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Democrats pile it on Novak, 'Can't stand the heat: That's bullshit'


"If You Can't Stand The Heat...That's Bull*t!" blares a Democratic National Committee release issued Friday. Conservative columnist Robert Novak quit a CNN program live yesterday before taking questions about his role in the outing of a CIA operative, saying, 'that's bullshit.'

"Apparently, Robert Novak was afraid to answer questions in an open forum or perhaps he had to meet with his lawyer,


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Yes, Robert Novak is catching it. I'm still not convince he "lost
it", or chose a "Hail Mary" play to defer questioning about the
Plame/Wilson affair. I have studied Robert Novak for a long, long, long time. He is a very clever fox. (Seriously kidz, NEVER under-estimate Novak . . . he's good at what he does . . . I just wish I could figure out exactly WHO he's doing it for.)

Yes, the Democrats are making use of this material, but how many of them are actually changing sides?

I know congressman Mike McIntyre (Dem-NC) refuses to acknowledge ANY of my calls, e-mails, etc. concerning his complete support of Bush,
support of the war in Iraq, support of the Patriot Act, support of Torture tactics, support of the war on Liberals/Minorities/Sick People otherwise known as the "Drug War", etc.

Thank goodness he is up for re-election in 2006. You can best believe I will be putting every ounce of energy into fighting
his re-election. Rude people that don't return phone calls
should not hold office. . . especially if they are supporting
illegal wars, the mass murder of women and children, as well as being
traitors to the US Constitution for a PNAC policy based on
really bad 19th century pseudo-science.

The only thing nice I have to say about him is that I can't find
any evidence (yet) that he is on the AIPAC payroll.


... I was going to suggest that we look into that possibility, then I read your last line! So , so far you do not see him on the AIPAC payroll? What gives then? We'll have to keep an eye on this one to see if he's unique or not.

Yeah, it is strange that I can't find any evidence of AIPAC contributions, which definitely would make him unique, eh? ;-)

I guess I am reading him more as a "Young Man that's going to BE
SOMEBODY" so he is hitching his wagon to the "winners." As
Ray Davies of the Kinks would say, "A Dedicated Follower of Fashion."
For example, he sponsored a bill to keep "Under God" in the pledge of allegence, or some such political rubbish.

Now, if you check out his web page, you can see that he is raking in the dollars, so he is being rewarded for his loyalty.


"bullshit" is the "turd" in "turd blossom". Novak is a traitor and so is Rove - "turds of a feather stink together"

I wish we had a list of Dem's to watch and for them to be aware that we are watching them, so we are all well informed when it comes to election times. I am very concerned about ones that may attempt or have changed sides. I believe all voters need to be aware of this behavior. Who knows, maybe for once an Independent may be elected next round due to the flip flopping and changing side behavior,we will only vote for the good and kick the bad to the curb. And I am a Democrat that is fed up with liars, self serving, heartless people being paid so well for this type of behavior! I want to only elect true dedicated to the people, all people, not just in the United States...that is what we use to be about, until another Bush came along! I have trouble sleeping at night while the people of Iraq are suffering due to an unjust war and we are losing men and women that went into the service to protect us, not line pockets! They wanted to go after the 9/11 terrorist's and they landed in Iraq quickly Bush forgot all about Afghanistan, this act is smelling like a fish to me. This act alone shows how much he cares about the people of this country! But there are way too many acts that shows it also...just way too many. I remember when Nixon was the worse, he looks like an angel now. Talk about people making a profit while in office! I am so blown away that this President has managed to get away with such acts!

Mrs. Novak asks that we all leave little Bobby alone from now on, explaining that he's just fallen in with a bad crowd and swearing that he'll be good from now on. She also blames Mrs. Cheney's boy Dick for teaching him those bad words.

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