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Cindy Sheehan Protest Top Story on Google News and AOL

The protests in Crawford, Texas led by Cindy Sheehan are currently the top U.S. story on Google News:

...and on AOL:

Please keep following Cindy's efforts and continue urging the media to cover her efforts to meet with President Bush.


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We all love you Cindy... what would jesus do? Probably what your doing. You are a TRUE PATRIOT! A TRUE AMERICAN! A PROUD AND COURAGEOUS WOMAN!! A MENTOR TO MY FAMILY FOR SURE! THIS NATION NEEDS YOU!!

Hmmmm. The U.S. media filters seem to be slipping recently. Is it possible that maybe a few editors are getting fed up and starting to rebel against the instructions of their corporate masters. Or maybe, like a pack of hungry wolves, they are beginning to sense some weakness amongst the neocon herd's corrupted leadership.

Just one thing to be cautious about. Strategic focus is imperative. If you succeed in driving Bush out of office before ousting Cheney from his "bunker" first, I suspect that it could turn out to be a "frying pan to fire" experience -- or even worse.

This seems to have lit the fuse.

Perhaps, although I think I've notice some earlier chinks in the stone wall and some sputtering fuses with reporting on l'Affaire Plame, for example.

In any case, I think it's very important strategically not to over-personalize these movements on either side of the central issues. It could all too easily divert attention and detract from the critical overall mission. In many repsects, "W" is merely a figurehead for the deeper evil that needs to be exposed and rooted out.

This is another VERY IMPORTANT point.
Whoever is in touch with Cindy Sheehan and the protesters needs to relay this message to them. They can make it clear
that they are the voice for millions right now,not just a few that
have been unfortunately directly effected.

You should be allowed your day. Follow the advice of lawyers.
Follow the advice of the post from the other day. It was written by someone who obviously understands the world of protest.

Restrictions were standard set-up tactic; now a lesson learned.
Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on Sun, 2005-08-07 00:35.
Cindy Sheehan is truly a person to be admired for her guts. Its painful to have seen her and her group be set-up by the locals, but the battle is not over, and by knowing what to expect the next time may be better. A few hopefully helpful points to ponder if she reads this, or it's passed on to her.
The road restrictions were a typical tactic for any agency (fed,state,local) wanting to "set-up" someone for a fall. They are enabled, as the local authority, to issue a "letter of instruction" or "special instruction" stating certain subtle but specific restrictions, no matter how ridiculous, knowing full well such restrictions are likely to not be taken serious and will be violated. They just wait for you to cross the line you think is not really that serious, and when you do they pull their "gotcha" authority, say you violated the rule, and you're done.
The locals probably came accross as real easy goin' types to throw you off and cause you to drop your guard. Behind that was a calculated plan to get you, and they KNEW you would violate their seemingly innocuous rule. Behind the locals are others pulling the strings who could write doctoral dissertations on defusing protests. Don't let their practiced and contrived "niceness" throw you off. They're out to undercut you any way they can.
Following the local's instructions to the "T" may be the way to accomplish your mission to get close and have questions answered, which is the point. Not telegraping the next move, just laying low, saying nothing, and just showing up unannounced would catch them off guard and may let you get closer on your own. Pumping up the media could throw sympathy to the other side. The media is already on site, they will come.
However, if caravans are showing up, you may want to make sure they RIGIDLY follow the local's instructions on conduct, or you'll get blocked again and it will be for nought, just another protest. Or get out ahead of them, and on your own hold to the prescribed conduct.
While Cindy is doing the heavy lifting, it would appear that at least one lawyer, connected to one of the supporting groups, would be on site to advise on these type things. Hoping for the best for Cindy and her support groups!!
ยป reply

The protest Cindy Sheehan is staging at the Crawford ranch has reached the MSM. I am happy for that, but it still is not holding Bush to task for his abuse of power. I also hope this does not turn out to be an event that will actually wind up hurting the cause of seeking and speaking truth, and working to see Bush impeached for his crimes against ALL Americans.

Some are now even suggesting a Casey Sheehan fund to support them on this protest... Now, that is all well and good, but aren't they there to respect the memories of all the sons and daughters killed? I read they were chanting, "W killed her son!" This is not about just one, isn't this about all? And as such, shouldn't that entail us going about this by using the law and constitution in our favor for all? And I'm sorry, I just don't have anymore money to give to any effort unless I KNOW that it will lead to Bush's impeachment. I support her bravery wholeheartedly and even helped as much as I could to write the media about this, but I think we should also be focusing on getting Barbara Lee's Resolution of Inquiry passed. We need to pummel the House of Representatives with mails and calls about this. How about a vigil outside the Capital Building until they pass this?

NOTHING will come of this unless we do what needs to be done constitutionally. Cindy Sheehan could stand out there until Christmas, and she isn't going to get anything from that unfeeling SOB. I am also surprised that with all the media coverage Ms. Sheehan has said nothing about the Downing Street Memo either, unless I missed it. Isn't this the GOLDEN opportunity to be getting this out to people with the website mentioned? This protest is in the MSM so what better time could there be? Not one report of this has even mentioned that. There is also no mention of the Resolution of Inquiry. There is also no mention of the breaching of article 2, section 4 of the constitution that is an impeachable offense. Why not? Wouldn't putting our energy, time and money also towards seeing that end truly be our legacy to those who died in Iraq? Has it been mentioned by them, only not reported?

This really can be the start of a movement for justice. However, I believe those protesting must keep level heads (as hard as that is), and must relay the impression that they are there for all of us, not just those in their own families ( though believe me, I understand the grief.) That is why calling publicly from this protest that the House of Representatives must act regarding the Downing Street memo would in my view be the thing to do. Otherwise, those who will use anything to discredit any such movement for our constitution, will have a feeding frenzy about this as they use it as just another protest by grieving relatives looking for an outlet that is all fury signifying nothing... And I do think that is exactly what Bush thinks, and why we must prove him wrong. Oh, and I also notice that not one Congressman or woman who came out about the Downing Street memo has made a comment yet about this protest... Where are they now? Has John Conyers made any statement in support of this yet?

The national profile this protest is getting, for as long as it lasts, must be used for the larger purpose of this website. It must be linked consistantly with the demand to investigate the Downing Street Memos.
Good question...where are those congressman? I will give them
the benefit of the doubt. Perhaps they are making plans to respond in the next week.

My very best to Cindy Sheehan. I have sent emails to all the media in the long list posted here. It asks them to keep up the coverage of her protest for however long it lasts. Many bounced back, but I went through the entire list and most went through.

Please adhere to the advice that is being given to Cindy. She should be allowed her day. I want her to be able to talk to the President. She has sacrificed enough for it.

And what do you think Bush will say to her if he should talk to her? If it is public, he will only use it as a photo op. If it is private, you know all she will get is the same old, "I didn't know" BS. Doesn't she know that already? Do any of us really believe he will come out and tell the truth? He wouldn't even allow John Conyers to deliver a petition to him with 540,000 signatures on it! And sorry, he isn't the President. He is an imposter and has been since 2000. Again, while I support her bravery, I don't see much coming from it unless we get the Resolution of Inquiry passed.

I have been skimming the MSM stories which have appeared across the nation and the world since Cindy Sheehan's courageous journey began.

The MSM is obviously focusing on Cindy's loss of her son in their "reporting". I believe it is now the rest of us, including the Senators and members of the House of Representatives, that need to jump on the MSM right now to EXAMINE, INVESTIGATE and REPORT on just what is at the root of the outrage which exists about the Bush regime.

We call it a regime for a reason! The MSM needs to get out among us and question why we have such a strong distaste for the "President". I know I am just waiting for an opportunity to answer how I feel Bush has failed America. I'm sure the rest of you viewing this website feel the same way.

Someone posted a message referring to how the MSM reporting of the protest to the ranch in Crawford was the first chip away at the stonewall of the Bush gang. I whole heartedly agree! Where there's smoke there's fire. That fire must be stoked constantly until the truth burns every last one of the neocons in hell.

Go to AOL blogs and educate the sheeple >>> they are all there!!! Tell 'em the truth about everything>>> PNAC, peak oil, lies about WMD, Downing Street Memo!!! IMPEACH BUSH, WAR CRIMES FOR PNAC!!!

Thank God for Cindy Sheehan!!! OUR America is BAAAAAACK!!!!!

Yank, and all!

We did some good yesterday on the Yahoo discussion of the AP news story. I noticed that after I posted the first string calling Cindy a bitch that you all supported her and went to Yahoo and attacked. This is how we will get our point across! They underestimate the power of the internet! Let's continue on, like Yank says, go to AOL and get them. Got to their Blogs and post the truth! They will crumble, they are brainwashed! Let them know about it! Don't give up!
The Yahoo discussion grew in an hour from 5 posts to over 2000! That was awesome! At last check, the discussion was over 15000 posts!
Thank you all, and don't stop!!!

Fire Karl Rove!


The Revolution has to start somewhere, and as those protests in DC this fall are carefully managed by Cointelpro's ANSWER goons- please consider taking a trip to Crawford Now- spread the word.

Centrally located, it's perfect for thousand of pissed of Americans from the midwest to come and vent themselves.. people that can't make it to DC could make it to Crawford! And there's nice huge fields right next to Georgie's 'Ranch' are just waiting to be used by thousands of campers for "The Party" to end this madness.

It's time to unite, all those fighting the Election Fraud, and the War, and the Recruiters, and the Stop Loss orders, and the Lies, and the Corruption- come on people now, everybody come together, and lets demand some media attention and put and end to this madness right now- Come join The Party in Crawford, TX.

We have a whole month to get this thing to build and build until it's like Woodstock 2005.

What are you waiting for- send this idea to everyone, then pack up the car and go!

hope Bush has extra bunks

Are there any carpools going? I'd like to go, but its 20 hours from Michigan....Anyone else from here thinking of making the trip?

And exactly what do I then do to feed my own child? Do I just forget about my daily life? Paying bills? Working? It all sounds so exciting and romantic to be able to do that, but this is exactly why making it look like a "party" takes the credibility away from those of us who are truly serious about seeing Bush and his neocon band of thugs in handcuffs.

Many innocent people have been killed as a result of their policies, and yes, while I do believe the truth needs to come out, would it not be better if all of those who thought about packing up their cars to sit in Crawford actually got in their cars and drove over to their Representatives' offices to demand that they co-sponsor and vote for the Resolution of Inquiry as proposed by Rep. Barbara Lee?

I do agree about the need to see these people fall, however, again, I find it doubtful that sitting in a field for a month is going to do what needs to be done. I also believe Ms. Sheehan should have given Bush a time limit. He should have had until 3PM today Texas time to get his ass out and show that he was a man... If not, then everyone pack up and leave and tell the media that his no show is the clearest way to say he doesn't care about the troops nor their families. By giving him all month, you are actually extending to him a courtesy that the bastard does not deserve, and in all honesty, I see this fizzling out in the media in the next few days unless you get a 100,000 people out there.

So again, if we can mobilize people to get out in front of a camera, why can't we mobilze them to go behind it to do what is necessary to build the ground work? I wrote my representative and he co-sponsored the resolution of inquiry. We need to call all Republican representatives about this and tell them it is their DUTY as Americans to stand up for the constitution they swore to uphold since their boss believes he is above doing so. And we need to be telling all Democratic representatives that to vote NO on this resolution will be at their own peril politically as far as ever seeing a vote cast for them again. THAT is what those protestors need to say while out there.

Thought there might be some interest in the results (so far) of an AOL poll attached to their news article.

Was the grieving mom's protest at the Bush ranch appropriate?
Yes: 71%
No: 29%
Total Votes: 183,767

Looks like this and other "public education" efforts may be having a significant impact at long last. Keep up the good work and please don't forget to link all of your individual efforts to the main mission.


Check out this website.......good news and pics


This is just a portion of the article pertinent to who might be there in Texas with Bushie:

But in his first days away, Bush was relatively busy. He gave a speech in Grapevine, Texas, on Wednesday and met with the president of Colombia at the ranch on Thursday. He is scheduled to travel to New Mexico on Monday, meet with his economic advisers and hold a news conference at the ranch on Tuesday, travel to Illinois on Wednesday, meet with his foreign policy team and hold another news conference back at the ranch on Thursday, go to a Republican fund-raising lunch at a neighboring ranch on Friday and attend a Little League championship game in Waco, Texas, on Saturday. .......

....... Then as now, White House officials take turns doing Crawford duty, which nobody fights for. This past week, Joe Hagin, a deputy White House chief of staff, was settled into his double-wide trailer across the road from the entrance to the ranch, where his job includes chainsaw time with the president.

At some point this summer, Hagin will switch off with Rove, who has testified to a grand jury in the leak investigation and who in the past has not done long stretches of ranch time. But when Rove was elevated to White House deputy chief of staff after Bush's re-election, the promotion came with summer Crawford duty.

Stephen Hadley, the national security adviser, will split his ranch duty with his deputy, J.D. Crouch. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, who was freed from ranch duty when she moved on from national security adviser, will visit anyway, first for the foreign policy meeting next week, then for more of a social visit later in the month.

Card does not do ranch duty, although he is expected briefly for the economic meeting on Tuesday, as are Josh Bolten, the White House budget director, and Treasury Secretary John Snow. If the past is any guide, the men will meet with Bush, stand at his side during a news conference under a blistering sun, and then race for the airport.

Wouldn't want Bush to be uncomforable. I'm sure the military in Iraq are sitting back in the shade with their margaritas.

The Bush supporters on the Yahoo News Message Boards are already starting their smear tactics by calling Cindy a traitor and saying things like her son was a fag. They are trying to say that Cindy is only trying to make money from her son's death, or trying to become famous and get her face on television. She's been described as a liberal hippie and a communist.

They are using typical Karl Rove tactics - to destroy the reputation of anyone who opposes them. However, they are making a HUGE MISTAKE by attacking the families of our fallen soldiers.

We must make it clear that this is about ALL of the family members who have died in Iraq, not just one person. They can't trash ALL of the military families.

This is a NEW LOW for the people who always make excuses for Bush's failures.

One "brilliant" post claimed Cindy Sheehan voted for Bush twice. Yeah. Hmmm. Right.

Boy, that's damning. I voted for him once.

I read the Yahoo article and I saw that they were trying to play military families against each other. The tone was obvious. Is it ok to speak out about the death of love one and be against the war? Pretty gross. A point that has to be hammered home. Cindy has her right, as an American to object to the war that her son died fighting in. She has the right to hold her president accountable for the actions he has taken to bring us to war. She paid her dues. She has the right to follow him to Washington D.C. and camp on the lawn and wait until he has a meeting with her. It doesn't matter how the story gets spun in the press. She, as an American and the mother of a child lost in combat, has the right to demand answers.
This story will not go away because Cindy Sheehan has the will and the strength to keep going. She has the instincts and the knowledge to know that this country was been led astray.
My prayers and thoughts are with you Cindy.


A TRUE AMERICAN HERO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


For those who are unused to glaring media attention of this magnitude, it can sometimes be a curse as well as a blessing. People, especially those who have an extremely personal stake in a particular aspect of any situation, can often be overwhelmed to such an extent they may completely lose sight of the broader issues they originally intended to represent.

It's a very unfortunate, if quite understandable, human reaction to finding oneself in the blinding spotlights. That's why it's often wiser to employ professional advice and representation in handling media relations just as in a court of law.

I wish the people from Hollywood,music and tv would join Cindy so the MSM has no option but to report.
Cindy and many others that have suffered loss under a war on a LIE for profit.

You have the power to help the suffering and you will leave the MSM no option.
I have never heard my country men so silent,and when they speak they are threatened,

Do it for the mom that weeps for her son
Do it for the soldier with no arms
Do it for your grand children
Do it for the wife that is all alone and has to raise her children fatherless.
Do it for the masaquere of the innocent Iraq people!
Do it for AMERICA

This will be your greatest achievment,and know that many died before you to give you the freedom you have.
Do the same for the next generation!

So bring on Willie,the Boss,Oprah and many others that have the power to be heard.



We Love you!
Thank You!

just a thought- if Bush comes out to visit, don't talk with him in private, make it right there in front of the cameras.

and Seriously- we all *know* that George W. Bush is an idiot- in the truest sense of the word, and Cindy Sheehan, an intelligent, *caring* person would be 1000x better than this village idiot. Cindy for President- no corporate ties, not skull and bones- perfect.


Thank you for your courage. Thank you for your tenacity. Most of all, thank you for the sacrifice you and your family have made for our nation. There is no more fitting memorial to your son Casey's service and sacrifice for us all than your good works in these dark days. Bless you and thank you.

With all the rumors that are floating around, it does appear that Fiztgerald HAS handed down intictments for Bush, Cheney, and a bunch of others, and it does appear that Bush is trying to fire him to replace him with a neocon buddy. We can't allow this to happen!

...And night of the thousand knives.

Georgie is a scared little crook, doesn't want to go down with the rest of the psychos.

George never asked for any of this, just some peace and quiet with his fundamentalist friends. PNAC doesn't care about peace though, only destroying everything!!!


THE TIME HAS COME: Shades of Archibald Cox

Yes the truebills have been issued and that's why he is running to fire the guy.

Doug E.

Does anyone know if a mechanism has been set up to send a contribution in support of Cindy Sheehan's protest at Crawford
(i.e., for food, shelter, etc)?

Thought I saw it earlier in the day, but...

This thing is actually gaining some momentum. If we can't make it we need to support those that can.

Maybe we could donate to a pizza party, bbq, etc.... sponsored by It would help bring more of what needs to be discussed out in front of the general public.

One option would be to visit Gold Star Families for Peace at:

On the home page there's a "Donations" link at the upper right

A great cause but: "All donations to Gold Star Families for Peace will be used to assist families who have been impacted by the war."

I want to be involved with this protest. Unfortunately, I can not participate in person so I would like to participate finacially.

Came in to see updates after Finally taking a Nap I needed Yesterday, and saw the few Response about Donating, glad I did.

Here's the Latest Scoop, I was looking for a way myself, since yesterday. The Crawford Peace House didn't have a link, but I wanted to try and get a few bucks there Quickly. I tried calling the Peace House today only to find there phone was discontinued, didn't pay bill, hey their a Peace Organization not a Political Party!! I than tried to send some through the GoldStar Families Site, for some reason after signing in to my PayPal when clicking to give a certain sum it said I wasn't signed in, Clitch!
So I found a telephone number for Cindy, thinking it was her home phone I'd call and get some info, Well To My Surprise It Was Her Cell Number And Cindy Answered, We Had A Short Great Talk Till Another Call Was Coming In, Here's What I Posted To A Running Diary, Over at Daily KOS About Call And What Cindy Said And Needs:
Just Got Off Phone With Cindy (4.00 / 6)

I called her number, because I couldn't find a way to Donate any monies.

There is No Way to donate at the Crawford Peace House as yet, but she said they are going to set up a PayPal Account Tomorrow!!!
Their Telephone number is also Disconnected, it's a Peace Group Living On A String, Cindy gave them the money to Re-Hook that up and should be in Operation in the next couple of days!!

She said she has her Laptop with her but no way to access the Net. Now what's needed is some Technical Help here. I'm Not A Techie, didn't grow up with this stuff, she mentioned something about a Plug-In, for her LapTop to use Wireless, is there such a thing one, and knowing how small Crawford is would it Work there, Any Help Would Be Appreciated!!
And if it can be Done somebody in Texas can get the needed Equipment to her!!!!!

by jimstaro on Sun Aug 7th, 2005 at 10:06:14 EST
Anybody going there can Help with the Tech Hookup of hers or others LapTops!
Monies can be Directly Donated to the Crawford Peace House [don't have the URL at present but just use a search to get site] Hopefully Tomorrow!
Contact Info for the Crawford Peace House is at bottom of page, try tele. number tomorrow or tuesday and maybe you'll get through!

Hope This Helps!!!

James Starowicz
USN '67-'71 GMG3 Vietnam In-Country '70-'71 COMNAVFORV
Member: Veterans For Peace

Many thanks James ... I'll be donating as soon as the PayPay is set up. Here'e the link for Crawford Peace House

Unfortunately wireless hookups have to be within a few hundred feet of a base station, and that base station has to be wired to the web in some fashion. Many cities are implementing this type of connection at downtown "hot spots," but it's going to be rough in Crawford.

Don't know how, and Hope the Posting I put up over at KOS Helped, but she has put up a Diary over there at:

She may not be able to stay online as she hasn't answered the reponses, or probably in the Hot Sun she's conserving Her Energy!

Take a trip over and read her posting and the responses and Send Your Support!!

Code Pink has just sent out an E Calling for folks to travel there, yesterday they called for a hunger strike!

We The People Are Taking Back Our Government, Starting Yesterday!!

We Will Not Allow Them To Do To Cindy And The Other Gold Star Families What They Did To Rachel Corries Parents!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

USN '67-'71 GMG3 Vietnam In-Country '70-71 COMNAVFORV
Member: Veterans For Peace

Can someone from After Downing Street go down to Texas and push for the the investigation of the Downing street memo??? Here is one DSM petition drive:

Petition for Inquiry into the Downing Street Memo/ Pre-War Intelligence:

question # 42: 40,000 signers as of July 30

New petition for withdrawal of U.S. troops from Iraq
(after Bush's "more of the same, stay the course" speech from Ft. Bragg)

Good job everyone!

We did some good yesterday on the Yahoo discussion of the AP news story. I noticed that after I posted the first string calling Cindy a bitch that you all supported her and went to Yahoo and attacked. Later, listening to Talk Right on Sirius, I heard Jerry Doyle ( screaming about Bush abdicating his throne and letting down America in a time of war, he was hammering the president BIG TIME! It's all because of us and people like Cindy! Our voices are FINALLY getting heard! This is how we will get our point across! They underestimate the power of the internet! Let's continue on, like Yank says, go to AOL and get them. Got to their Blogs and post the truth! They will crumble, they are brainwashed! Let them know about it! Don't give up!
The Yahoo discussion grew in an hour from 5 posts to over 2000! That was awesome! At last check, the discussion was over 15000 posts!
Thank you all, and don't stop!!!

Fire Karl Rove!



The Downing Street Minutes........ ARE HERE TO LIGHT THE WORLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Call Cindy and everyone there, tell them to continually repeat the Downing Street Minute!!!! INVESTIGATE DOWNING STREET MINUTE, NOW!!!!!!!!!

You jerks are already in trouble by the Grand Juries for lying everyone into war!!!!!! COME OUT AND FACE THE MUSIC, NO DICK CHENEY TO PROTECT YOU!!!!!!!!

Doug Eldritch

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