You are herecontent / Americans View Plame Leak as Important, Bush Admin. as Responsible and Unethical

Americans View Plame Leak as Important, Bush Admin. as Responsible and Unethical

CBS News Poll. July 29-Aug. 2, 2005. N=1,222 adults nationwide. MoE ± 3 (for all adults).

"How much have you heard or read about the special investigation into the possible leak of an undercover CIA officer's identity to reporters in 2003? Would you say you have heard or read a lot, some, not much, or nothing at all?"

A Lot Some Not Much Nothing Unsure
19 35 22 23 1

"There is currently a grand jury investigating whether a crime was committed when a CIA officer's identity was revealed to reporters. How important do you think the investigation is to the nation -- of great importance, some importance, or very little importance?"

Great Some Very Little None (vol.) Unsure
41 39 15 1 4

"George W. Bush's Deputy Chief of Staff, Karl Rove, spoke with reporters about the CIA officer in 2003. Do you think Karl Rove personally did anything wrong in this matter?" If Yes: "Do you think Rove's activities were unethical or illegal?"

Yes -- Unethical
Yes -- Illegal
Yes -- Unsure if illegal
Yes -- Illegal and unethical
No, nothing wrong

"In their statements about the possible leak of the CIA officer's identity, do you think members of the Bush Administration are telling the entire truth, are mostly telling the truth but are hiding something, or are mostly lying?"

Truth Hiding
thing Mostly
Lying Unsure
12 55 22 11

"Do you think someone in the Bush Administration was responsible for leaking the CIA officer's identity to reporters, or not?"

Yes No Unsure
ALL adults 52 21 27
Republicans 29 37 34
Democrats 64 13 23
Independents 60 15 25


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Here's one conservative blogger that finally saw the light -- in a big way:

And here's a dire warning that is making rounds all over the internet. I don't know what to think myself:

Here's what LaRouche himself has to say about it:

It will be interesting how the press covers all the investigations that are going on...the journalists are even at a disadvantage...who is willing to put their neck on the line...for this administration. Novak gave an indication yesterday. Soon, only the lawyers will be making any statements...while Bush stays the course...right over the cliff but fewer and fewer are following. Retirement in Leavenworth doesn't sound to inviting...

Jon Stewart is more credible than the New York Times.

Stop reading the New York Times.
Tune in to truthtellers and people who are TRULY dedicated to "All the news that is fit to print'.

And on the air-- Air America Radio

I will say it again-- Bill Keller and the New York Times cannot be trusted-- the NYTimes were hoodwinked by Bush I and Reagan over Iran Contra and they've been fatally hoodwinked by the current moron in office.

Support media that cares about the truth, and that is truly doing its job, "Comforting the afflicted, and afflicting the comforted."

Courage, love, and peace, and

On the 22 of July Senator Dorgan held a hearing on the implications to National Security of the outing of Valerie Plame-Wilson. Absolutly a MUST READ! Can't remember the web address or link but try Googleing. It's a pdf file of some 53 pages but well worth the time
(OK, some of us STILL have dialup) to download. After reading it you'll have no doubt about the lack of ethics exhibited by the powers that be.

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