican State of Veracruz. Parts of the Spanish language report were translated by a contributor to a discussion board at the website Democratic Underground.
Conservative Wins in Mexico in Final Tally
MEXICO CITY, July 6 — After days of uncertainty, electionofficials declared Thursday that Felipe Calderón, a conservative, had won the race for president by less than 1 percent of the official count. His leftist rival refused to accept the results and vowed to go to court and demand a recount.
Wayne Madsen on Mexico's "election"
As with the American 2004 election, there are reports that outside money, foreign political operatives (in Mexico's case, Republican activists from the United States), and organized crime members infiltrated Mexico to toss the election to Calderon. A recent interdiction by Mexican police of an American plane carrying 5.5 tons of cocaine is being reported as an attempt to pump funds from drug sales to Calderon's and Vicente Fox's PAN party.
The only way to stop this global corporate vote fraud is to do what many Mexicans are planning -- take to the streets, prevent Calderon from taking office, and disrupt the country until the rightful winner, Obrador, is sworn in. Those who interfere with the franchise of the people, especially those who cross borders to engage in such activity, should receive an ultimate form of punishment to avoid repeat offenses and discourage others from such wanton activities.
Democracy, Mexican Style
In claiming he won the Sunday election, Lopez Obrador cited many clear irregularities including manipulating preliminary vote totals, initially never counting 3 millions votes and then in hindsight only counting 2.5 million of them, ignoring 900,000 supposed void, blank and annulled ballots declared null, discarded and never included in the official totals, also never counting over 700,000 additional votes from missing precincts, denying the right to vote to many voters in strong Obrador precincts, and much more. As a result, Obrador announced "We have decided to challenge the election process and to ask the Electoral Court of the judicial branch of the federation for a recount of the votes because we cannot accept the results" officially announced by the IFE. Obrador said he will ask that the ballot boxes be opened and all votes be recounted. Campaign advisor Federico Arreola added "Building a democracy has cost a lot in this country and we are not going to give it up easily. There is no reason for Lopez Obrador to back out or defend a system that he doesn't belong to." He might have also added there's no reason to accept an election result contrary to the voice of the Mexican people that no doubt will show they spoke for Mr. Obrador as their president and not Felipe Calderon if an honest tabulation of votes is made.
Iraq Corruption Unprecedented 06 Jul 2006 A committee investigating corruption in Iraq says it has reached unprecedented levels and those responsible are nearly untouchable. Judge Radi Hamza Radi, head of the Iraqi Commission on Public Integrity set up in 2004, says corruption has "exploded" since the fall of Saddam Hussein’s government in 2003.
Western Union blocks Arab cash transfers 06 Jul 2006 Money transfer agencies have delayed or blocked thousands of cash deliveries on suspicion of terrorist connections simply because senders or recipients have names like Mohammed or Ahmed, company officials said.
FBI, Western Union helped Israel pursue targeted assassinations 27 Jun 2006 From the spring of 2003 until autumn 2004, the Shin Bet security service tracked down Palestinian terror cells in the West Bank thanks to information from the Western Union money transfer service, which was passed on by the FBI.
NSA routing internet data thru Amsterdam to monitor U.S. websites and e-mail
A U.S intelligence source wishing to remain anonymous but who has direct knowledge of the operations said U.S. cable internet corporations have joined the widely-reported telephone company operations to assist in compiling the largest database in history on American citizens while “using super-secret 5th generation Cray computers to tap into dial-up, DSL and high-speed broadband internet connections which have satellite voice recognition and keystroke monitoring capabilities.”
North America's SuperCorridor Coalition, Inc's website
NASCO has received $2.25 million in Congressional earmarks to be administered by the United States Department of Transportation (USDOT) for the development of a technology integration and tracking project. The project will have a team approach, using members of NASCO as the primary participants in the project, to the extent possible. (Over 2 million for "development" of a tracking project)
Known as the strongest International Trade Corridor Coaliton on Capital Hill.
Lobbying efforts hav helped secure more than 150 million in corridor transportation project funding to date
Where banks bury their gold
The US is printing new money at an unprecedented rate, under which circumstances the dollar would normally depreciate because of its dilution. This is where ‘management’ comes into play, through its biggest ‘tool’ - the price of gold. As an overprinted currency depreciates, it would normally cause the price of gold and silver to rise. When gold and silver prices rise sharply, that could send a warning signal that the currency is going south. The US government is undoubtedly facing the inevitable demise of its currency but desperate to delay things. The route it appears to have taken has been to depress the price of precious metals by flooding the market through central bank selling.
The Big Buy
Video -- Tom Delay's Stolen Congress
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