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Novak Cracks Up LIVE on CNN!

Says 'Bullshit' and Walks off the Air!


Is the pressure starting to get to Covert CIA Operative Outter Bob Novak?

For reasons we can't entirely explain, Novak just said "Bullshit" live on the air on CNN and then walked off the set.

The host for the segment said that Novak knew in advance he was going to be asked about the outting of covert CIA asset, Valerie Plame. Apparently, he never got the chance. Let's go to the video tape.


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with the last paragraph.

I agree with the previous poster, your last paragraph says it all. He didn't look like he cracked up, and he didn't even look angry or upset when he walked off. He knew the question was coming up, saw an opportunity to make it seem like Carville had upset him, and took advantage of the moment. He manufactured the whole thing.

From my vantage point, the "escalation of irritation" wasn't there.
His face and eyes didn't change like someone going into low-circuit
"losing it" mode.

Of course, the "most trusted name in NEWS" isn't reporting on the
Pentagon/AIPAC spying charges either. . . go figure.



Had Novak been drinking? His words are slurred and he is having a hard time getting clear about his point, and he got peed off pretty easily. Preasure getting to him?

bedfellows > the Fascists + the Zionists = Neoconism

It seems odd to consider an alliance between the Zionists and the
US/UK WASP NEO CONS (British and American Fascists) given the
history of WWII German Fascism and the treatment of the Jewish people.

However, the common factor . . . dysfunctional males that hate/fear women, view children as property and slaves, and want everyone in their territory to do what they say is "Right". . . or, else.

If anyone refuses or challenges their "dominance", they feel they have the "fascist" right to "beat you" with the rod of discipline, deprive you of what is yours, and if need be, kill you with the "ax"
to make an "example" of you.

Their attitude towards women is summed up in the fascists creed of,
"If you can't control your woman, how can you be trusted to control

(Remember, the fasces was/is a bundle of rods surrounding an ax)

The common enemies are the Lover Warrior Male, the Liberated Female,
and the emancipated child raised in a love filled nurturing environment. And of course . . . THE TRUTH.

Do you really believe the "official story" on Buddy Holly, John Lennon, Jim Morrison, Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin, Abbie Hoffman, Jerry Rubins, Lynard Skynard,George Harrisson, Warren Zevon, Bob Marley, Martin Luther King, Jr., John and Bobby Kennedy, and all the
other New Age "Lover Culture" leaders that "died young"???

With modern communications, all the lies that held these 6000 year
old Patriarachal systems together are being exposed and these systems
are breaking down. These guys are in a panic to maintain their power systems and like all dysfunctional males, they can justify
anything, sacrifice anybody, and if they can't have it, they will
destroy it so their enemies can't have it.

"Tin Soldiers and Nixon marching,
We're finally on our own
This summer I hear the drumming
Four dead in Ohio."
- Neil Young


Being a constant lier must be getting pretty stressful. Maybe Novak should invite the idea of the truth for once. Yeah right. Like that will happen. Even if he did set it all up, what he really did was 'shot himself in the foot' aswell as all the others similar to him. its good to know the neo-cons are so into 'family values.' Yeah ,the word "Bull___" definately qualifies for good values and morals. What a complete loser and joke!

Now that Novak has seen the possible outcome for his bias commentary, he is not ready to be in front of a mass of people when he's asked questions concerning Joseph Wilson and his wife. If the truth is spoken, he cannot escape his part in delivering the punishment for Karl Rove, or probably the president. It could be something like: "where was Robert Novak when he discovered he is just as dishonest as the person who gave him the name of this man's wife. I bet he was on the CNN set ready to do some more slanted commentary when he discovered he could go to jail for his delivery. This did not set well so he said, without knowing it, "Bullshit" and walked off the set. Remember any question can be the end for this man in one-way or another.


it is now seen for the bullsh*t which it ALWAYS was and is.

Republicans using doubles now like Saddam?
: )
More likely Novak had to change his diapers.

Same as Bush-- drunk a**holes.
Drunk on power and resorting to drink again.

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