By Congressman Charles Rangel

With the deaths of 21 Marines in two days this week, the body count of U.S. troops killed in Iraq rose dramatically to 1,815 and counting. Even as newspapers and TV stations broadcast the death toll, we were still counting on the churches, synagogues and mosques to show that they recognize the inhumanity of this immoral war.

Aren't there passages in the Bible, the Koran and the Torah which command that killing for a fraudulent cause has to stop? Why is no one speaking out?

At least 23,000 civilians have also died in the Iraqi killing field and the U.S. is stuck in a quagmire. With conflict surging, last May 30th Defense Secretary Rumsfeld boasted that the insurgency was "in the last throes." In the days after that insurgents killed well over 100 U.S. troops and more than 600 Iraqis.

Neither the President nor the Congress wants to talk about the death toll. Instead, we are inundated with irrational claims about the progress of "democracy" and the growing potential of the Iraqi army. While the administration indicates troop withdrawals may start next year before the mid-term Congressional elections, a Pentagon assessment reveals that Iraqi forces are nowhere near prepared to fight the rebels on their own. The dirty little secret is that no one in the administration knows how much longer the war will last and at what cost.

All of this mayhem is taking place in a fraudulent war of choice, which members of the Bush administration had planned even before taking office. There were no weapons of mass destruction and Saddam Hussein was not involved in the September 11th attack. The Project for the New American Century documents how Vice President Cheney, Defense Secretary Rumsfeld and his former deputy, Paul Wolfowitz, in the 1990's, had outlined a plan for domination of the Middle East and its oil resources. The group included John Bolton, recently appointed as U.S. ambassador to the U.N. who has expressed his utter contempt for the world body. The attack on New York on September 11th, 2001, provided the excuse they needed to implement the plan.

Estimates of the level of personnel needed in Iraq and how they will be raised are marked by inconsistencies. Hawks in Congress are calling for the deployment of 50-100,000 additional soldiers, while some of our allies are planning to recall some or all of their troops.

Recruitment, particularly in the Army and Marines, is suffering dramatic declines. The military is competing with itself for certain specialties. Explosives specialists working for private companies are being offered as much as $250,000 a year compared to the $46,000 a year an enlisted soldier with the same experience can earn. The disparities are causing so much tension that last May Marines arrested 16 civilian security workers, accusing them of firing at U.S. troops.

Meanwhile, our young men and women whose economic circumstances make military service a viable career choice are dying bravely in a war with no end in sight. The outrage of it all is that no one--whether our religious and political leaders or opinion makers--seems to care.

I am struck by how casually we as a nation react to the carnage in Iraq. I worry that we are losing our capacity to feel the pain of this war for which few Americans have been called to sacrifice in any way. The silence can be deafening when a war is fought by other people's children.

One day, someone--perhaps your children or grandchildren--will ask what you were saying during the war in Iraq. What will your answer be?


Contact: Emile Milne 202 225-4365
August 3, 2005


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ATTENTION Elected Democrats in congress. I know you know in your heart that these people far exceed the moral AND legal test for impeachment. Why won't you stand up and say so? Why won't your fellow Dems stand up and say what we all know to be true?
You owe it to the American people, yourself and humanity to GO TO THE MAT and to do now. Shut down the governments business if that's what you have to do to move this forward and pound it into the American mind. Say nothing else until the GOP agrees to investigate their rather horrific crimes. Nothing is more importation than cutting this cancer from our government. Our safety depends on it.
These people are war criminals and traitors. If there is any possible way, you must stop them before they take us to war again, before they sell out our national security again. They have no right to do what they are doing. You must stop them. Only you and your fellow elected Democrats can. This is why the people elected you.
Start by simply saying what you believe: they have committed impeachable offences. And I promise you, in the end, not only will you know you've done the right thing, but politically you'll come out on top. Even the American people will come to know traitors and criminals in their midst if you show them often enough what they look like. And they will be grateful.

Mr Rangel,thank you for saying what needed to be said.
The equation know longer has the question,the equation now has solid evidence,DSM and Men speaking up.

I think all the above posts are correct and I think you should follow the advice of the post I'm linking on.
It appears the GOP Congress will not do there duty to conscience,Constitution and I think they can be charged with obstucting justice,aiding and abetting treason and obligation to the Constitution.

What ever it takes,do it.
Do it for there intentions are never ending war.
Do it for America and it's people
Do it for the respect of human life
Just do it,what ever it takes.

My guess--over 50% of America knows this war was started on a LIE
25% know it was started on a LIE,but won't admit it
25% are totally in the dark.
That's 75% of the American people want the truth out!

Bush is America's HITLER,and it's your duty to save America.
Just about everything coming out of the Bush government is a LIE.
He has managed to give ZERO credability to the US government,this includes America and threw out the world.

The pain and suffering
All I can say is, what is it like for the parent that lost a son knowing it was for men to profit.
They followed there duty as soldier and to loose a child on a LIE drives a pain and anger.

If Bush is not stopped many,many,many more thousands will DIE.
I applaud you for braving Hilters terror and speaking what needed to be said.

So many families in America and Iraq are suffering on a War based on a LIE!

Please do not be so hard on the Americans,for I fell into the trap of the GOP propaganda.
I intend to sue Fox News,for many things and it may be the biggest lawsuit in US history,as many millions can do the same!
I fell victim to cruel,viscous,malicous BS.
And the dividing of the people is wrong and dangerous for a country,"united they stand,divided they fall"

History will paint you as a HERO!
Fight for your grandchildren
But mostly fight for America,Please!




You Born Again Christians are pathetic. Why aren't you all out thumping your Bibles against this horrible mayhem being commited against humanity? I don't hear ONE of you speaking out, you worthless cowards. And you Ministers of these weak excuses of human beings, why aren't you out asking your "elected" murderous leaders to stop this carnage? People have lost all respect for your worthless a#!$%&*. You have the blood of all those innocent soldiers and the untold thousands of Iraqi civilians on your hands. You idiots don't worship God, you have been given The Royal Scam by Satan, stupids.

You’ve hit upon something basic, here. While they’re fighting a jihad, we’re fighting a holy war. Fundamentalist Christians secretly don’t mind the war.

They are in a VERY difficult position.
They have a theory of an "anti-Christ" who will deceive millions as an 'angel of light'; but will then turn out to be quite evil. But this "anti-Christ" is supposed to arrive only AFTER the 'Rapture', which, obviously, has not yet occurred.
In other words, their entire theology may very well fall apart for them to have to acknowledge that Bush, as a 'born again Christian', has deceived them and is truly as evil as appears to be the case. Just think: a person who has 'said yes to Jesus Christ as his lord and savior' being directly responsible for the slaughter of thousands of innocent people, directly responsible for the torture of terrorist SUSPECTS, directly responsible for a wide variety of clearly immoral actions: lies, deception, lust for power.
What they must say is that what Bush does is 'what Jesus would do'. Otherwise, they may not be 'raptured' at all and will have to suffer the coming horrors which will result from Bush's actions.

THAT'S why they have nothing to say.

When you unfairly characterize a group based on religion, race, color, you are no different than the right-wingers clamoring for war against "Muslim extremists". Before you spew hate-filled diatribes, think first. Check out Tony Campolo, a well-known evangelical Christian, for example.

AS the mother of an Ohio U.S. Army Sgt. I am fed up with the tragic, senseless loss of life from a contrived war. Ohio has lost 77 military personnel surpassed only by California, Texas, New York and Pennsylvania. We have more than paid the price and for what?? Every day I am sick with worry that my son will be called back to that God forsaken place a third time leaving behind his wife and infant son. For America's sake our elected officials need to stand up and put an end to this madness once and for all! Bring an end to this tyranny--how much more will this President and his cronies get away with?

Thank you Congressman Rangel for your bravery in speaking out. Those of you in Congress who have had the courage to do this I hope will inspire others to follow. I feel so helpless and frustrated about the carnage being perpetrated by our country based on lies. I have been sending emails to the media and Congress. I donated money. I want to take more actions, but I don't know what else to do. I need to be somewhat anonymous because I am a Federal employee and my name is on lots of official correspondence. I live in a red state, and there does not seem to be any organized efforts in my area to make people aware of the DSM and its importance. Any suggestions of what else I can do behind the lines?

Americans have changed a great deal since Viet Nam and are now quite content to pass the time watching mind numbing TV or video games. There's little that inspires them to act to save their fellow troops from coming back dead from a war born of lies. The plight of the Iraqis doesn't move them either. As long as Americans are comfortable, they'll remain too lazy to act politically. It's become a very strange culture.

"The United States of Idiots" comes to mind.

Bush would be our pope.

It's easy to get young people to frollick in the street for a cause-great fun, too. Harder to do when they reach forty, and beyond. This will have to be a quieter, more civilized revolution. Like what we're doing here.

How did we come to this point that not one republican congressman or senator will challenge this (P)resident?

What are they afraid of?

Many of us have heavy hearts for all the abuse he (bush) has inflicted on the world.

Bush's buddies benefit from his power...The Republians only care about protecting things THEY care about...$$$ & power. Tough luck for the rest of us...They just need us peons to do their service work and be their soldiers... And none of the hypocrits seem to worry about the terrible toll this false war has imposed on others...Some right to many of their sons & daughters are fighting in Iraq?

Prez Bush Puke is the undertaker $$$

He doesn't care about troops or families and he knows that Charlie Rangel can yell his head off and it you know it won't make NOOOOOOO difference.

Historians may say "Charlie's a good guy." It ain't gonna stop the soldiers who died today, or will likely die tomorrow or the next day or next month because of this illegal war.

Mission f*cking accomplished.

Do something Charlie. Smack the president upside the head. You have BIG WORDS but you and the tea-room-cozy Dems ain't saving our troops.

bush hitler, blair and dems chamberlain

Please somebody...anybody but preferably a Democrat...step up to the plate and STOP BUSH'S BULLSHIT WAR. At this stage, nothing is more important..Roberts, Bolton, Rove et al and et al. Doesn't anyone want to say that good men & women are dying for nothing but the Bush Gang's reputation--that we are in a bottomless money pit called Iraq. Where are you, Senators Clinton, Biden, Kerry and all you other Democrats who gave Bush a free pass on this war. Talk about no profiles in courage...

"When the whole truth shall be known, then this reputed hero will be despoiled of his furtive laurels; and be depicted as a quailing, irresolute braggadocio who fled by instinct and fought by compulsion. Oh, fugitive fame, got by accident, retained by fraud, and merged in bestial debaucheries . . . with his robes of office dabbled in intoxication and the foul and most bloated blasphemies trembling on his tongue."

Get rid of him any way you can.

I see major flaws in the negative spewing I have read. First of all, you all fail to realize that war is and was not Bush's making. 9-11, that I understand was Bush's creation, happened. I know you all would hate any republican that was in office but what if Clinton would have done this? You would be all for it. What about the senseless bombings he authorized during his 8 years of worthlessness in the White House? Saddam had WMD's, the proof is in the tapes of the 100's of thousands of his own people he gased but that isn't proff enough for you people.

War is never pretty and people will always die. But war is what settles things and you will all see this in the future. You lefties are good with words, but talk is for pu$$ies and it NEVER solves anything. If you weak lefties would have had it your way, we would have tried to talk Hitler out of going to war. Look where that got western Europe. You all claim to be so smart but you only hate the fact that the right wingers aren't weak like you are. You can talk all you want but my fist teaches a better lesson.

Lastly, I have many friends in Iraq, some for years, that see what good we are doind there. You also fail to understand that it isn't even Iraqi's doing the bombings. The Iraqi's want us there... For people that are supposed to be so "smart" and who's only argument is the Bush is and idiot, you really only hear what you want to hear. It is a good thing the left wing media will spew you more lies than Clinton did...

P.S. Way to go with A.C.T...That was a real winner!!!

Is Pat Buchanan, and ex-fighter, WW-II decorated veteran, bonafide Republican "weak"? He and many others who oppose the war in Iraq have been there and done that. Have you? If you are so damn gung-ho, sign up and join your buddies in Iraq.

Only a stupid moron would say that the war in Iraq "was not Bush's making." He led the charge with his pack of lies and deceptions. They have been fully exposed to the world, and only an idiot can deny the reality that there were no WMDs, no links to 9/11, etc.

Your "solution" is creating more terrorists and more hatred.

I believe in self-defense. There is no way that argument can be used for the war in Iraq.

No WMD's? Then how do you explain the 300,000 kurds that Saddam gases. By the way, that gas was a WMD...

Don't forget, it is not Iraqi's blowing themselves up, it is outsiders.

BTW, I have served my time in the trenches and I'd go back in a second. To protect people like you to be able to be so febal minded about war and peace and everything that it intales...

Let me first say how brave you are to come here in anonymous garb and condemn us all as "weak lefty's". I applaud your courage.

Secondly, let me remind our brave Righty friend that a REPUBLICAN administration put those WMDs into the hands of their "friend" Saddam when it was convenient during his war against Iran. REPUBLICANS provided him with arms and training during his foray into Iran. So, in essence, you can blame your own weak party for lacking the foresight to see where arming Saddam would lead just as you can blame them for lacking the foresight and planning prior to their invasion of Iraq. This REPUBLICAN administration wanted to stun Iraq with "shock and awe" but failed to lay out a valid plan for reconstruction or withdrawal of troops. Iraq is stunned alright.

Thirdly, war is never pretty but I beg to differ with your weak statement, "war is what settles things". War has never settled anything but has created resentment, hatred and vengeful thinking. You mention Hitler--if you read your history you would know WWI created that monster. War took away land from Germany and humiliated a nation. WWI inspired Hitler and others of like mind to invade Poland in an attempt to restore what they felt was rightfully theirs. War did not settle anything there. Hitler was a pre-emptive invader just as Bush pre-emptively invaded Iraq. As far as fists teaching a "better" lesson perhaps you haven't heard of "assault and battery" as a crime. There are ethics and morals and those who lack them. I was always taught that fighting was a sign of weakness--I guess mindless pummeling is your idea of strength.

Lastly, my son has served 2 tours of duty in Iraq and contrary to your second-hand knowledge--not all Iraqis worship the ground American troops walk on. They are tired of the occupation, they are tired of being targets because Americans are there, and they are tired of being governed absentia by George Bush. True, George Bush is an idiot and they are not empty words. He had no military strategy, he has no first hand combat experience, he tries to pawn off his decisions by claiming ignorance, he deliberately and without care for the consequences engaged this country in a war that has only created more hatred and loathing of Americans. That is my definition of idiot and I have evidence to prove those statements. If you want to rate Presidents on depths of deceit, I would much rather have a President lie about sleeping around than one who lies about reasons of war. At least 1,800 young men and women didn't die for an act of copulation.

I salute your son for his courage and bravery in PROTECTING our country.

For you to comapre Hitler to Bush for premeptive strikes is one thing, but America is nothing like Nazi Germany and someone who seems to speak as intelligently as you do should know better. We are promoting freedom, not irraticating millions of innocent people. So your comparison is out of touch with reality. I have read my history and know why Hitler came to power and we as a world have learned form that.

Secondly, I never said the Iraqi people worshiped the ground our troops walked on but you lefties sure known how to take a statement and twist it. Bravo on that. What you also fail to realize is that many of the Iraqi people are not educated to the same levels that we are in many developed nations. I wonder what percentage of the Iraqi people actually know about much of this worlds history. My bet is not a very high one. So they do not understand the significance of our staying there until we are 100% sure that we can leave and allow Iraq to protect itself. If you read your history books you would know the Japan's people were brainwashed to think that we as Americans were the devil and many commited suicide rather than be captured. There are many similarities when you look back at history.

For you all to call Bush a MORON shows your true lack of intellect. When a man acts on his words and frees 25 million people, that makes him a moron but when a Road Scholar comes on national TV and tells everyone he never had sexual realations with that woman, he is a genius? I truly am glad I am on this side of the ticket. I love the fact that Bush stands for something and doesn't stand for what is good at the time. No wonder it is so easy to be a lefty. You can change your position as much as you want...And you wonder why Kerry got his a$$ handed to him?

so why would the Iraquis want his bleedership?

Then, please sign up and fight this illegal war, and bring along your righty buddies, too.

I have already served by time and what the hell is an "illegal war" anyway. You lefties love to make $hit up.

Bush IS a IDIOT and so are You for going along with this New HITLER.
Our country is falling apart becuase of PUKES like you.

Our country is falling apart because of pansies like you crying about every damn thing. If Clinton was in office, you would be praising him for freeing 25 million people and you know it.

It makes me want to PUKE too!!!

Mr. Rangel, Thank you for everything you do. I have written my elected representatives to protest this illegal war. I wish my representatives in Florida were as good as you. I love listening to you on TV, too.

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