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Congressman Conyers Circulates Letter


August 8, 2005

SIGN-ON LETTER: Urge the President to Meet with the Parent of a Fallen Soldier!


Dear Democratic Colleague:

You probably have heard that since this past Saturday, Cindy Sheehan, the mother of Army Specialist Casey A. Sheehan who perished in Iraq on April 24, 2004, has been attempting to meet with the President in Crawford to discuss the loss of her son and the status of the war in Iraq.

Unfortunately, the President has refused to meet with her and, instead, sent two of his aides in his place.

That is why it is important for us to signal to the President that he should honor the sacrifices of fallen soldiers and their relatives. To sign on or for additional information, please contact Sampak Garg with my staff at 5-1609 or by e-mail.


John Conyers, Jr.

Ranking Member

Committee on the Judiciary

August 10, 2005

The President The White House Washington, DC

Dear Mr. President:

We write to urge that you interrupt your vacation and immediately meet with Cindy Sheehan, the mother of Army Specialist Casey Sheehan who perished in Iraq on April 24, 2004. It appears that you are refusing to meet with her because she has been a critic of the war in Iraq. We hope that you will put such political considerations aside and respect the mother of a fallen soldier.

For several days now, Ms. Sheehan has been waiting outside your Crawford ranch to meet with you about the loss of her son and the lack of any weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. Instead of meeting with her yourself, you sent National Security Advisor Stephen Hadley and Deputy White House Chief of Staff Joe Hagin to meet with her in your place on Saturday. According to news reports, you are scheduled to attend a fundraiser later this week.

On numerous occasions, you have stated your appreciation for the sacrifices made by our military and their families. Yet your refusal to meet with the family of a fallen soldier, particularly one who has questioned the war in Iraq, indicates a lack of understanding of the true sacrifice made by the over 1,800 soldiers who have been lost and their families.

We hope you will recognize the importance of Ms. Sheehan's loss and meet with her immediately.



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