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To: Pac NW MFSO families and supporters

Re: Lietta's going to Crawford in support of Cindy Sheehan

Group and friends,

Very, very active and busy day today regarding arrangements for MFSO rep to fly down to Crawford, Texas, support Cindy Sheehan. And Cindy's own day today has been active with changes rapidly in the situation down there in Crawford; too much to try to detail the progression of Cindy in this email. Internet is full of info, and likely most of you are following already. As of 10pm this evening; these are how the arrangements stand.

1) Per conversation with Charley Richardson, twice today, MFSO headquarters agrees to fund airfare for me to fly down to Texas. Code Pink also agreed to fundraise airfare for me and can coordinate with MFSO Nancy and Charley re: sharing or exchaning funds. I will be calling MFSO travel coordinator tomorrow to make arrangements for flight. I will be going to Crawford, representing MFSO, in support of Cindy's Vigil.

2) I talked with Cindy this everning, about 7pm, and she does want me to come down, wants MFSO representation to stand with her. Charley and Nancy, MFSO headquarters, who already work closely with Code Pink have been very busy working today coordinating getting MFSO families to get to Crawford. Cindy and supporters have been told by the Sheriff that they must remove cars, vehicles and tents from the triangle field as it is private property and easement rights or something along those lines, so they are back to being on the roadside. The threat of arresting Cindy by Thursday had some misunderstandings in that it was made by Texas legislator to Cindy regarding caravan that will transport Condoleeza Rice and Rumsfeld to Crawford ranch in a planned visit Thursday. If Cindy and crew are still on roadside on Thursday, she could be arrested as national security threat, so says this Texas legislator.

3) I'm excited and nervous about going, and I plan to tent it along with Cindy. Have received a couple of emails from our own group with offer of digging up some funds. Hey, I'm not embarrassed to say that I'm going down there on a dime, and any funds would be helpful just now. Bear Dyson, MFSO, emailed me that she's been forwarding the emails about Cindy and Bill Moyer, of the Backbone campaign (recently coordinated the Seattle Downing Street Minutes with Congressman Jim McDermott and MFSO presenters) has made an offer to request funds to help.

4) The Seattle Rolling Thunder MFSO presentation workshop this Saturday will be themed, 'Camp Casey' as that is what Cindy is calling her tent at the ditch in Crawford. Arthur Ruger, MFSO and Lisa Gill, MFSO will give the workshop and our friends from Stand Up Seattle, and Majority Visibility Project are pitching in to provide some serious help and support for the Saturday event. They are making banners, offering up sound system, paying fee to obtain table next to MFSO, and are eager to do whatever they can to springboard 'Camp Casey'. Congressman Jim McDermott will be at Rolling Thunder event, might be very useful for someone to contact him and tell him what MFSO is doing there Saturday with Camp Casey support theme. Suggestions have been made for communities to stage their own 'Camp Casey' support for Cindy's vigil in communities, towns and cities across the nation; would be an all-out show of solidarity support. If you are inclined to get behind the effort this Saturday it dovetails into timely support for Cindy. Contact Arthur Ruger at or Lisa Gill at and also Doug Nielson at Arthur is coordinating the event for the MFSO workshop since I am leaving, so include him in any emails.

5) There is AMAZING popular support and people eager to do something 'hands on' to support Cindy's Vigil just now, and this is an excellent time to give people something they actually can do; make calls to congress, media; volunteer time, resources for taskings; and my brain isn't functioning as well tonight, but suggestions for something folks can actually do are out there on internet and blogosphere. Cindy is The most blogged item out there. Find things for people who want to help to do; 'hands on', they are most eager to help.

6) Lisa Gill emailed that she is helping to respond to some of Cindy's email, as Cindy's getting something like 1000 a day. Code Pink is forwarding some of Cindy's emails to Lisa and Lisa will help respond to them.

Okay that's the bare bones and about sums up today which somehow seemed to me much fuller than this email describes. I'll spend some time tomorrow morning on computer, you can still email me. After I know flight arrangements, will need to focus on packing for the primitive arrangements of tenting on a roadside in Crawford, Texas. I am taking my cell phone with me, but I don't know how that will work, there are no plug in outlets to recharge it in a ditch along the roadside. But Cindy has her phone and I'm able to reach her, so maybe some things are being worked out for details like that, anyway, will find out when I get there. I'm turning over the group and support friends email list to my husband, Arthur and he will send updates to our group. His style, you will find is quite different than my own, you might even like his style

Lets do hope 'the time has come' friends. I've got the support of my family here, and have had much encouraging support from many of our MFSO families and supporters today. I take your voices and your love for your deployed loved ones with me and I pray for the strength to carry our message well, it is a precious message, the lives of our loved ones.....

working towards the light, in peace, in solidarity,


Lietta Ruger, member family MFSO
military family of 2 Iraq veterans; second deployments
PO Box 335
Bay Center, WA 98527
phone; 360-942-9169

website; Military Families Speak Out, Pacific Northwest

blog; Dying to Preserve the Lies

topic writer; Military Families; Impact with Loved Ones Deployed to Iraq

"Do you not sense within the need for citizens of our country to ask the challenging
questions and expect reasonable explanations as to why it is necessary to send
troops into combat?"


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