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Why Won't Scooter Libby Grant Judith Miller a Personal Waiver?

By Rep. John Conyers
Huffington Post

August is typically a month of no news. Congress goes on its summer recess. The President takes a long vacation. A very long one. For those in the White House press corps who are not so fortunate to be assigned to bake in the Crawford, Texas sun, they too take vacations (though not as long as the President's).

This August is different. If you listen closely enough, you can hear the slow drip of scandal turning into a waterfall of corruption and coverups in the Bush White House. On the internet, new pieces of the puzzle are coming together. My friend and the proprietor of this blog, Arianna Huffington seems to have the best sources inside the New York Times newsroom and has led many of us to begin asking whether Judith Miller's refusal to testify is not what it seems.

Picking up this thread over the weekend is an overlooked investigative piece in the American Prospect Magazine's online edition. In case you missed it, in a piece entitled "The Meeting," investigative reporter Murray Waas uncovers some new information about Treason-gate, Miller's refusal to testify and Vice Presidential Chief of Staff Scooter Libby's possible complicity in a coverup.

The article should be read in its entirety, but here are a few highlights:

-- Libby met with Judith Miller on July 8, 2003 and discussed CIA operative Valerie Plame. This meeting, six days before the publication of Robert Novak's infamous column outing Mrs. Joe Wilson (Valerie Plame), is a "central focus" of the Fitzgerald investigation.

-- The kicker: "Sources close to the investigation, and private attorneys representing clients embroiled in the federal probe, said that Libby's failure to produce a personal waiver may have played a significant role in Miller's decision not to testify about her conversations with Libby, including the one on July 8, 2003."

The President has, of course, directed his staff to "fully cooperate" with the probe. Make no mistake about it, if Waas's sources are right, Libby is not cooperating. In fact, while right wing pundits continually claim that the White House has not obstructed the Fitzgerald investigation, these new disclosures indicate that a top White House staffer is essentially directing a reporter to invoke a privilege on his behalf to keep the Special Prosecutor from learning the truth. Remember the hue and cry from conservatives when it was the Clinton Administration invoking privileges on what was not a matter of national security, but a private sexual affair? Where are they now?

The course for Libby is clear. He should obey the President's directive and immediately give Miller his personal waiver to testify about any conversations he may have had with her that are within the purview of the Grand Jury. Today, I and along with my colleagues Louise Slaughter, Maurice Hinchey and Rush Holt, wrote to Libby asking him to do just that. Waas has the letter on his blog.

If he refuses, the President faces a choice. He can show he means what he says and fire an employee who is so obviously obstructing the search for the truth. Or he can continue to tolerate such behavior and thereby make clear what many suspect -- when it comes to getting to the bottom of who did this vile act, he is all talk.



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My Representative, Bill Young, responded to my contact to his office by saying the Downing Street Memo, "while never authenticated, the contents allege..." He goes on to say that there is no current legislation before the house concerning these allegations...I admire the work you are doing for America about this illegal Iraq war...Is there going to be any action by Congress? I was sure the documents were authenticated.

Last I heard, nobody from the administrations on either side of the Atlantic deny it's validity...

Fire Karl Rove!


Like to say that Ken Salazar in Colorado responded to my urge about the DSM. He has expressed that what he is most concerned is that there was no withdrawl plan set in place more than if "W" lied about getting us into war.

bush does not accept resignations or demote those persons in the wrong.

They get promotions and medals.

Don't you find it appalling?

He's paying back all of his corrupt old drinking and dragon chasing buddies!

Fire Karl Rove!


for your constant support of the inquiries about how we got into this foolish war. I saw your hearings on the DSM's, and your current posting at dKos supporting Cindy Sheehan. I wish you were my congressman-too many in my state (CT)are unwilling to stand up and be counted. Please know that there are many out supporting you!!

I am so grateful that there are congressmen and congresswomen who are truly interested in actually representing the interests of the American people. Through the tireless efforts of Congressmen like Mr. Conyers and his many colleagues who are spearheading all these efforts to bring to light the lies, corruption, double dealing, and outright fleecing of the public by the Bush Admininistration and it's henchmen. At least Richard Nixon didn't get anyone killed when his clowns broke into the Watergate Hotel and he actually got the country out of a war, not into one!

God Bless you sir! When history documents great Americans, you will go down in history as one. Even if George Bush believes that history doesn't matter because "we'll all be dead". Hopefully Mr. Conyers, your efforts will counteract Bush's plans to kill us all and allow us to join the world's efforts to live and respect each other.

Perry Jordan
Colossians 3:23

Dear Senator Conyers, and also my Senator Feinstein and Senator Boxer
Thank you so much for your integrity, honesty, incredible hard work and continued efforts to represent the majority of american people who are not in power right now. We need you so much Thank you and
God bless you for your honorable work.

There is a definite shift in public perception going on. Can you feel it? Liars are an endangered species. Keep up the good fight people.

Whatever you want to call it, the Plame affair is just one of the many exposed scandals created by the most insidious, corrupt, traitorous, government ever to lead any country, let alone, what was once the most powerful and respected symbol of democracy and freedom the world has ever known. And, make no mistake, just like every other insidious act, Bush had full knowledge and approval of outing of Valarie Plame. He can't fire the person responsible because he can't fire himself. As far as I'm concerned Bush, Cheney, Rice, Rumsfeld, Wolfowitz, Rove, Tenet and every other traitorous SOB in this administration should spend the rest of their miserable lives vacationing with Blair as guests of Iraq's finest terrorist retirement community, Abu Ghraib. They are worse than terrorists for they not only used their positions of power and respect to start an illegal war, from the blogging I've done, I truely believe they allowed 911 to happen and possibly participated in the murder of 3,000 Americans on that day to create the catalyst for war against the Middle East and their grand plan for PAN America. With the exception of so few in Congress, their almost total failure to act against the Cancer destroying this country is as bad as the Cancer itself.

As an American who is not one of the tens of millions of apathetic, ignorant, MSM brain washed people who think paying a few bucks for and displaying a magnetic ribbon on the back of their car counts as "...supporting the troops...", I can only offer my admiration and make one request. Let no one go unpunished. No one is above the law.

Thank you Senator Conyers.
America is honored by your integrity and quest for truth. Sadly, our government seems to have very little room for truth these days.

Scot Post

I'm tempted to move to Michagan, just so I could vote for Conyers. If he ever runs for president, he'll get my vote.

Scot Post,

Well said.

You have touched upon the underlying essence of the problem. This administration is populated by individuals of such greed and lust for power that they are all consumed within themselves. They can not and will not see any other way to operate. It is clear that these cancerous influences within the administration and the main stream media must be surgically extracted from the body of America as soon as possible.

One important step when the peoples' power is restored is to reform campaign financing and use/abuse of campaign advertising. I do not see campaign advertising as a matter of free speech. Nothing is stopping any candidate from speaking to his or her constitutiency directly. Ads are fine as long as they are truthful and positive. Karl Rove has personified the reasons why campaign reform is necessary.

In summary, bravo for your post and I'd be pleased to discuss all matters with you online at

Truth to the Bush cartel is like salt to a slug. They know it's going to kill them, which is why they are working so hard to avoid it.

I try to write on my site with the Bush/MSM duped general public specifically in mind - the average joes, in other words.

In my latest piece I mention that if we are ever going to understand the unbelievably massive scope of the Bush charade, we need to understand and remember exactly how he made it to (and remains at) 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

If we cannot have confidence in the integrity of our electoral process, we cannot have confidence in anything that is said or done by the resulting administration.

Comments/suggestions/questions always welcome.

And no war is gonna stop it (though war may change the face of it). The global economy is going to change - Energy is going to change it.
Why are we there? What is so important in the middle east that we should be over there? A bunch of fanatics? A little bit of land known as Israel? Those are minor things. You gotta look at the economics, look at what drives all facets of our economy. The big problem is that those in charge have made up countless coverups in order to avoid mass panic. We did not secure weapon and explosives depots when we first invaded Iraq, nor any schools, libraries, art galleries, or mosques. We did secure the oil fields. Top priority. Why? I'll let you be the judge!

Fire Karl Rove!


Because the obvious is only obvious to you, me and a minority of other people. The vast majority of people don't know their ass from a hole in the ground.

This may be completely unrelated to the objectives of this Forum,
but its oddity and subsequent immediate disappearance in the Main Stream Media prompts me to point it out.

The Army four-star general, Kevin P. Byrnes, was just sacked/fired
for "unspecified sexual misconduct."


I apologize for the long link address.

Now, what I find curious is that he was commander of the Army
Training and Doctrine Command. Could this be related to the
Military Torture scandals that are coming forth? Is he being
silenced and discredited by the PNAC NEO CONS? Rumsfeld refused
to answer questions about it. ???

Anyone have more on this?

Yes, I have read "unconfirmed" reports that he was leading a "coup" to overthrow the nut cases currently in charge, with the intent to bring Democracy back and "out" them....they caught wind of the plan and busted him down....hopefully, Pros. Fitzgerald will be "helping" some of these folks step down too....

Read about the Bush coming indictments- documented with other webiste and legal analysis:

Read "Coingate FL/OH/Bush boys connection in archives. This stuff you won't see MSM.

Read "Best of Prissy"- a host of web sites to intelligence news, military news, English foreign news papers, ect.

Great Work All...
Infinite thanks to Mr.Conyers and ALL the honorable people supporting
the uncovering of the heinous crimes of this "regime" and its corrupt

Please dont forget little brother Marvin and his relationship to 9/11.

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