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traffic on crashed this site too

also had various attacks

I was wondering what happened to this site. What went through my mind was "Oh no, those neocon trolls didn't hack the Coalition's site, did they?" I'm so glad to see it back up again, as well as this new site. Rest assured I stand 10,000% behind Cindy Sheehan.

Troubleshooting your performance problems -

Hi guys! For whatever it's worth, here is what I would do if I were

I see three main scenarios, two really cool and one not so cool.

1. Your site is going through "growth pains." I would see this in
small mom and pop shops that suddenly became mid-sized companies
and with band "fan-sites" when the band finally had the hit that
broke ice. After the "Cindy in Crawford" story, I think you
a whole new audience. This could have exceded your web server
capacity. I noticed that after peek hours I could get on fine
and didn't have any problems again until peek hours today.
We may need to work towards getting more server space (mirrored
sites) and have some "Actions" to raise the funds.

2. The second problem could be in alloted bandwith from your
Service Provider. With new Bandwidth Reservation systems,
the ISP can throttle back traffic so that one user doesn't grab
all the bandwidth. Again, we may need to work towards getting
a bigger pipe allocated.

3. The site is under a "Denial of Service Attack". The thing to
look for here would be multiple hits from the same IP address
or a "spectrum" pattern from a mutated IP address. Your service
provider should be able to help you here. If the PNAC NEO CON
"inside job" hypothesis holds true, you may see a lot of
"Class A" IP addresses (1.x.x.x - 126.x.x.x). This is highly
illegal and we should contact both the FBI and the FCC and
demand an investigation.

Again, that is my analysis from the "outside looking in." If you
need any help, this pissed off Yippy will grab a SNIFFER protocol
analyzer and a four pack of Red Bulls and be there in a few hours.
If I did it for the Fortune 500s and the DOD, I can do it for
this movement!!!



i've read the comments for and against cindy's protest.
maybe "anonymous" is really 4th army psyops out of fort bragg.
those against can argue all they want. but those cindy supporters are following a gut instinct i think. i'm one of them. cindy deserves everything we can give to support her. i'm working on raising funds to get her what she needs for a successful campaign. those of you who don't like it can go take a hike. were going on without you.
mcmanus/los angeles

What? Bush is only answerable to his god? He is answerable to the American people. What a coward. He should walk to the end of his driveway and answer Ms. Sheehans questions.

I guess that comment should have been labelled as pure sarcasm. Sorry. On the other hand, Bush himself seems to think that his moment of accountability has passed since being re-elected.

Sarcasm is highly appropriate at this point. A little humor, as out of place as it might seem, helps, too. Just look at Jon Stewart -- the best place on TV to get any semblence of truth, esp. if you don't have time to spend all day re-searching on the internet. Jon doesn't pull...too many...punches!

Sorry, Bush fled Crawford by helicopter and jet, and is not saying when he will come back. I'm sure the facilities are much nicer in New Mexico (and there are probably no protestors hanging out in his new, undiclosed location.)

Chicken-Hawk! Bwak, B'k B'k B'k Bwaaak!



Lets go to it!!!!!!!! And REMOVE the machines from the voting process, by force and by lawsuit!!!!!!

NO MORE!!!!!!!!! WE TAKE IT NO MORE!!!!!!!

Doug Eldritch

Personally, I'm not a Bible thumper by any means (I don't think humans have much of a grip on the big picture at all), but I do like this Bible quote that is popping up on dissident websites; it seems very relevant:

Beware, the Lord is about to take firm hold of you and hurl you away, O you mighty man. He will roll you up tightly like a ball and throw you into a large country. There you will die and there your splendid chariots will remain -- you disgrace to your master’s house! I will depose you from your office, and you will be ousted from your position. Isaiah 22: 17-19

Shakespeare's also has some appropriate lines. From The Tragedy of Macbeth, Act IV, Scene III:

Fit to govern!
No, not to live. O nation miserable,
With an untitled tyrant bloody-sceptred,
When shalt thou see thy wholesome days again?

We heart Cindy
A great American

You go Cindy! The eyes of Canada and the rest of the world are on you. We've been wondering where all the proud, patriotic Americans that we know and love, had gotten to. Expose that rotten, murderous bastard for what he really is.

Canada's Had Enuf !!!!

Right you are!!! Canada (at least those of us in the reality-based community), ARE fed up with that two-bit dictator.

Keep fighting the good fight Cindy our prayers are with you and we are there in spirit even if we can't be there in person.

check this out- this is a great shirt, available at cafepress or print your own...

also a podcast of cindy and friends

In my opinion, movement is movement. What Cindy and others are doing in Crawford right now is movement. Most of us that are familiar with the DSM know that Cindy testified at Conyers' hearings. The problem is with the media. They refer to her as a grieving mother, etc., but THEY make no mention of the overall cause that she represents - which is to make Bush face the music. To hold him and the rest of the Administration accountable for the lies they've told us all. And to see to it that not one more soldier has to lose their life for these lies. To prevent one more mother (American or Iraqi) from going through the heartache she and others have, over the loss of their loved ones.

From what I've read of Cindy's stories and comments, she refers to the DSM, 9/11 commission, among other things. The MSM is not doing their job. They should be giving background information on Cindy Sheehan for their uninformed viewers (most people), instead of portraying her as just a "grieving mother". I'm not discounting her grief - my heart goes out to her and every other military family.

The reality is that this is a movement. It's an opportunity for all of us to collaborate together. All this talk about how it shouldn't be about Cindy, it should be about the DSM, is valid, but it's not doing any good. It's about all of it. It's all related. The main point being that we've all been lied to. Now, with the media on Cindy down in Crawford, we have a chance at getting that message out to others.

Having military families involved is a good thing. I wish more would join her. It shows those that blindly support this Administration, and this war, that the ones being asked to sacrifice a loved one, want the lies to stop. Maybe then people will see the difference between supporting Bush and supporting the troops. To show them that if you support Bush - then you're not supporting the troops.

These are not separate issues, they're different aspects of the same issue - we have a corrupt group in the White House. Cindy has displayed an immense amount of courage in what she's doing, so are those that are flocking down there to stand with her. We should be supporting her. Not because it's all about her, but because it's all about all of us. It is what we make it. This is not just her movement, it's our movement. It is what we make it. Get out there and talk about it, e-mail the media, and tell them you want them to make the connection to the DSM in their coverage of the protest in Crawford. If you can, go to Crawford (by Thursday, if possible). Perhaps organized protests in all major cities as a sign of our solidarity? Either we all work together to create one, bellowing, unavoidable voice, or else all anyone hears are the sounds of several voices - all talking over each other, causing the real messages to be lost in the chaos.

thank you for your intelligent, accurate representation of what is happening.How often does that happen? The assault on the truth in the last 4 1/2 years has had a profound affect for many in their ability to see the truth, understand whats happening, or communicate rationally, civily and responsibly. Your response is all of those. Thank you.

Can't make the drive to Texas, and not quite brave enough to stand down Emperor George's Roman Guards and Secret Police?

Here's an idea for a possible political action that you could do in your own town.

Call your local sheriff, and if you live in a city that has a police department, call your chief of police.

Then ask them point blank:
"If your commanding officer was clearly violating the US Constitution and told you to obstruct, arrest, beat or kill someone that you knew was doing no harm nor breaking any laws, what would you do?"

Then publish it locally and submit it to a site such as "After Downing Street" ( for complilation
and analysis.

Let us find out how many people with guns stand for the US Constitution of the PEOPLE and how many are PNAC NEO CON Pinkerton
Mercenaries for hire.

"Just Following Orders" will not be tolerated in this country!!!!

"I've got bills to pay" will not be tolerated either!!!

Image one person doing it . . .
Image three people, I'm talking three people a day . . .
Image FIFTY people, going in and demanding to see the head cop and
asking him/her in front of video cameras and the internet of the People.

Then, you can sing a bar of "Alice's Restaurant" and walk out . . .
(Younger Kidz . .. ask Jeeves about Arlo Guthrie)

I think that is a brilliant idea! But i need some further guidence on that.
Further articulation is needed to elaborate on the circumstance's to which people, (protestors) may be subjected to arrest i assume in public places.Civil disobeidence in any protest will result in arrest. Any group wishing to stage any type of protest may apply for a permit(i know that is bullshit) which is required. If suddenly, for no reason, any and all groups everywhere are denied the right to assemble, and they elect to, anyhow, they should expect to be rousted by the local police.

I fully comprehend what your question'ing local police chiefs and sheriffs is looking for. I know what the answer is your looking for.
ARE YOU AWARE OF ALL THE DESSENT WITHIN THE FBI OVER THE INFORMATION RELITIVE TO BEFORE 9/11? Remember this. all the cops, all the sheriff's deputies, are human beings also. they have a better comprehensive knowledge of the constitution than most. and don't forget this too. All cops have mothers, fathers, brothers and sisters, wive's, sons and daughters etc. They're not monsters, ok? THEY WILL NEVER ALLOW THEMSELVES TO BE UTILIZED IN THE MANNER DESCRIBED IN PRE WW II GERMANY. THERE WILL ALWAYS BE A FEW EXCEPTIONS, OFCOURSE. DON'T LOOK FOR OUR COPS TO BECOME A BROWNSHIRT LIKE FORCE COMMING IN THE NIGHT TO YOUR DOOR TO TAKE YOU AWAY. ENLESS YOUR DEALING IN COKE OR CRACK!
These cops are made up of US! THE SAME GOES FOR LOCAL NATIONAL GUARD COMPANIES. Those units are made up of our sons and daughters and our brothers and sisters, our mothers and fathers.

IF YOU SEPERATE INTO TWO GROUPS,(THE POLICE AND THE NG UNITS) THOSE WHO WILL, THOSE WHO WONT, THE WONT'S WILL OUT NUMBER THE WILL'S CONSIDERABLEY. BUT! You can't get these distinction's under ordinary circumstances. If you have a bunch of legal proster's raising hell, creating a civil disturbance, under normal circumstance's, they'll face arrest (if possible) and be charged with a criminal act.

BUT! if you fear martial law will be imposed and people getting rounded up and taken away, NO! BUT! LET ME GIVE YOU A PARTICULAR SITUATION.

If and I say if, NY or Chicago has a nuclear blast, (and at this point, the "who done it" is irrelivant)and subsequently, martial law is declared, I don't need no goddammed martial law to compel me to remain inside my home! It might take martial law to get me to ever come out again, however.

ESSENTIALLY, i know the objective sought in asking local law enforcement the million dollar question. There is no quick simple answer for that question. In the circumstance's we're eluding to,
each individual will have to come to his own conclusion's at their own pace. I beleive that more are inclined to fall out of the line than will remain. MY GUESS IS 80 OUT OF EVERY 100 WILL NOT PARTAKE IN ILLEGAL, IMMORAL CONDUCT. **HUMPHREY**

My Permit to Protest IS the US CONSTITUTION!!!

Uh, why do you think it is okay for cops to be able to violate
the 4th Amendment Rights of "Pot Smokers or Crack Smokers?"

Wasn't it the PNAC NEO CONS Strom Thurmond and Tricky Dick Nixon
that used that Machiavellian tactic, "We must protect the children"
to Neutralize the Liberal Student Protestors in the 1970s?

Instead of Ammending the Constitution like they did with Alchohol
in the 1920s, they just said, "Executive Power" lets Nixon decide
what substances are "of medical or scientific value." Since
when is a Lawyer Politician authorized to make this "Spanish Inquisition" judgment??? So, under the FDA (the same guys that
raided Dr. Wilhelm Riech's lab and BURNED his research notes
and BURNED his warehouse full of INVENTORY Books) over 8 Million
Americans became Criminals in their own country over night.

BULLSHIT!!! Wise UP!! "The Drug War" is just as much of a Machiavellian PNAC NEO CON Tactic as 9/11 and Iraq.

A "Civilized Country" would see this as a gray scale running from
"It is none of the Government's business what I put in my body"
to "I have a health problem and need help." None of which should be "criminal."



All cops have mothers, fathers, brothers and sisters, wive's, sons and daughters etc. They're not monsters, ok? THEY WILL NEVER ALLOW THEMSELVES TO BE UTILIZED IN THE MANNER DESCRIBED IN PRE WW II GERMANY.

Just like U.S. soldiers you mean? They would never engage in torture and outright murder like those nasty Nazis. Or would they?

U.S. Service men 10,000 miles away, in those circumstances, with those particular prisoner's is a completely different situation than local police committing the same conduct in their home towns against what would be clearly American citizen's. Incidently, we here don't know all the factS regarding those incident's that have been occuring.
I can tell you this from experience. The command structure in any millitary unit is ultamatly responsible for the conduct of the subject personel within that unit. I don't know the true facts of the illegal conduct reported going on inside the detention facilitie's. i know this though. all millitary personel are given classroom trainning on the subject called the "rules of armed conflict". There is not a private anywhere that has'ent been given this trainning. OH im sure there has been a private or two that put a boot up the ass of certain individual prisoner's for any varity of reason's. AND it may in fact be that, some or all of the reported alledged abuse's may have in fact been individual act's of criminal conduct presonally initiated by the named individual's Most of us don't really know the fact's concerning this. All we can really do is speculate on the basis of what we've been told via the main stream media.

IT may very well be that certain individual's on their own personal initiative committed these act's. But you must look behind these act's to discover the cause. It may be in part related to the individual personal feellings related to the event's of 9/11 and then again to all the brutal killing going on in IRAQ. That is a very brutal world they function WITHin, there in IRAQ. I FEEL THE REAL FAILLURE LIES WITHIN THE COMMAND STRUCTURE TO PROVIDE FOR THE PROPPER LEADERSHIP OF THE TROOPS. THEY (THE LOCAL COMMAND STRUCTURE) FAILLED TO GET MORE PERSONALLY INVOLVED IN THE PERSONAL "SITUATIONAL AWARENESS" ASPECT OF THEIR COMMAND'S.(HOW MANY OF THE HIGHER COMMAND PERSONEL CLAIMED NO PERSONAL KNOWLEDGE?) THE MILLITARY GUARDS SHOULD HAVE BEEN MORE SUPERVISED. THAT MEANS AN E-6 OR HIGHER, OR AN OFFICER PRESENT MORE OFTEN. NOBODY CAN PROPPERLY COMMAND FROM AN AIR CONDITIONED OFFICE!

So, it's not fair to compare that situation to any future situation that may go down here inside the UNITED STATES involving your average police officer. IF any of the type of police conduct we've been eluding to were to occure, it will certainly be initiated by fed's and not local's. IM TELLING YOU HERE AND NOW! LOCAL COPS ARE NOT GOING TO INITIATE ILLEGAL CRIMINAL ACTIVITY AGAINST THE CIVILLIAN POPULATION. IF WE START SEEING THAT TYPE OF CONDUCT OCCURING, THOSE COPS WILL BE RIGHT THERE WITH US, ON OUR SIDE OF THE LINE, AND ON THE OTHER SIDE OF THEIR LINE, WILL BE WELL ARMED NATIONAL GUARD TROOPS THAT ALSO WONT ALLOW FOR THAT TYPE OF CRIMINAL CONDUCT. OUR SON'S. OUR DAUGHTER'S. OUR COUSIN'S. OUR HOMEBOY'S!

But to address the original statement that led off to this debate, (i think) NO we won't except any excuse's like "i was only following order's"! those who would consider committing those type of criminal act's against the civillian population of these UNITED STATES, under any circumstance's, will be well advised that the people will be vindicated for these types of act's. To say any more would get me into further, I sayeth not**HUMPHREY**

Perhaps Cindy Sheehan will be viewed as the first Rosa Parks of the 21st century. 50 years ago Rosa stood up (or rather stayed sitting hehe) for what is right and now Cindy is trying to do the same.

Thousands of people should drive to her side to see if Bush displays the guts to lie to her face to face or hide like a coward at his daddy's ranch.

Go Cindy Go.

there's one word that will get george's goat more than any other.
yellow. that's right, YELLOW. as in, did anyone actually think george would meet with Cindy? we've known he was yellow since viet nam!
Being called YELLOW is the one thing this president can't stand... it may goad him into saying something foolish (I mean even more foolish than usual... i.e. without his handler's advance screening)that will prove his undoing. to Cindy and anyone else in the media's eye, let fly with the word YELLOW a few times, and watch the sparks fly!!!

Bush is truly "The Yellow Coward of Texas". That Pee-on doesn't even have the guts to speak to a woman (Laura Bush is a brainless moocher) whose son he sent to his death. All the Republicans know how to do is stonewall, silence and leave the premises. Why? Because
Bush was born without a set of balls, that's 'cause Cheney stole them for his daughter.
Let him be known in history as THE YELLOW COWARD OF TEXAS.

Laura is the epitome of the stepford wife.

She disgusts me.

I see her as a mafia wife>>> totally in denial of her husband's true business of Death Industry, Inc. , with White House as a "front" psuedo-operation.

Excellent post...couldn't have said it better myself!!

This morning I got into the web site and tonight when I wanted to sign petition, it is blocked....
Anyone else having problems?....Somebody trying to mess with this?

Tried to post a message to Cindy earlier on her other site, appears not to have gone thru, maybe someone could pass this on to her.

We admire what you are doing Cindy and wanted to remind you, in a helpful way, that SLEEP IS A WEAPON. Read somewhere you were sleeping in the tent--admirable, but its terrible trying to sleep in the heat, I know that. OK in the rain though. With all the activity, you need to be RESTED to be your best when it counts. Consider getting a REGULAR BED somewhere or even a MOTEL w/AC when its hot so you'll be fresh next day. Maybe someone with an RV could help you on that. The tent could still be the symbol of the camp during the day. If it's someone else's good tent, maybe try and replace it with a cheap tent thru the donations to set up on site, and if someone steals it at night you can just get another.

Don't continue to sleep in the heat, it will ruin you.

Wish we were there to help you and your great group. Might happen. Take care, eat right, and we know you won't forget the Downing Street Minutes. We're all hoping the best for you Cindy.

Sleep well is excellent advice. And while I understand the intention to fast, we have no desire to see Cindy become a saint, so I hope she breaks her fast and eats breakfast , lunch , and dinner, with plenty of Gatorade and Powerade and water in that heat. Lots of bug repellant and sunblocks, I know some brands have healthier fume contents than others. I do not want to see any MOM and LADY suffer needlessly for this Chickenhawk at Crawford to be converted to the real Jesus. America's sons and daughters, UK and other "coalitions of the willing", and of course the Afghans and Iraquis have died for his despicable artificially induced nationalism and I would prefer to see all their Moms live long and glorious lives. Please stay healthy and drink lots of fluids, and take your vitamins. You are an outstanding MOM and I personally prefer that all the world to see you healthy.

than dry facts and figures. I know that the dry facts and figures translate into who lives and who dies but Jesus told stories to get great spiritual truths across about individuals experiences, the reasons why soaps are so popular with heros and heroines overcoming problems and novels from popular to great concern themselves with the experiences of individuals living out certain deep problems and experiences.

The figures of millions dead in the First and Second World War are not really comprehensible but if there is a war novel and a great one written by a woman who was a nurse on the frontlines in WWI is TESTAMENT OF YOUTH which was also a BBC mini-series and made the suffering and hopes of the people who fought and those who lost loved ones more comprehensible and also the hate of the Americans, Britons and Europe for Germany while understandable also sowed the seeds of WWII by shutting Germany out and not caring about "starving Hun babies" Vera Brittan who had seen the suffering of German teenage boys who were dying from mustard gas had thought she would not be able to treat a German in the WWI army because she hated them for killing her fiance and brother and most of her male friends but when she came face to face with the horrible wounds and dying she didn't think of Germans just another human being who was caught in a system not of their making and who were suffering and dying just as horribly as the British soldiers were but had trouble conveying that to people who had not been there and seen it.

Solzhenitsen did the same thing in telling individuals stories to make people aware of the millions Stalin had killed which he felt was his mission in life. Solz wrote that if 6 people die in your neighborhood it means more to you than 6 million dying half way across the world, that it is just human nature but he was trying to find a way to make the deaths of the 6 million that Stalin killed meaningful for Russians and for other countries and he did it by writing about the experiences of individuals.

The heart still overrules the head. Bushco knows that and that is why they have been so successful in manipulating people's emotions. Basic human need and psychology to understand a situation is also needed by those who tell the truth.

PNAC is the architect of the invasion(s?), and Turd Blossom Rove is the manipulator of the emotions. This Bushco cabal will go down in history as the most draconian American Administration (and hopefully never again). "All Quiet on the Western Front", although a novel, was one of the first books to denounce nationalism and how that concept abuses its own populace by the elite. Excerpt from Sparknotes :
"...In its depiction of the horror of war, All Quiet on the Western Front presents a scathing critique of the idea of nationalism, showing it to be a hollow, hypocritical ideology, a tool used by those in power to control a nation’s populace. Paul and his friends are seduced into joining the army by nationalist ideas, but the experience of fighting quickly schools them in nationalism’s irrelevance in the face of the war’s horrors. The relative worthlessness on the battlefield of the patriots Kantorek and Himmelstoss accentuates the inappropriateness of outmoded ideals in modern warfare. Remarque illustrates that soldiers on the front fight not for the glory of their nation but rather for their own survival; they kill to keep from being killed. Additionally, Paul and his friends do not consider the opposing armies to be their real enemies; in their view, their real enemies are the men in power in their own nation, who they believe have sacrificed them to the war simply to increase their own power and glory...."

THE BUSH ADMINISTRSTION is claiming that IRAN has been supplying the IRAQI INSURGENCY with shape charges. The allegation was made without support of any evidence. JUST THE WORD OF THE BUSH ADMINISTRATION.


Unmanned preditor drones have already been utilized to map out the whole irianian theater of action IE. All the targets in iran have been duLy noted. All the needed targeting info is now acquired for a massive air campaign. NOW, Their running their marketing campaign ONCE AGAIN, ON US like they did before IRAQ. EVERYBODY BETTER START PAYING A LITTLE BETTER ATTENTION! SOON IT WILL BE IRAN. THEY (THE PNAC) WANT CONTROL OF THOSE OIL RESERVES ALSO.**HUMPHREY**

I agree Iran is being targeted, as it seems when bush speaks about any one subject, we must know he is going to tear it up. He has always had a plan, scheme but as the president of the United States, he should have been intelligent enough to have the best minds working for this country rather than for his illogical, meaningless desires. He has not shown respect for this great country, or our men and women serving in his war that bin Laden created as truth of the matter. And, to show his inability to have a plan for bin he went after Saddam. There in is his problem within himself...his destructive thinking process. Why should we not all be whining as the republicans tell? They should be ashamed to see a president that has created sheer havoc in this world. He expects to be paid out of his messes he creates as it has always been that way. He expects others to do his work for him as he has always had those to think for him..plan a way to get him out of his own responsibilities of his errors.
The disrespect he has shown for ALL in this country should be seen by his own republican party. It is impossible unless one is completely blind and deaf.

As the governor of Texas no one could sway him on the death penalty. He was steadfast in his bliefs he is making the right choices..of course, with Karl Roves help. If he cannot destroy it, he will not toy with it. That is gwb through and through as he well demonstarted in Texas.

Going after Saddam and leaving bin Laden alone and saying he didn't care where he was...should scare everyone. That is nothing logical about that.

My best to Cindy Sheehan for caring enough for our men and women being blown to bits in Iraq on a daily basis, while our president is looking for another fight to send our tired soldiers.

Agreed! The White House Iran Group or WHIG II has begun it's publicity campaign. Despite all that has come out about their deceptions, they are going full boar ahead on the next step, regime change in Iran. Cheney came out of his secure location a couple of weeks ago and talked about Iran's nuclear program. Then, a couple of days ago, Bush mentioned it. And yesterday Rumsfeld said the insugency is being supplied thru Iran. Is Rice next on the list to speak about Iran? It's deja vu all over again! STOP THEM NOW! WE CAN'T LET THEM GET AWAY WITH IT AGAIN!!!!

The Peaceful Occupation of Iraq
by CindySheehan
Tue Aug 9th, 2005 at 22:33:42 PDT
Day 4
Today started at 4am when I had to get up and get ready to be on Good Morning America. It was pouring down rain at Camp Casey. The wind was blowing and there was thunder and lightening. It was pretty exciting. The interview went very well. I haven't seen it or read a transcript. Since it was taped, I am just wondering if they showed it when I said Bush doesn't want to see me because he likes to surround himself with "sycophants." I also interviewed with Randi Rhodes, Ed Schultz, Greta Van Susteran, and many others, and closed out the day with my pal, Mike Malloy.

CindySheehan's diary :: ::
The "first meeting" controversy died down a little today when my town's newspaper printed an op-ed that contradicted Matt Drudge's cherry-picked account of my first meeting with George.

But since they don't have that controversy, they apparently have been lying about other things. Bill O'Reilly said that I am doing this because I have been bought out by, "The Arab Anti-Discrimination League." He was telling his viewers that I am a tool for the liberals and that I am a tool for the anti-war movement. Right now, what we are doing right here in Crawford is the anti-war movement. We have such a strong coalition of groups. GSFP, Code Pink, Veterans for Peace, Military Families Speak Out and the Crawford Peace House.

I talked with John Conyers today and he wrote a letter to George signed by about 18 other Congress members to request that he meet with me. I also talked to Maxine Waters tonight and she is probably going to be here tomorrow. I am so overwhelmed by the support.

I did non-stop interviews today. 100 people came through today to visit with us. About 25 people are staying the night. More food, water, flowers, and money came through today. One father brought his 2 and 4 year old sons out to meet me and thank me for trying to save his boys from the same fate Casey suffered.

Celeste and Dante Zappala from Philadelphia and Bill Mitchell from Atascadero, Ca., all members of GSFP, came out today to support me and help me do interviews and greet all of the people who are arriving.

There is a huge action tomorrow in Aurora, Il. George Bush is leaving the ranch tomorrow to go to Aurora, Il to sign a part of the energy bill at the Caterpillar factory. True Majority has raised money to dog George Bush when he leaves the ranch. Every time he leaves, there will be a GSFP member, MFSO members, VFP members, and Code Pink members who will protest him and say "Meet with Cindy." We will not let him have a 5 week nice vacation when there are millions of people in harm's way in Iraq due to his careless policies. The people of Iraq and our soldiers are suffering. Why should George have a nice vacation?

Thank you for all your support and interest.

We are making a difference.

Keep up the good work.

Dear Cindy
Thank you for your hard work, honesty, integrity and dedication to ending suffering. You represent millions of Americans who didnt want this war, who didnt vote for bushco.,who dont agree with any of the policies of this admin., and who like you are heartbroken about what has happened to our country. Tonight DemocracyNow w/Amy Goodman who like you is a hero, aired interviews with survivors of Nagasaki and Hiroshima. Its that serious. We have to find a way. Thank you Cindy.

I call your attention to an article in today's WasHington Post re Terry Rodgers who was seriously wounded in Iraq. While at Walter Reed, he was asked if he wanted to meet Bush. His response bears note:
"I didn't want anything to do with him...My belief is that his
ego is getting people killed and mutilated for no reason--
just his ego and reputation. If we really wanted to we could
pull out of Iraq. Maybe not completely but enough that we won't
be losing people--at least not at this rate. So I think he
himself (sic, Bush) is responsible for quite a few American
Again, where are the voices of the Democratic senators who gave Bush a free pass on this war? Aren't they also protecting their egos and reps? I say "D--- them all" for their deafening silence while good men and women keep paying the price for their stupid policies and games. STOP BUSH'S BULLSHIT WAR.

Down with THE YELLOW COWARD OF TEXAS. Let him be known in history,
THE YELLOW COWARD OF TEXAS. Read Newsweeks Rolling Stones new album article blasting those worthless Republican murderers. Right on Jagger!!
Barbara bush has 17 grandchildren and not one are serving in the military. (Do you read me Ohio? Why are you electing Republicans? Hello????!!) Get rid of that Republican trash, ie Kathleen Harris who has the nerve to kick off her run.
Let it be written...bush (he doesn't even deserve capitalization of his name) is "THE YELLOW COWARD OF TEXAS" Will someone publish some musical stances to go with that pee-ons song, The Yellow Rose of Texas, for THE YELLOW COWARD OF TEXAS, bush's new nickname?

Georgie Porgie, puddin and pie Started a war and watched men die When a Mom wanted her say, Georgie Porgie ran away

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April 4: Remembering Past Wars . . . and Preventing the Next: An event to mark 100 years since the United States entered World War I, and 50 years since Martin Luther King Jr. made his famous speech against war. A new movement to end all war is growing. 6-8 p.m. at 5th and K Busboys and Poets, Washington, D.C.


April 7-9: Huntsville, Alabama: 25th Annual Space Organizing Conference & Protest


April 22: David Swanson speaking in Burlington, Vermont


June 16-18: David Swanson and many others speaking at United National Antiwar Coalition (UNAC) annual conference in Richmond, Va.

August 2-6: Peace and Democracy Conference at Democracy Convention in Minneapolis, Minn.

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