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Novak's History of Anger Management Issues

Novak's fit on CNN may have been feigned anger that allowed him to leave the set before being questioned about the Plame affair, but in any event there was likely some real anger there. For one thing, Novak apparently has a history of resorting to violence when asked about Valerie Plame.

And I don't just mean his alleged comment to a man on the street that Joe Wilson was "an asshole." Rather, I have in mind an incident in January 2004.

The video on this page does not show the incident but purports to show the victim of it commenting immediately afterward. The man shown here, Brad Carr, says that he called Novak a traitor, and that Novak responded by pushing him and attempting to strike him. Shortly after this happened, fellow CNN pundit Tucker Carlson is shown on this video telling an angry crowd "You're going to call the cops because a 72-year-old guy pushed you? Get a life, dude!"

Michael Stinson of filmed this video and says that he caught Carr after he was pushed by Novak.

Here's what TakeBacktheMedia posted back in January 2004 about the assault:


A Take Back the Media SCOOP - Novak savagely attacks onlooker at New Hampshire Primaries.

From on January 27th, 2004 --

CNN has created massive coverage of the New Hampshire Primaries - bringing with them on their gaudy Election 2004 bus a host of their news anchors, including one Robert Novak - who is most well known for his obfuscating on CROSSFIRE.

Remember Robert Novak? He's the source of the Valerie Plame CIA outing in the media and has never been called to task for what appears to be a rather substantial breaking of Federal LAW.

As of this date, for nearly 100 days no one in this administration has wanted to touch this - for apparently someone high in the Bush administration has to have passed this information along to Novak, and whoever did that may be culpable legally as well.

It looks like there is some movement in that direction - a Grand Jury is being empaneled for this purpose. To me if looks like Novak is screwed either way. If he tells WHO gave him that information - he has no credibility - if he DOESN'T talk, he may be jailed. He may be jailed anyway - as I understand it (and I am not a lawyer) this is a CRIME.

So it would make sense that Novak is worried - perhaps to the point of losing his cool or his mind - which he did on January 27 outside of the Merrick Restaurant at about 5:15 pm. I was there, I saw it - I even caught the guy that Novak attacked.

I can't get the image out of my mind. Novak looked like a little caged animal - fist locked and *censored*ed back, he wasn't through with his victim before getting hustled off and onto the bus.

How did we get to this moment?

We'd been covering the Primaries in New Hampshire for over two weeks - filming, writing, etc.

It was another freezing day in New Hampshire - the usual breakfast downstairs from the hotel, plans were made over house phones, it was decided that my wife would stay back in the hotel and recover, we were all sick with virtually the same cold, the worst I'd had in 20 years.

We took the van from Nashua to Manchester to cover all the primaries and the parties - we had two cameras and a lot of digital tapes with us. We wanted to, of course, figure out how to "get backstage" where the real parties are - so we hit the streets of Manchester to see who we could find that KNEW somebody.

While filming outside of the Merrimack Restaurant earlier in the day we were approached by none other than Mimi Kennedy (of the show "Dharma and Greg") who thought she knew us but wasn't sure why. I explained that I'd been on TV a lot (not recognizing her myself - stupid) - and she said, "So am I!" (a very bubbly, sophisticated, intelligent lady) - then the wheels turned and clicked - "We were all at the WAR IS OVER event in San Fransisco.." we both said at once, and then we hugged furiously slapping our gloves and mittens everywhere like old pals. Not that we are old pals but she's just so NICE you can't help but feel so close.

She got on camera and told us all about her support of Kucinich and where the party was going to be, then headed into the restaurant to meet with Dennis.

We wandered into the restaurant - a frequent staging area for CNN who would shove tables away from the front window and hold court there. It was a bustling scene full of media - we stopped in the back and I got interviewed by KIRO radio for a lark.

Most of the day was spent going from Headquarters to Media Circus Tents to restaurants - everyone in the street had a Camera or sound equipment - at one point I laughed out loud at someone filming a filming of an interview.

We headed back to the Merrimack as there were many lights and signs bouncing everywhere - pandemonium - each group shouting out their favorite politicians name, very lively. We filmed a group of people who dressed in yellow Church robes and stood on the corner, accompanied by a organ and Reverend Billy - they were singing a soulfull tune (and wonderfully so) called STOP SHOPPING with their leader, a very talented guy.

As we crossed the street to enter the doorway of the Merrimack restaurant we noticed the BIG CNN Bus taking up all the parking spaces out front, parked at an angle - we had been there before making film shorts for fun, with me making remarks in front of the CNN Bus "This just in - CNN has found that Bush is able to find his ass with Both hands and a Flashlight..."

They has apparently been doing their show CROSSFIRE in the front window bay of the restaurant and were finishing up - I watched as Carville came out of the door and made a hard right, which put him headed for the side and back of the building, away from the crowd out front and the CNN Bus.

Soon after that, with the crowd swirling other CNN anchors started coming out - namely Robert Novak and Paul Begala and making the short trek to the Bus --

BUT - all of a sudden, a rather solid man was thrown up against me and I caught him and stopped him from falling on the ice and snow on the sidewalk - I looked past his shoulder and saw what looked like a garden troll gone insane. There were two VERY intense film lights on poles at both ends of the restaurant about 12 feet in the air and the image of Robert Novak scowling with his fist pulled back and *censored*ed was frightening - it felt like the day that Lee Harvey Oswald was shot - all the color washed out of the picture - the raw hatred in Novak's face - he was obviously not done with the man I had caught, that he had shoved a good 5 feet on ice (which could have broken this man's head open or a hip or a leg) and Novak was coming to give him more, ready to punch him. He'd gone crazy and the crowd was completely aghast - dead silence.

I'm pretty sure it was Paul Begala that grabbed Novak and forced him onto the CNN Bus while everyone was stunned. I looked into the face of the man I had caught and realised that I knew him. I was Brad Carr - A fan of ours - he'd come to every show we'd put on while here in the area.

I asked him, "What the hell is this all about?" and he admitted to me that he'd been inside during the show, and at breaks or whatever had called Novak a "traitor" - and that once Novak had moved past him to go to the bus Brad had said it again, more than once.

This was why Novak lost it and attacked him. One word. One word that I agree with. Novak published Plame's name and occupation in his column and despite any first amendment objections there are laws to protect the people of this land - for the same reason that you can't yell "FIRE!" in a crowded movie theatre - you also aren't allowed to "out" a CIA agent.

One reason alone is that some of their contacts (that can take years to build a relationship with) can literally be KILLED for having associated with the CIA - and Plame's specialty as I understand it was in Weapons of Mass Destruction - isn't that something that the Bush administration would be interested in finding?

Nope. Apparently it's more important to the Bush people to destroy anyone in their path, and their families - since Bush was caught lying they decided to throw our National Security out the window for some petty payback. One that involves Lives potentially being ended - certainly careers. Glad the "grownups" are in charge.

The more serious part is that SOMEONE in the Bush admin GAVE this information TO Novak for him to dispense at will. THIS is the person most dangerous to our security and is also a Traitor as well. They need some serious jailtime.

Back to the story: Many in the crowd were angry - there was milling about and shock. Some went right back to the steady drumbeat of howling a candidate's name - but I was pissed and so were others. I spotted Begala slinking out of the CNN Bus and sliding behind the crowd by the curb - I shouted, "Hey Begala, you want to explain why Novak just assaulted this man?!" but he was having none of it and made a run for it - I respect Begala in many ways but he was in a situation he didn't want to be in. I wouldn't either.

Then we decided to go to the bus itself and demand that someone deal with this situation. I knocked on the door and no one would come to the door - a young woman walked up and started to go inside so I asked her, "Could you get your producer to come out here and explain why Novak just assaulted this man?" She looked at me blankly, went inside and closed the door to the bus. I was enraged and was going to start banging on the door but thought better of it. Imagine if the roles had been reversed and Brad HAD ROUGHLY SHOVED Novak. Don't you think there would have been sound guys and cops standing on Brad's head until he was safely behind bars?

The arrogance of these people was astounding.

Then, Tucker Carlson - the big, hairy, strong, macho guy with the bow around his neck slithered out of the restaurant. Granted, he had no idea what was going on - clueless as usual, and walked into a problem scene with his doe eyes darting about - the crowd was not there to love him, no one really likes the insipid little shit and deep down he knows that - Janeane Garofalo beat him like a circus donkey when she co hosted CROSSFIRE and I don't think he ever got over that.

We got up in his face and demanded to know what he was going to do about it, and he began some sort of whining rant about Novak being an "old guy" - as an aside here about Brad - I've shaken Brad's hand and he could literally CRUSH my hand (and I'm over 6 feet tall at 180 lbs) - he bucks his own wood and is a SOLID guy - yet Novak threw this guy a good 5 feet back and into ME. I've worked in two nuthouses and let me tell you, I've see little 5 foot dudes having to be held down by FIVE 6 feet tall men - adrenalin knows no bounds. Little old ladies carry pianos out of their houses while their houses burn down. When you have gone nuts you get real strong.

So Carlson is whining mercilessly and flipping his hair around like a French Hooker (it's really funny in the video) and saying that we should get over it - much like the last election.

I ask Carlson, "Hey, how about *I* throw YOU five feet and see what happens?" He gives me this blank high school math class stare but within his eyes he can see that I'm serious and the little boy in there is saying, "Please don't do that... Please?" Brad repeats the offer but suddenly Carlson has to turn away to look at some right wing nutcase's "I'm running for President too - but I'm crazier than a shithouse rat" flyer and then start telling the nutjob that he couldn't possibly give him money, that he'd be called up in front of an Ethics committee!

This means that your pal Novak can assault someone in broad daylight and that's okay, but YOU, you little runty schoolboy, with your silly beatlecut hair and mom's bowtie - YOU would be hauled before some ethics committee?

Remember that arrogance I talked about? Throw in a dash of just plain old haughty stupidity.

The nut job does a great job of giving Carlson some cover as he slinks away around the side of the building.

And I'm infuriated because I'd been carrying Baby Pacifiers around since NYC when I went on the Joe Scaroborough show on MSNBC - I was going to hand them out to Republicans - and I didn't have one with me to hand to Carlson.

WHILE Carlson was out talking trash - they actually SNUCK Novak OFF the CNN Bus behind our backs!

But the Mayor comes strolling up to enter the restaurant and Brad says to him, "Hey Mayor - I was just assaulted by Robert Novak right here. What are you going to do abou it?" The Mayor (and we have this on film) says NOTHING and goes inside.. not much later, he strolls out and again says NOTHING. So much for upholding the laws of the state.

THEN the HEAD of the local Republican Party shows up and Brad asks him the same question. He says, "Novak makes a lot of money - maybe you should sue him." and struts off.

We mull calling the police and then decide to think about it so we head for the Kucinich headquarters to warm up and get some cheap food and liquids. I've already called Don Waller (co founder of Take Back the and told him about it and he's started posting the story.

A fellow filmographer (who said that if we went after Novak we'd be as bad as the Media we are trying to take over - to which I say, "HUH?") came over to us and showed us that the story was on already (Don's site) and linked to Atrios as well. I told Brad that this was going to be all over the world in hours and that we'd be pushing the story, trying to have right wingers held up to their own standards - the Letter of the Law.

After talking about it and getting Brad's story on film we decided to take a walk over to the Police station with Brad and as Witnesses to make a complaint.

We will have a copy of the Complaint in a few days (any lawyers out there want to pursue this?) and will send that out with a press release or post it far and wide on the web - I imagine the Smoking Gun will be interested as will many others. The number of the Case is burning a hot little hole in my wallet right now.

Our benefactor has called a few lawyers and is working on getting representation for Brad to protect his interests in this matter.

As for Novak, He's freaked.

We saw him later at the Kerry event (congrats to Kerry and a shoutout of his lovely, FUN wife, and Marvelous Marvin, a very cool security man - a long cool drink of water) - Novak was ladelled into a chair in the media pen looking very simian and pissed off - as usual. I went over to him and asked if I could have my picture taken with him and he said "Sure" and even tried to smile for the camera - this, within an hour of signing on as a witness against him for an assault charge at the police station.

As I turned away with the photo I winked, smiled and said, "See you in court!" - I don't think he heard me.

Later, someone let fly that papers had been filed re His assault -and then Novak "ran away" from our cameras!!

We gave chase.. through doors, down hallways, all the way to the elevator where Novak looked like a guy that was wondering who the hell was after him NOW.

So there you have it. The story from the man who was there. It's true - Novak DID assault someone physically. Someone that wasn't very small and Novak attacked viciously. The Novak I saw was going to do more damage to the man if he hadn't been stopped.

Novak went nuts. And Take Back the Media is calling for an Internal investigation into the matter by CNN and we also DEMAND THAT NOVAK RESIGN.

RESIGN. How dare CNN have an Anchor that physically ATTACKS people? How dare they HIDE HIM ON A BUS?

Call or write to CNN demanding that Novak Step down until he is properly investigated for ALL HIS CRIMES.

We're sick of CRIMINALS running the media and the country and this is a good place to take a stand. It's clear that Novak has lost ALL CREDIBILITY.


Micheal Stinson
Co Founder


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I can't begin to express the utter sense of GLEE that came over me as I watched that treacherous little shithead go off the deep end on CNN today. This is something I've been waiting for for a long time, a monumental public embarrassment for that wretched amphibian Robert "Lethal Attack" Novak. Somewhere if we're lucky good old Bob is lying awake wondering why his life has turned to shit and why so many people out there hate his rotten guts. If any one has a clip of this beautiful moment in mpeg form please email me the link.

Yes it seems that the shit-tide has finally begun to suck backwards on that sleazy bastard. It's about time. But before I and the rest of you out there who feel the same way begin to celebrate too merrily, we have to remember that if this is the worst thing that comes upon Novak during the rest of his sorry life he will have gotten off FAR too easy! And what's more Novak is just a symptom-a byproduct-of the disease that is the mainstream corporate media. It just happens that he seems to be the one given most to acts of crazed-public violence. (That we know of) Here's hoping we'll yet get to see that traitorous little golem clenching the cold steel bars of a jail cell as the froth of his rage spews from his lying contemptible mouth!

Just read on NBC's website that CNN has cancelled "Crossfire" and "Capital Gang". Both outlets for Novak to air his venom. Maybe CNN knows something we don't, and are trying to distance themselves from this sleaze.

or go to

Good for CNN (for a change), it's time the little simp was deprived of an audience. The time has come we stop watching Novak and reading his column. Of course this might raise the ratings for reruns of Gilligan's Island, but if it will help put Novak in the unemployment line I'm for it. Why isn't he in jail anyway?

In the interest of accuracy, "Capital Gang" has been off the air for about a month.

email CNN and ask that Novak be fired. Let them know that their viewers won't put up with scum like Novak on their programing.

Novak: Iraq Poses 'Problem' for GOP in 2006
By Alexa Moutevelis Correspondent
August 4, 2005

( -- The narrow Republican victory in Tuesday's special congressional election in Ohio spells trouble for the GOP in 2006, according to nationally syndicated conservative columnist Robert Novak. He cited the Bush administration's prosecution of the war in Iraq as the main reason.

"I believe that the voting in Ohio [Tuesday] - with the first Iraq veteran running for office as a Democrat ... who almost won opposing the war ... is a tremendous political problem," Novak told the packed audience at the Young America's Foundation National Conservative Student Conference.

"I think it's a political problem for the president. I don't think it's a shift in ideology, but I think it is a real warning signal for the Republicans about the 2006 elections," Novak continued.

The Ohio special election pitted anti-war Democrat and Iraq war veteran Paul Hackett against Republican Jean Schmidt for Ohio's heavily Republican 2nd district seat in the U.S. House of Representatives. The seat was formerly held by Republican Rob Portman, who is now the Bush administration's U.S. trade representative.

Schmidt, a supporter of the Iraq war effort, was originally expected to easily win the election, but ended up with a narrow 52 to 48 percent victory.

Novak attributed the closeness of the election to Hackett's opposition to the war in Iraq and saw a potential weakness for Republicans. "This election, I think, is a warning bell for the national Republicans that this war could play [badly for them] if the Democrats play it as well as they did in this special election, when they didn't really bother with much else but the war. That was the issue."

Novak disagreed with the decision to go to war with Iraq, and presumably the Bush Doctrine of spreading democracy abroad, saying, "I just don't believe that it is the responsibility of the United States to implant democracy in any place in the world."

He also said he doubts Americans will have the patience to continue the democratization effort in the Middle East. "We don't have the stomach for it; we are not an imperial power ... Iraq is not Iowa, we're not going to make it Iowa," Novak told the students.

Citing the British colonial failure in Iraq and other similar failed ventures of the last century, Novak said, "we should study the history and perhaps calm down a little bit on applying democracy around the world." These past problems, he said, are "something that should give us pause."

Looking ahead to the 2008 presidential elections, Novak said he sees little diversity in the foreign policy of the potential Republican candidates. "I find that all of them, with the exception of Senator (Chuck) Hagel (R-Neb.), are very pro-intervention in Iraq. I'd like to see a little more internal Republican debate on that."

Copyright © 1998-2005 - Cybercast News Service

Simple as that.
Oy, he's a traitor as well.

Sen. Arlen Specter:
Novak column was a malicious attack on ‘revered’ staffer
Guest Commentary

THE ROBERT NOVAK syndicated column dated July 21 libeled Ms. Bettilou Taylor, who is one of the most respected, really revered, staffers after serving 16 years in the United States Senate. During that time, she has been my top aide on the Senate Appropriations Subcommittee on Labor, Health and Human Services and Education, which I chair. For her superb work in assisting in allocating $146 billion among important social programs, many, including senators, call her Sen. Taylor.

The Novak column falsely and maliciously accuses her of conflict of interest by orchestrating a hearing to grill Kenneth Tomlinson, chairman of the Board of the Corporation for Public Broadcasting (CPB) while her husband consulted for the Association of Public Television Stations.

The hearing was my idea. As chairman of the subcommittee which provides funding for the CPB, I had to decide whether earlier proposed cuts in the House were warranted and whether the Senate should add $35 million for digitalization programs and $40 million for a new satellite system. Had the Novak column taken the time to call me, the defamation could have been avoided; or, at least, the other side given.

I know something about investigations, perhaps even about investigative reporting, which, as a matter of basic fairness, involves talking to both sides to find the facts.

When Mr. Tomlinson requested a pre-hearing meeting with me, I agreed although it is relatively rare to take the time to do that because of our crowded schedule. I listened to his views and previewed the questions I intended to ask him, something I customarily do not do. Contrary to the Novak column’s minimizing Tomlinson’s expenditure of $25,000 for lobbying when a telephone call from Tomlinson could have avoided that expenditure, the Corporation for Public Broadcasting can make better use of its limited funds and obviously tight budget.

The Novak column says, “Sen. Arlen Specter, a busy man with multiple duties, was understandably unprepared on July 11 as he chaired a rare Senate Appropriations Subcommittee hearing about public television.

time to ground them both... how about

Get Novak into rehab-- say, Gitmo, or Abu Ghraib. Shock treatment?

Impeach Bush-- then ferret him off to international criminal court. Life sentence plus 70 yrs.

Someone dig Cheney out of that bunker under NORAD and tell him to stop reading war-pornography-- time to go to jail. And pay back those missing billions in war profiteering.

Impeach impeach impeach


"The Downing Street Memo and related British documents also point out that Great Britain was worried that while the United States certainly had the military capability to invade Iraq and destroy it's army the Bush Administration never bothered to take in account the aftermath of that invasion other than blithely assuming that the Iraqi people would welcome the invaders with open arms. This assumption on America's part fell a bit short of the mark. Now, with American casualties mounting, the nation of Iraq still in turmoil more than two years after the invasion and no solid American plan for pacifying the country, allegations of torture and prisoner abuse by the Army at the Abu Grab an Guantanamo Bay prisons and a growing insurgency in both Iraq and Afghanistan, even some stalwart Republican supporters of the President are beginning to question the pretext for the war and it's aftermath.

The White House however is continuing to refuse admit that it's pretexts for war were mistaken, although it has been forced to acknowledge that there never were any weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. One by one, all the reasons it gave to justify invasion... that Iraq had something to do with the 9/11 attacks, that Iraq was harboring and aiding terrorists, that Saddam Hussein could launch a massive bio-chemical attack in as little as forty five minutes...have all been disproved. Ironically, George Bush has been forced to fall back on the one justification that before the invasion even he said wasn't a valid reason to attack; namely that Saddam Hussein was an evil dictator and the world would be better off without him.

Up until the Downing Street Memo, these revelations have only pointed to the Bush Administration being politically and strategically inept which, given the nature of American politics, is not illegal. However, the evidence is mounting that George Bush and his staff deliberately misled Congress and the American people in order to bring about a war with Iraq, which most certainly is a crime.

Whether this war was waged to distract the public from the Administrations intelligence failures that led to 9/11, or the White House's desire to secure another base of operations in the Middle East in response to the growing antipathy by the Saudi Arabian people to American military installations in that country, or to secure not just Iraq's vast oil reserves but also to control the water supplies of the Tigris and Euphrates Rivers in the arid Middle East or something so elemental as the desire for revenge against a man who tried to assassinate the President's father is still a matter of conjecture. Maybe it's all of the above. What is certain is that barring some additional Administration slight of hand that will distract the American peoples growing concern about the war and it's costs, President Bush faces a long, hot summer."

Mr. President, over 1 million americans have had enough of the bullshit. We called upon you with a letter directly, and asked for you to answer the questions of the downing street minutes. Cindy Sheehan's son is dead, my friend Travis is never coming back to life. My uncle gave his life for the reserves, and not for a war that was based on lies.

Your stonewalling bullshit has come to an end, if Dick Cheney used you in this scam then come clean instead of hiding your complicity.



Doug E.

Novak is just showing the sterling stuff of which an ardent Bush supporter is made of.

Ask somebody who works in a nursing home about the strength of 72 year old men. Assault is assault.

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