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Iraqi Troops Are Turning on Their American Counterparts

Friendly Fire Ambush

Sergeant Patrick R. McCaffrey, Sr. and First Lieutenant Andre D. Tyson died on this day two years ago in Balad, Iraq. Back then, military officials reported that enemy insurgents ambushed them. The Army subsequently conducted an investigation and learned the men were targeted and killed by Iraqi troops they were training.

Although the Army completed its investigation on September 30, 2005, it failed to clarify the initial notification to the families for nine months. It took a May 22 letter from Senator Barbara Boxer's office to force the Army to finally come clean.

A month before he died, Patrick told his father that Iraqi forces they were training had attacked his unit. When he filed a complaint with his chain of command, Patrick "was told to keep his mouth shut," his mother said.

After Patrick died, his parents conducted their own investigations. The Army denied requests to see autopsy reports. The McCaffreys persisted. They talked to soldiers in their son’s unit and managed to learn what really happened.

Bob McCaffrey was informed by members of his son's company that insurgents were offering Iraqi soldiers about $100 for each American they could kill. "Iraqi troops are turning on their American counterparts," Bob said. "That puts a knock in the spin that the White House is trying to put on this story — how the Iraqis are being well trained and are getting ready to take over."

Nadia McCaffrey learned that after her son was shot, a US truck arrived. It picked up Lt. Tyson, who was dead, but did not take her son who was still alive. The truck returned later and took him to the base, where he bled to death.

Yesterday, Brig. Gen. Oscar Hilman and three other officers visited Patrick's mother to deliver the official report. "It was overwhelming," Nadia told me. I had to live through the whole thing again."

The officers "tried to patronize me as a good Mom," she added. "I said I won't stand for that. I want the truth!"

When Nadia talked to Army officers yesterday she asked them, "How could you possibly let this happen"? They sat silent.

An Army official cited the "complexity" of the case as an excuse for the delay in telling the families how their sons really died, according to the Los Angeles Times.

"They never tell the family the truth," said Ophelia Tyson, grandmother of Andre Tyson. "You know how politics is."

"I really want this story to come out; I want people to know what happened to my son," Nadia said. "There is no doubt to me that this is still happening to soldiers today, but our chain of command is awfully reckless; they don't seem to give a damn about what's happening to soldiers."

The father of two children, Patrick joined the National Guard the day after the Sept. 11, 2001 attacks. He was the first combat death in the 58 year history of California's 579 Engineer Battalion, based in Petaluma, Ca. Patrick was listed as "Casualty number 848." That was 1652 deaths ago.

"He was killed by the Iraqis that he was training," Nadia said. "People in this country need to know that."

"It's god-awful," said Bob, himself an Army veteran. "It underlies the lie of this whole situation in Iraq. It's all to me a pack of lies."

Boxer noted, "You have to ask yourself, 'What are we doing there with a blank check and a blind eye, when our soldiers are risking their lives for the Iraqi people and the Iraqis are turning around and killing our soldiers?' We need an exit strategy."

Marjorie Cohn is a professor at Thomas Jefferson School of Law and president-elect of the National Lawyers Guild.


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So the mess gets worse and worse. That's what happens when a War is based on lies (WMDS) and a false-flag operation (9/11). What do you expect from this administration? They lock up peaceful protestors miles away from events, they force book outlets like Amazon to drop the book "America Deceived" by E.A. Blayre III, and they spy on EVERY phone call without a warrant. Iraq is a mess and Iran is next.
Support indy media, like ads.
Last link (before Google Books caves in):

Why is it when these bad things are reported it is always by someone named Anonymous? I'll tell you why because LIARS don't want to be known!

And your name is?

People are wise to remain anonymous because we're living under a fascist regime that spies on all of us and doesn't tolerate much dissent. If we were still in America, we could speak our mind freely and proudly without worrying about being locked up indefinitely without a trial. I think you're a government troll trying to convince everyone to use their real name so dissenters can be easily identified later. This isn't America any more, but it will be again after Americans realize they're being ruled by fascist zionists. Buy guns. Stockpile ammo. -- Jolly Roger

Well listen to the anonymous pot calling the anonymous kettle black!!!!LOL

Of course they are turning on american soldiers. The bush regime attacked a sovereign nation for oil and to keep saddamn hussein from changing his currency from the U,S dollar to the euro. We will pay the ultimate price for a very long time to come. Hopefully bush will be tried for war crimes and crimes against humanity as he is quickly becoming america's worst SERIAL KILLER.

I wrote a paper on this for the Journal of Psycohistory. It was not used but my conclusion was yes based on his family's history in favor of eugenics, Bush's history as the governor in Texas (155 executed, more than any other governor in history) and his lack of concern for those who have died in the Iraqi war.

Dennis Eros

OK. Saddam wasn't loved by most Iraqi citizen's and might have been happy America got rid of him, but was it all a set up. They seem to think so.

Saddam American friend, not American friend.
Sanctions killed hundreds of thousands and you still expected them to dump flower's at your feet.
Prison camps for the iraqi patriot defending his home from invader's who lied to get there in the first place.
You shoot babies.
You write songs about it.
You rape and kill their women. And show no remorse.
You steal their oil.
You poison their land and water with DU.

There is now way in hell you are the good guy's in their eye's.

Some won't make it back, deal with it.

The mainstream media here in the U.S. deliberately keep Americans dumbed-down and confused about what is really going on in Iraq. These so-called "journalists" use the word "insurgents" again and again, even after they admit that less than 10% of these "insurgents" are foreigners--most of the insurgents are native Iraqis who don't want American jack-booted thugs marching through their streets, raping their women, shooting their children, demolishing their homes, and hitting them with careless bombs. And can you really blame these Iraqi "insurgents"?

Imagine that thousands of violent soldiers from some other country suddenly invaded YOUR town, patrolling the streets with their machine guns and causing wanton violence & chaos. You want these foreigners out of YOUR town, YOUR country? Well, you just earned yourself the Orwellian title of "insurgent!" That way it makes it sound like YOUR'RE the one who's "surged in" to the country (even though you've lived there your entire life!), to distract from the fact that it was actually soldiers from the U.S. illegally SURGING IN to Iraq! Funny how a little word-play can change the public's perception of reality, eh?

The whole reason that the U.S. military is in Iraq is to PREVENT democracy. The U.S. planners want to install another one of their puppets in Iraq, someone who will be friendly to U.S. business and won't mind the 14 permanent military bases that the U.S. has built in THEIR country (construction profits going to Halliburton, of course, as with so much of the blood money generated for war-profiteers by this debacle). The U.S. knows that if they leave, then the Iraqis would be able to DECIDE FOR THEMSELVES what to do with their freedom from Saddam Hussein. But the U.S. can't let this happen--as it has done so many, many, many times in the past, the United States shows no regard for the will of the Iraqis. It's what the *U.S.* wants that counts, and we'll stick around and kill Iraqis until they acquiesce. We want their oil to make our fat-cats even richer, and to control the growth of China by having control of Middle East oil.

And now these Bush Nazis want to strike Iran. They even use the same tired old lies that they tried with Iraq. The Bush Regime must be stopped.

Now what if it is found that the 911 capper was home grown and Chenny was the master mind? How many parents would send their sons with torches and tight long noosed ropes and ladders and pitch forks to rid Amerca of the zionist blight.
Nazie party was funded by America and created by the Jews.The major medias were owned by them too.They wrecked Germany and now the creator is about to get the same--- and who's the next victum?.

Very simply, the above writer got it exactly right. Albert Pike, Lucifer (he bragged that he was possessed by Lucifer) worshiper and head of world Freemasonry at one time while also head of the KKK wrote in 1878 "there will be a coming Moslim - Christian world war". The Bush Neo-con PNAC Zionist NAZI's are accomplishing that goal and your ignorant, brain-dead, white trash are getting the job done. They're predictibly stupid and hang on every psuedo-patriotic cli che' that's thrown out by this Lucifer worshiping administration. Bush is not, and has never been a born-again Christian. He and the whole Bush family are Fascist Jews, Synarchists. They are an important part of an European based organization and have the quiet backing of the international Banksters and the Royal families of Europe. They are specifically related to the queen of england with whom they have a joint bank account (at the queen's own Coutt's Bank)where Bush Sr. deposited 100 million dollars in 2002 (source: ).

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