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Dear Texas Members of Progressive Democrats of America (PDA),


Cindy Sheehan, friend and ally of PDA, has come to Crawford, Texas to demand that President Bush explain why he sent her son to die in Iraq. Clearly it wasn’t to find weapons of mass destruction, and the Downing Street Memos make it clear that Bush didn’t have a plan for creating stability in the region.

We think Cindy deserves an answer. Bush should be confronted by what he has created in Iraq and explain to Cindy why he thought it was necessary for Casey Sheehan and almost 2000 other American sons and daughters to die there.

I just spoke with Cindy and here are some things she said we could do to support her:

1. Come to Crawford and join Cindy outside of Bush’s ranch. Let Bush see the crowd grow over time; let him know this is not going away. Contact us and let us know you are going. We'll share the latest updates and give you directions. (If you must choose just one day to go, think about this Thursday! Rumsfield and Rice are due to visit Bush for meetings that day. We want them to see a large gathering with signs saying: BUSH: MEET WITH CINDY!

2. Make a sign that says: BUSH: MEET WITH CINDY! and put it in your front yard. Then send us a photo of your yard sign. Send your photos to:

3. Send a letter to Bush [].

4. Call the Whitehouse at (202-456-1414) and tell them you think Bush should talk to Cindy Sheehan. Let them know that support for military families means giving them the respect they deserve, and not dodging their questions.

5. Make a donation to the Crawford Peace House. (The Crawford Peace House is allowing Cindy and others to use their facilities during their vigil.)

Then please join us in Washington DC on Sept 24-26 as we rally for the troops to come home! Or stay-tuned for updates on local opportunities!


Sept. 24 Washington Monument

Peace March, Rally & Fair
Sept. 25 University of DC

Grassroots Workshops

Sept. 26 Capitol Hill

Grassroots Lobby Day

Let's show Cindy that members of Progressive Democrats of America stand with her!

I'll be leaving Arizona and traveling to Crawford with a group of women on Tuesday. I'll see you there!

in peace and solidarity
Sherry Bohlen

National Field Director
Progressive Democrats of America (PDA)


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