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Cindy Sheehan: "The Secret Service is Trying to Intimidate Us"

Cindy Sheehan called After Downing Street moments ago at 10 p.m. ET to report that the Secret Service is trying to intimidate her and members of Gold Star Families for Peace, Iraq Veterans Against the War, and Veterans for Peace into leaving their protest near President Bush's Crawford, Texas ranch.

This morning Cindy led dozens of protesters as close as they could get to the ranch; they were stopped by local police about five miles away. Cindy and others plan to stay there throughout Bush's five-week August vacation until he agrees to meet with her and other family members of soldiers killed in Iraq and answer their questions about the war.

Throughout the afternoon and evening, however, the Secret Service has been telling protesters that if they stay there they may be hit by Secret Service vehicles. Cindy says, "They've told us this at least ten times. There isn't much room between the side of the road and the fence, and they go zooming by far over the speed limit." Cindy reports the Secret Service already ran a mother and her six year-old off the road. She believes the Secret Service's actions are a clear attempt to coerce her and the other protesters into leaving.

Cindy and others are asking to meet with the Secret Service and local police to ensure the safety of everyone involved. In the meantime, she asks that anyone who can contact the media to alert them to the situation.

If you are able to do this, media contact information can be found here. Please politely let them know what's been happening with the Secret Service, and encourage them to continue covering Cindy's efforts to meet with President Bush.


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Whoa, secret service threatening to run people off the road, or worst, run them over. Red flag!; this must be really getting to bush and the gang. Can we say, gestapo tactics!

The gestapo tactics are over this time!!!!!! No Richard Dick Cheney, only Georgie and friends alone in the house.

Give up your stupid childish behavior!!!! ANSWER US NOW!!!!!! More protestors are on the way, AND ITS NOT GOING AWAY ANYMORE!!!!!!!!

Doug E.

And I was very polite.

....It started AFTER DOWNING STREET!!!!!!

Support Counsel Fitzgerald and the other Grand Juries to complete their results, REMOVE ALL TRAITORS FROM THE HOUSE!!!!!


He sent the President to Crawford, because the man is no longer relevant to their plans. President Richard Cheney is planning on a nuclear strike against Iran!!!!!

We must stop him, and send them all to JAIL!!!!

Get informed and get mad:

Doug Eldritch

Actually Doug, it started a long time ago, they were trying to get Clinton to invade Iraq in 1998, long before Bush was in, probably even earlier than 1998 in terms of their agenda. I think this goes back to early planning stages of at least when Bush Sr. invaded Iraq, and he called the PNAC folks "nutcases".

He almost bought into the nutcases in PNAC, hold them all accountable!!!!!!

Lets put PNAC away for life, they have RUINED EVERYTHING!!!!!! CRAZY LUNATIC LIKUD PARTY FREAKS!!!!!!


Look at the flag on her lap.

The folded flag to replace her son.

Look at the man who fixed the facts to go to war.

Is Cindy wrong when she called it "pre-meditated murder"?

Does it make a difference to discover that Halliburton made HUGE profits? I believe it was 280% but feel free to correct me on that number.

Look at the fight the republicans put up to save ONE women--Terri Schaivo.

Look all--This is not about politics when you too could have a folded flag to hold the rest of your life instead of your loved one.

LOOK at the Picture Folks and send it to your Congressman and send it to your friends and family. And ask them, "HOW can it hurt for the Republicans to call for an investigation of the DSM when you see the destruction that has happened to these families. We don't want anymore people to join the GSFFP...We want this war to END!"

Your apt comments drive the point home extremely well, particularly about just having a "flag to hold" instead of your loved one. I can appreciate the feeling, somewhat similar to the empty feeling of looking at an urn of ashes of my deceased wife. The pain for these parents and spouses is that their loved ones were, if not deliberately, then at least INEPTLY sacrificed for political whims. Same crime.

If all those left behind were to finally become aware of the truth, they would say "You must be joking--My kid or spouse died for WHAT"?!!

Poor Bill Clinton was strung up by congress for lying about sex, and who cared (I thought it was a perk of the office); Nixon was strung up by congress for spying on the other political party, and who cared; Now we have political lies that actually cost peoples lives for nothing--and congress doesn't seem to care.

They're protecting themselves because they voted for the Iraq war and didn't scrutinize it enough. If they had guts they would admit their scrutinizing lapse, but they could in truth save themselves by the Downing Street Memos, which show they were both given bad information about the reasons to go to war, or critical information was withheld from them. Similarly, John Kerry might have won the election if he had known about the DSM and could say, yeah he voted for the war, but could then point to just why he didn't have the right information.

Its all very unsettling. While at this juncture those "who only have a flag to hold" and their loved ones who died for nothing are the great losers, the ripple effect of current political ineptness may soon affect us all in one way or another.

He does not and that is obvious. I think it is time to ask serious questions of the Republicans who are continuing to support this White House administration. Enough of the patriotic flag waving. It means nothing. I don't think this President should be allowed to make a single, solitary, decision anymore as president. He has shown his incompetency.

I am no doubt at least a little bit mistaken, but for the most part hasn't this been true from day one? Dick Cheney makes the decisions. Bush is just the figurehead. This is certainly not an original thought (see "Dick: The Man Who Is President", by John Nichols). The salient point here is that getting George W. Bush out of office would be a wonderful thing. But it would not change much. To make a big change, you would have to get 60-70 percent of all federal elected officials out of office.

The only way to do that is to make those jobs less desirable for the kinds of people who crave power over others. One big reason we have such despicable leaders is there is that they truly do have the power of kings. Senators, especially, live like royalty.

There are good, honest, public-servant-minded people who become U.S. senators. My mother has been acquainted with two of them: retired Republican Mark Hatfield, and current Democrat Ron Wyden. Mark retired before he became totally corrupted. I'm worried about Ron. I still like him a lot, but ever so slowly he is voting to preserve the power and wealth of the people who are already powerful and wealthy, even if it comes at the expense of poor people (please don't think I hate myself and the other "golden billion" rich people; I just don't want anything if it costs soeone else; I want to pay my own way, and I want others to do the same).

It's the system that is now fundamentally flawed. Was it flawed from the beginning? I have no idea, since I wasn't around then! I'm also functionally illiterate when it comes to U.S. political history. Let me share one little anecdote as an illustration, if not evidence. This past June 13th I read an excellent post on AlterNet about Wal-Mart:

Readers Write: Turning Up the Heat on Wal-Mart
By Laura Barcella, AlterNet. Posted June 13, 2005.

Kirk, a pastor, agreed: "Wal-Mart has moved into rural communities in a way that makes one either drive so far [that] everything costs more, due to time and gas; or go without."

But he addressed some small ways shoppers can help thwart the big W: "I do find that many local retailers will order items especially for me, and sometimes put in price breaks, since I do other shopping there too. It doesn't hurt that I'm a pastor, but maybe you can obtain similar services for at least some of your shopping. No one should be expected to make unreasonable sacrifices; if we all do what we can, local businesses will be stable, and Wal-Mart will shrink."

Did you catch that? "No one should be expected to make unreasonable sacrifices," he says. Keep in mind that the people in his church are probably poor. Now, consider this: the poorest person in his church lives a life of luxury, compared to the POOREST BILLION of our fellow human beings (you have walls? AND medicine?). And finally -- most painfully -- I AM PART OF THE PROBLEM, TOO! Only people like Cindy Sheehan and others who are making real sacrifices are part of the solution.

There are many in the US congress and throughout the country that supported the war in 2002 and that support it today regardless of the facts that the administration used cherry picked intelligence and lies to "justify" a premptive attack on Iraq. Many of these people have sought US military control of the mideast for more than fifteen years, and they will continue to support the Iraq war as well as expansion of the war into Syria and Iran to achieve the objectives that are clearly stated in the neocon paper written for Israel "A Clean Break: A New Strategy for Securing The Realm". These people who are also involved in The Project for a New American Century (PNAC) have no qualms about using American blood and treasure to achieve their objective of dominating the mideast. The owners of the media are part of this cabal, and they will continue to keep the truth hidden from the public lest Americans discover who is really behind this tragedy and retake control of their government to protect true US interests.

Deserter, Coward, Liar, Bully.
Afraid of (and scornful of) the American People.

Compare to: Benedict Arnold; McCarthy(-ism); Judas; Nero.


Do not quote me on this but read Bob Wodwards book on Bush. At one point Woodward asks Bush what about your place in history and Bush answered back" what history we will all be dead."

It is obvious at this point that they wanted the job in the White House for the money and nothing else. This country has been taken to the cleaners.


Contacting media as I take time out to write this.

We have to be united and stand strong. This government is out of control!

I'll crosspost this to my blog as well, and will start the letter writing campaign to the media. I can't believe they are threatening these protestors this way...

Cindy Sheehan is truly a person to be admired for her guts. Its painful to have seen her and her group be set-up by the locals, but the battle is not over, and by knowing what to expect the next time may be better. A few hopefully helpful points to ponder if she reads this, or it's passed on to her.

The road restrictions were a typical tactic for any agency (fed,state,local) wanting to "set-up" someone for a fall. They are enabled, as the local authority, to issue a "letter of instruction" or "special instruction" stating certain subtle but specific restrictions, no matter how ridiculous, knowing full well such restrictions are likely to not be taken serious and will be violated. They just wait for you to cross the line you think is not really that serious, and when you do they pull their "gotcha" authority, say you violated the rule, and you're done.

The locals probably came accross as real easy goin' types to throw you off and cause you to drop your guard. Behind that was a calculated plan to get you, and they KNEW you would violate their seemingly innocuous rule. Behind the locals are others pulling the strings who could write doctoral dissertations on defusing protests. Don't let their practiced and contrived "niceness" throw you off. They're out to undercut you any way they can.

Following the local's instructions to the "T" may be the way to accomplish your mission to get close and have questions answered, which is the point. Not telegraping the next move, just laying low, saying nothing, and just showing up unannounced would catch them off guard and may let you get closer on your own. Pumping up the media could throw sympathy to the other side. The media is already on site, they will come.

However, if caravans are showing up, you may want to make sure they RIGIDLY follow the local's instructions on conduct, or you'll get blocked again and it will be for nought, just another protest. Or get out ahead of them, and on your own hold to the prescribed conduct.

While Cindy is doing the heavy lifting, it would appear that at least one lawyer, connected to one of the supporting groups, would be on site to advise on these type things. Hoping for the best for Cindy and her support groups!!

Thank you for the advice. Anybody who is thinking of joining Cindy Sheehan please adhere to this and any advice given. It is very important that Cindy's goals be accomplished. She deserves answers.

Apparently the Secret Service does not abide by the speed limits and drives recklessly.

Call the McClellan County sheriff and complain:


I called the McCellan County sheriff about the Secret Service unlawful driving habits. I said that they drive so fast as to be reckless and run-over pedestrians.


Cindy! I can't believe it -- you made it all the way to CNN! You are a Bunker Buster of a totally different sort. Thank you!

Cindy Sheehan is a very courageous woman. She testified with Joe Wilson, John Bonifaz, Ray McGovern in front of John Conyers committe's call for a congressional investigation of the Downing Street Memo televised on cspan ( archives?) Her obvious plea for the truth of why her son died was so honest,so heart felt that no one could doubt her integrity, sincerity and courage. God bless you Cindy. Its courageous people like you who inspire us to keep trying to wake up apathetic, numbed and dumbed americans who continue to think "politics" has no relevance to their lives. Its absolutely astounding how long its taking for America to wake up. Is it possible to forward these ADS stories by email ?? Like commondreams website?

God bless you Cindy.

I even saw you reported on Sky news in the UK, a Rupert Murdoch propoganda channel. No mention of the DSM of course as that would require them to be real journalists instead of simpering, fawning lickspittles.

After Team Bush are convicted and in jail please let's not forget what a massive role Mr Murdoch played in pushing their lies. Time to put that scum bag out of business.

Can't be long now until the next "terrorist" attacks. It is going to have to be a big one for Dick and George to successfully brush all this under the carpet.

Incidently it is breathtakingly obscene that American Pyscho is taking a FIVE WEEK VACATION during the slaughter, rape and torture of Iraq, but maybe that is all part of plan. Time will tell...

As for the secret sevice - they are really covering themselves in glory - Heinrich Himmler would be very proud of them.

oh how does he say it on his PNAC frankenstein creation of his website>>>
"advocacy journalism". How NOT clever!

When will the government official come out of his Bush Dividian Compound, and answer for his actions?

Dear Cindy, I respect what you are doing, you have struck a cord with most Americans. I wish I had the courage to do what you are doing. George has no answer for you. If he strikes out against you, he will lose. There was a poll on Amerika Online today that said 73% support you. When the corporate media and their fixed polls, finally tells the truth, it means THE TIDE HAS TURNED! Maybe your son didn't die in vain, if this is the beginning of the end of the Bush coup d'tat. Thank you for your sacrifices.

M Flynn, thanks for the AOL poll... Cindy is something else> the power of one is the power of many!

Okay folks, everyone is excited about what Cindy is doing in Texas...she needs people there with her. We need to set up something where people can set up caravans/carpools to get there throughout the month of August.

Whoever said an attorney is needed, yes, you are right, there are enough of them out there that are behind this, now they need to walk the walk and be legal counsel and not be afraid to step up to the plate.

I don't know if I can get to Texas because of work commitments and I'd have to drive (1300 miles one way)...but if I can, I will.

Can we get a national sign up sheet of people to put down if they will go and dates?

I go between numerous websites/blogs and everyone is cheering, but as of yet we are all flappin' around and not organizing...

Media attention for a month....
People to be with Cindy in her vigil...
Sign makers....
Politicians willing to show up...
Other high profile folks to show up...

We also need to be ready for the pro-Bush, if there are any of those know they will be given access and that is when it will get nasty.


I hope the crowd there continues to grow, especially with anti-war veterans.

Cindy has the guts we all should have! GO CINDY! We are behind you 150% or more!
BUSH IS A COWARD! He is full of lies, can not be trusted. I don't even watch TV anymore because I can't stand to see his lying face if it should happen to be on the screen.


Hey, it's Sunday! Why not go to Crawford? Maybe I can even as Jenna for a date (uck!).

Another Kent State on the way? Is that what it will come too? Is Fitzgerald's investigation going to be railroaded by a replacement of his superior, a former Bush Yale pal and Skull and Bones member? Is it that far gone?

Yes, it is the Skull & Bones Organization that is responsible for what is occurring here in America. Their agenda is to destroy our Constitution. I think we all realize by now that the real attack on America - 9/11 - twin towers - pentigon was the deed of these people. Bush does not belong in the oval office but in an oval prison cell.

ALL the posts are correct,keep up the good work!

Your son did not die in vain.
His dying gave you the strength to fight for America and it's people!
Know your son is proud of you!
Know your pain and anger will lead the way in stopping an adminstration that had no trouble in starting war on a LIE for profit.
Your suffering is not alone,so many have suffered under the Bush administration.We have a group of people that lost family on 9/11 with evidence that the Bush administration let it happen.
And for some reason there not able to get due process!
Whether we have scared or corrupt judges,I don't know!

We have our security agencies that are under attack by Bush.
These men and woman that risk there lives are being jeopardized.

Hopefully the people that see what's happening get off there buts and help out.
That's been a big part of the problem,many don't know what's going on.
This due in part to the MSM.
But there is hope, a man that's been a life time Republican to the point of calling Bush-Bushie,went off the trail of Rush and Fox and tuned in another radio station.
He heard the caller talk about how he was a life long Republican and that he thought Bush was a LIE,out of control and not a Rep.
The fact that he turned on this station,the fact that he listened to this station says volumes!
Many in the Republican base are seeing threw Bush and his LIES!
They also see a government out of controll.
A government covered in secrecy and LIES!

More and more Americans are more scared of the Bush government then a foreign country!

Cindy know your son is proud of you and your strength is coming from him and your love.
Keep fighting for the mom in Alabama that won't have to suffer the pain for her son who died on a LIE!
Keep fighting for the child in Arkansa that won't have a Dad who died on a LIE
Keep fighting----------------------------

Remember the big deal Bush made of the Iraq men that lost limbs under Suddam,why is there no press conference by this president on our American soldiers that lost limbs.
Are they not IMPORTANT?
Or is it a case of pointing out other leaders wrongs and not ours!

This war was started on a LIE so men could profit and the GOP Congress and Senate are going to be held accountable for not letting this be investigated.
This is high treason,I call it murder,and there blocking the investigation.
There going down one at a time until they do the right thing by America and it's people!

That is simply intolerable and outrageous. Does someone have a list of Texas media contacts - television and radio so we can tell them about the Secret Service? I tried calling CNN and NPR but they are all off for the weekend.


Apparently the Secret Service does not abide by the speed limits and drives recklessly.

Call the McClellan County sheriff and complain:


I called the McCellan County sheriff about the Secret Service unlawful driving habits. I said that they drive so fast as to be reckless and run-over pedestrians.


BTW: in my previous post I forgot to mention the link to the Out Of Iraq petition - which only has 25,000 signers and needs many more:

Cindy Sheeham Still Making The News, and out of over 200 thousand votes on AOL, 72 percent support her. That Means Mr. Bush has a 28 percent approval rating, Can We Impeach Him Now?

The answer is no for two reasons:

1) We have to catch Bush in a crime ( and lying to the nation is not a crime)

2) The Congress, more specifically the House of Reps, is controlled by rightwing Republicans and unless things change dramatically after the 2006 election, Bush will not be impeached by the House of Reps.

It is better to get out of Iraq and stop the war than to try to impeach Bush

St. Germain 08.06.05

You are beginning to sense how near you are to a break through. All of a sudden the groundwork put in by many people is finally producing the results that you have been looking for. It is still only a small percentage of you that regularly follow the news and have an awareness of what is really taking place. However, that has proved to be sufficient to spread the word, and more people are having their curiosity aroused. It is glaringly obvious that events are out of control, and there is a race against time to prevent them escalating any further.

The dark cabal have pulled the strings for so long, and you are finding that their control goes back much further than you imagined. Hiding secrets is always difficult, as inevitably some one takes a long hard look at events and begins to see through cover-ups. It is true that if you often lie you will eventually be caught out lying about the lies, and in the end the web of deceit traps the perpetrators themselves. This is what is happening now, and the floodgates are beginning to open as the truth comes tumbling out. There are millions of you now sharing your knowledge, and the dark cannot cope with such masses. They direct their attention to those brave souls who openly stand up against them, and these are the ones that need your unflinching support.

It is a fact that people who are worthy citizens and stand up for the truth are harassed and hunted in a way that is frightening. With your backing and support, they will find the strength to carry on until their goal has been achieved. Remember this is your fight, and you are at a most crucial time in your lives. The very least anyone can do is to talk with others and open their eyes to what is happening. Just a word or an idea here and there may be sufficient to open up a train of thought that will add another to the ranks of those who are thinking for themselves.

It does not need me to tell you that you are watching events unfold that have the potential to bring a sudden change in your fortunes. When truth is on your side all Heaven works with you to achieve results, and this time is here now. It may seem a lonely one sided battle, but when you bring your light to bear upon the dark, you are suddenly a great force for good and we are with you. For those of you who lead in this way, we say feel our presence around you and do not hesitate to ask for our protection if you feel uneasy or threatened. You play by the rules and so do we, whilst the dark are devious and have no scruples whatsoever as to how they achieve their aims.

Be ready for some members of the dark to move into the Light, and know that eventually all do so. Even in the darkest heart a small Light shines and it can never be totally extinguished. This is that part of you that is your God spark, and even if every other aspect of yourself disappeared, it would still remain. You may now be aware that you personally are within the Light, and have a one pointed focus on your goal. Be assured however, that you have trodden a stony path to get there as all do as part of their experience. Remember, that “But for the Grace there go I

I have written to all of the "TV Media" to ask them not to bury your story. The flaming right wing faction is unleashing their dogs of deception in an attempt to discredit you. But they are seen for what they are.
You have the nation's support. And you have our prayers for success. HE cannot hide forever. Stay with us Cindy! -ron-

"No army has the strength of an idea whose time has come"
This is your time Cindy. Don't stop. This is snowballing.

"I now know he's sincere about wanting freedom for the Iraqis," Cindy said after meeting with President Bush. "I know he's sorry and feels some pain for our loss. And I know he's a man of faith."

your a dumb ass! bush is a murder of thousands of people and should be subject to extreme punishment for his part in the 'so called terrorist attacks'as use for propaganda to invaid iraq. the real terrorist are right here in the usa and the white house is there meeting place!

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