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Meetups Tonight Organized Action for August

DFA (Democracy for America) Meetups all over the country tonight helped organize meetings with Congress Members in their districts during August to ask them to Co-Sponsor H. Res. 375.

In this photo, Ven Neralla, Legislative Director for Congresswoman Barbara Lee, explains the Resolution of Inquiry to a MeetUp in Washington, D.C.

Neralla also announced that there are now 42 supporters of the Resolution, Lee plus 41 co-sponsors. The latest addition, thanks to the lobbying of our coalition members out in Washington state, is Congressman Adam Smith.

DFA activists in Washington, D.C., who HAVE NO VOTING REPRESENTATIVE IN CONGRESS, will be setting up a meeting with non-voting representative Delegate Eleanor Holmes-Norton, to ask her to co-sponsor.

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Went to my first DFA meeting tonite, and it was about Downing Street Memo! The Republican Rep. we would have to meet is very pro-Bush, so I bowed out. I would be more suited to their Media Club, so I joined to write Letters to the Editor and such. Its very pleasant to meet such a nice group of progressive people !:o)

glad you're with us!!

personally i find it pleasant to tell warmongering Republicans to their faces what i think and to demand explanations, but maybe that's just me ;-)

And if you ask politely and get turned down, protesting by camping out in their office and inviting the local TV station can be very pleasant

Last nite's leader respectively requested for anyone in-experienced and full of rage to decline this potentially volatile meeting with our Congressman, so as to further the cause of Downing Street Memo and peace. Since I am foaming at the mouth, I decided for now to channel my outrage through my pen. When I get my rabies shots , I'll start attending Congressional meetings ;o)


Every person I know who is new to activism finds his/her niche. So don't apologize for starting where you are comfortable.

You may find yourself with a powerful voice for democracy, however. Don't discount your growing abilities to change hearts and minds.

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