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Join Cindy in Her Stand at Bush's Ranch


Cindy Sheehan, whose son Casey was killed in Iraq, is holding vigil in Crawford, Texas until she gets a meeting with George Bush. She has some simple questions to ask him: “Why did you kill my son? What did my son die for? If the cause is so noble, why don’t you send your twins?


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Get this posted over on DAILYKOS...we'll recommend it up.

Since it is not possible for everybody to join Cindy in Texas we must stand with her in our own home towns. Organize a group and get started where you are. Exercise your Constitutional right to assemble before you lose it.
By all means if at all possible go to Texas.

She should be honor her son as a HERO not a victim.

I do hope every vet that can will come to the Chicken-Hawk Ranch to be with Cindy.I can and so I will.I live in Texas.Most of you can't be here except in spirt.You can do alot of protesting right at your keyboard.bUSH needs to answer Cindy's Question's "Why did my son die"and
"Why did we go to war with Iraq"?Good Question's since the Downing Street Memo's seem to make it clear tha bUSH LIED to ALL OF US!So if you can come on down to the Chicken-Hawk Ranch,maybe we will have a barbecue.Chicken sounds good.

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