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Carl Sheeler gets endorsed from "impeachPAC"

I noticed in that Carl Sheeler received the impeachPAC endorsement. This guy is one of a kind, they through away the mold after him.

He is very well liked by all the "progressive democrats" in our state, but then once you meet Carl and talk with him you will know why. This guy has the "grapes" to speak up and take on the tough issues that the rest leave alone. He never refuses to answer any question so if you don't want to hear the truth don't ask Carl the question.

It's too bad more Americans don't run for election like him. Carl is the real deal a true voice for average Americans.

We all need to dig into that change jar at home and contribute to his campaign. Once we get him to washington he will push to put the thugs and criminals at 1600 Pennsylvania ave on trial for lies, greed, corruption and destroying our Constitution.

For Immediate Release: June 7, 2006
David Swanson 202-329-7847,
Bob Fertik 718-424-7772,

ImpeachPAC Endorses Carl Sheeler for U.S. Senate from Rhode Island

ImpeachPAC, a federal PAC funding pro-impeachment candidates for Congress, has announced its fifth endorsement, Carl Sheeler of Rhode Island, who is seeking the Democratic nomination to challenge Republican incumbent Lincoln Chafee.

ImpeachPAC has previously endorsed three candidates for the House of Representatives, Michigan's Tony Trupiano, New York's Chris Owens, and California's Jeeni Criscenzo, and one other for the Senate, Maine's Jean Hay Bright. ImpeachPAC is contributing $2,100 to Sheeler's campaign, and will soon be able to contribute another $2,900, after informing the FEC that the PAC has now endorsed five candidates. At the same time, ImpeachPAC will be sending another $2,900 to each of the other four endorsees.

While, as a senator, Sheeler will be unable to introduce articles of impeachment, he has spoken out strongly in support of their introduction in the House, he will work to advance investigations in the Senate of the Bush Administration's crimes, and he will advocate for the creation of a special prosecutor.

Sheeler's campaign has placed billboards around the state of Rhode Island with the words "Be Patriotic: Impeach Bush" placed over the text of the U.S. Constitution. Sheeler has raised the issue three times before the Rhode Island General Assembly and has introduced a resolution that would require the state legislature to send impeachment charges to the U.S. House of Representatives. Sheeler has publicly called on his state's delegation to Congress to work for impeachment, and he has supported a coalition in Rhode Island that is working to pass impeachment resolutions in town governments. Sheeler's positions on impeachment are available here:

ImpeachPAC President Bob Fertik said of Sheeler: "A more outspoken and forthright advocate of impeachment cannot be found. Carl Sheeler is unafraid to speak the truth, whether to audiences that cheer or ones that glance away in discomfort. Rhode Islanders and all Americans have a duty to defend the Constitution, an action that -- at this point in time -- clearly must include supporting Sheeler's candidacy."


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