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Reuters Covers Cindy Sheehan Protest

White House officials meet anti-war protesters
Sat Aug 6, 2005 6:38 PM ET

By Steve Holland

CRAWFORD, Texas (Reuters) - About 70 anti-war protesters shouted "bring the troops home" from Iraq near President Bush's ranch on Saturday, prompting two White House officials to come out to meet with mothers who lost children in combat in Iraq.

National Security Adviser Steven Hadley and Deputy White House chief of staff Joe Hagin listened to the concerns of Cindy Sheehan and five or six other mothers in a meeting that lasted about 45 minutes, White House spokesman Trent Duffy said. Duffy said Sheehan told the two officials she appreciated the meeting.

"I want to ask the president, why did you kill my son? What did my son die for?" Sheehan, 48, Vacaville, California, told reporters before meeting with Hadley and Hagin. Sheehan blames Bush for the death of her son, Army Specialist Casey Sheehan, 24, killed on April 4, 2004, in Sadr City, Baghdad.

The protest coincided with release of a Newsweek poll that said 61 percent of Americans disapproved of the way Bush was handling the situation in Iraq. The poll came after more than two dozen Americans were killed in the past week in Iraq.

Newsweek said it was Bush's lowest rating on Iraq and the first time it had dropped below 40 percent in its poll. Pentagon officials have said maintaining public support for the war is key to the troops' morale.

The group of protesters, including U.S. veterans from the Iraq and Vietnam wars, were loud yet peaceful and McLennan County sheriff's deputies, trying to avoid arrests, stopped them on a road about 5 miles from Bush's ranch on a hot August day.

"W. killed her son! W. killed her son!" the crowd shouted. They also shouted "Bring the troops home now" and held up signs with slogans such as "Impeach the Chicken-Hawk-in-Chief."

The protesters, many who came from a peace rally in Dallas, first drove toward the ranch in a school bus painted red, white and blue. It was stopped at a police checkpoint and the protesters got out and walked.

Police allowed the group to walk on the side of the road for about a half mile but then stopped them when some in the group walked on the street itself.

After some protesters left, a small group led by Sheehan vowed to stage a vigil on the side of the road until someone representing the White House came out to talk.

White House officials were aware of the protest and Duffy said before the meeting, "We mourn the loss of every life and Americans deeply appreciate those who have made the supreme sacrifice. The way to honor that sacrifice is to complete the mission so that their lives were not lost in vain."


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Meeting with Cindy and the Iraq mothers was bizarre and disgusting, he was extremely callous and angry about the fact they asked him the questions.

Why is BUSH afraid of refusing to answer the damn questions!?!???


Bush doesn't look happy to me, so he should come clean now. ADMIT HE WAS USED, STOP BEING PART OF THE PROBLEM WITH IRAQ!!!!

Doug Eldritch

And besides, he's the president. The buck stops with him wheter he likes it or not. A lot of guys died in Iraq because Bush lied. If he didn't take the time to learn the issues, if he didn't have the backbone to stand up to chaney, or if he thought it would be good for his legecy are not good excuses. Nothing works. He will always be a part of the problem because he helped create the problem.

But that's the point of, this is what PNAC does and this is what PNAC is!!!!!!

By pure passivity, he has caved into them!!!!!!!

Doug E.

All hail to Cindy for her courage and persistence. Cindy may well save my son's life. We all need to do what we can to help her carry her message to the American people. W has brought untold shame upon our country.

As I looked at the pictures on the net today of the people
in Crawford
Texas protesting the war,I laughed ,I cried,and I felt so proud of all of them,out there in the scorching heat trying to get an idiot
president to just talk to them about this murderous war that he has created.If he is such a good christian he better be ready to face the gates of hell when he leaves this earth because he is a very evil murderer.He is responsible for 1000's of deaths in Iraq,including innocent women and children.There will be a price for him to pay for all his evil and greed.He better start listening to the people because 60 percent of this country is against this war.I love and admire Cindy Sheehan for fighting for what she believes in.She can walk the walk and talk the talk and the leaders of this country better listen !!!!!Go CINDY YOU Have the angels on your side

"60 percent of this country is against this war"

The latest poll information is 73% (I think) against.

HE LIED! We need to take them to task.

Bush is no patsy. He is as guilty as Cheney or Wolfowitz.

I empathize with Ms. Sheehan for the loss of her son, and for all of the parents and friends who have lost loved ones in this and any other war. War is a senseless thing started by egos and anger and a desire to control, or on better days, to save and rescue.

The one problem I have with Ms. Sheehan's protest is that her son chose to join the armed forces, he was not drafted. He knew by doing so that there was a chance he would go to war, and a chance if he went to war that he would be seriously injured or killed. In making a choice like this, one accepts the risk of all possiblities. That does not make the pain any less, or the senselessness of the loss more sensible. But it also doesn't help to blame one's choices on another.

Bush may not be going to heaven, it's not my or anyone else's call. But I don't think that those who commit additional wrongs will either. And the war may have been started for the wrong reasons, but if all goes well, a whole new nation will be born, where women aren't murdered by husbands and brothers, where children have a right to a real education, and where one can walk the streets at night without fear and voice their opinions - just like on this website.

Just my opinion.

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